Monday, September 14, 2009

You Were Born for This Review

Hi guys! Another book review!!! Same as usual...I will put the info that is on the book for you, then at the end, you will get to see MY TAKE!! Also...if you like what you read...make sure you comment...I have a copy of the book that I am giving away to one lucky respondent!! :-)

His New York Times phenomenon The Prayer of Jabez changed how millions pray. Now Bruce Wilkinson wants to change what they do next.

Anyone can do a good deed, but some good works can only happen by a direct intervention from God. Around the world these acts are called miracles—not that even religious people expect to see one any time soon. But what would happen if millions of ordinary people walked out each morning expecting God to deliver a miracle through them to a person in need? You Were Born for This starts with the dramatic premise that everyone at all times is in need of a miracle, and that God is ready to meet those needs supernaturally through ordinary people who are willing to learn how Heaven works.

In the straightforward, story-driven, highly motivating style for which he is known, Wilkinson describes how anyone can help others experience miracles in such universally significant arenas of life as finances, practical help, relationships, purpose, and spiritual growth.

You Were Born for This will change how readers see their world, and what they expect God can do through them to meet real needs. They will master seven simple tools of service, and come to say with confidence, “I want to deliver a supernatural gift from God to someone in need today—and now I know how!”

Author Bios:
One of the world’s foremost Christian teachers, Bruce Wilkinson is best known as the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller The Prayer of Jabez. He is also the author of numerous other bestsellers, including A Life God Rewards, Secrets of the Vine, and The Dream Giver. Over the past three decades, Wilkinson has founded several global initiatives, including organizations that recruited and trained thousands of Americans to address hunger, AIDS, and poverty in Africa. Bruce and his wife, Darlene, have three children and six grandchildren. They live outside Atlanta.

David Kopp has collaborated with Bruce Wilkinson on over a dozen bestselling books, including The Prayer of Jabez. He is an editor and writer living in Colorado.

Wow! That is all I can say summed up in one word! Reading the summary you might think that this book is mainly about how you can help others....using mini miracles, etc. But, in actuallity, it is SO much more. I have learned SO much from reading this book. I have learned not only about how to find the dreams in others, but how to find the dreams in myself that God has planted in me! Wilkinson doesn't just give us "inspiring thoughts"...he gives us "life changing truths". Of course everything is backed up biblically. We have all been brainwashed by the world...."you can't do have to do this." "You need to make money...there is no money in that profession." Etc...I could go on and on. To quote Wilkinson, "The world says you were born without a special purpose designed into your being. Therefore, you have to invent your dream if you want your life to have meaning. But the Bible reveals that your dream precedes you. God starts with His dream for you, and then He uniquely and lovingly forms you to desire the dream and to accomplish it for His glory." Wow....that is all I can

On the miracle front...I have really been encouraged to go out and find Miracle Moments by this book. I am almost constantly looking for one now. This book was very enlightening. I would recommend it to ANYONE...but especially those people who may be having difficulty "finding themselves." My mom used to say, "When you are depressed...go make a cake for somebody." Why you may ask? Because it takes the focus off of YOU...and puts it on someone else. THAT is ultimately what this book is all about!

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