Monday, September 14, 2009

Deana's Baby Shower

What fun we had at Deana's baby shower on Sunday! My friends Allyson and Emily did the shower with me. We had lots of yummy food...a very yummy cake...and lots of great fellowship time with friends! Deana brought her only daughter Hannah to open presents for her! I had a crown set out for both of them and matching rocking chairs! A big girl chair and a little girl chair!! Deana is 30 weeks along....only 9 more weeks! She is due to have baby via planned C-Section on the 16th of week before Nehemiah's 2nd birthday!

By the way...this is baby mumber 4 for Deana! She had to keep up with me! :-) She has a 6 year old Gabriel, a 4 year old Hannah and Nehemiah who will be 2 on November 23rd. MaKenna and Hannah are great buddies...and so are Nehemiah and Major!

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