Friday, August 29, 2008


For the viewing (reading) pleasure of my little sis Holly....I know you will get a kick out of this Holl-Doll. has been a long day where poop is involved. The morning started at 7 am. I put Major down on the floor in my room while I got up and went to my bedrooms bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. I leave the bedroom door closed so Major can't get out, and there is nothing in my room that he can hurt himself on. I have toys in while I am in the bathroom, he roams around my room. He is never cut off from me though...I leave the bathroom door open...but I can't see into my whole bedroom. Nacho (our Chihuahua), was also in the bedroom. He usually sleeps in until I kick him out. Apparently he woke up early also. So...Major suddenly is really quiet. He stopped motor boating...huh...that is funny...I go on with my routine. He starts to motor boat again...I figure...all is well. He shows up at the bathroom door, with...brown stuff on his hands. Hmm...where did he get chocolate? Kneel down...catch a whiff...that's not chocolate! Run into my bedroom where poop is scattered every where! I am SURE Nacho went in one place, and I am SURE Major moved it all over! ICK!! THANK THE GOOD LORD ABOVE that Major doesn't put anything in his mouth yet. Whew! So I am not worried that he put any in his mouth, but he is filthy and the carpet has poop embedded everywhere! So....7:15 am...throw 9 month old into bathtub...scrub...scrub....scrub. Throw him in the crib so I can scrub the floor. Scrub the floor, vacuum the floor, get kid dressed, get 3 year old dressed while yelling at 7 and 9 year old to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, make bed, comb hair...hurry...hurry...running out of time!!! Well...needless to say, we made it to school in the nick of time...and I was still able to even walk them to school...even with my bum ankle....(for another blog)...not too bad for such a chaotic morning.


I laid MaKenna and Major down for naps at around 2. Jeff came home, so I took a walk with no stroller (YEAH), to pick them up. We got home and pretty soon, Major starts motor boating in his crib. I go up there...only to smell something that is took me a half second to realize it was poop. POOP AGAIN???!?!?!?! Major has an ear infection, so his antibiotic gives him diarrhea. I change his clothes at least 3 times a day...and mine at least 2 times a day because he is a squirmy little guy and changing his diaper is VERY difficult...add into that equation poop all over and viola...poop on me. Anyway...this day was no different....he has diarrhea still...not only did it get on his clothes, but there was a good muddy consistency on his sheets....which he must have tried to paint with...because it was on him, on his animals, on his favorite blankie...ugh. Throw baby in bathtub AGAIN....change sheets, throw EVERYTHING into the laundry. Next, MaKenna says, while doing her little dance..."Mommy...I gotta go POOPIE!!" WELL FOR POOPS SAKE GIRL...GET IN THE BATHROOM...I AM NOT CLEANING UP ANY MORE POOP TODAY!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kansas 911 Call

My sister sent this to was a 911 call made out of Kansas. That is hitting a little too close to home! I will just say that maybe people get smarter the further north they go? Oh dear...but what does that say about the Carrolls down in Alabama?? Just kidding guys! You know I love ya!!! ALL YA'ALL!! :-) I know that Jeff can spell...but, good thing we live on a numbered street...just in never know when one might have a "senior" moment! :-) I don't know which is worse though...the fact that he couldn't spell his street or the fact that he was going to drag his wife to another street. Be sure to turn the music off at the bottom of the page so that you can hear it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

50% off MK sale

Hey all! Just having a cleaning house sale with my Mary Kay stuff!! Here is everything I have that is currently 50% off! I may have more than one of each item, so be sure to stock up...think of Christmas stocking stuffers, etc!!! Let me know if you need anything!!

Microdermabrasion Set
Step 2: Replenish
Oil Free Hydrating Gel
Extra Emollient Cleansing Cream
Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub
Tinted Moisturzier Ivory 1, Beige 1, Bronze 1
Cellu Shape Contouring System
Acne Treatment Gel
Oil Mattifier
Even Complexion Essence
Day/Night Solution Set
Visibly Fit Body Lotion
Clarifying Mask Formula 3
Deep Cleanser Formula 3
Oil Control Lotion Formula 3
Moisture Lotion, Embrace Harmony
Moisture Rich Mask Formula 1
Gently Cleansing Cream Formula 1
Creamy Cleanser Forumla 2
Age Fighting Lip Primer
Velocity Perfume
Velocity Shimmeriffic Body Lotion
Velocity Clean Body Foam
Velocity Body Moisture Gel
Satin Hands (White Bottles 4 step)
Satin Hand (Orange Bottles 3 step)
Sensible Protection Sunblock SPF 15
Extra Emollient Night Cream
Embrace Romance Sheer Fragrance Mist
Revitalizing Sheer Fragrance Mist
Stress Free Sheer Fragrnace Mist
Black Compact for new sizes
Ivory 1 Cream to Powder Foundation, new size
Platinum Custom Compact
Amber Suede Lipstick
Apple Berry Lipstick
Black Cherry Lipstick
Copper Mine Lipstick
Gingerbread Lipstick
Magenta Lipstick
Pink Melon Lipstick
Pink Coral Lipstick
Strike a Pose Rose Lipstick
Plum Lipstick
Plush Violet Lipstick
Red Salsa Lipstick
Orange Crush Lipstick
Currant Lipstick
Sweet Maple Lipstick
Cider Lipstick
Caramel Lipstick
Rich Red Lipstick
Mauve Elegance Lipstick
Sunset Lipstick
Chocolate Mousse Lipstick
Mocha Freeze Lipstick
Gold Dust Lipstick
Berry Dawn Lipstick
Pink Twilight Lipstick
Ruby Sky Lipstick
Starlet Pink Lipstick
Dusty Rose Lipstick
Simply Pink Lipstick
Silver Sand Lipstick
Tropical Spice Lipcream
Island Pink Lipcream
Cocoa Beach Lipcream
Cocoa Cream Lipgloss
Cream and Sugar Lipgloss
Cranberry Lipgloss
Watermelon Lipgloss
Tiger Lilly Lipgloss
Indulge Soothing Eyegel
Ultimate Mascara, black
Lash Lengthening Mascara, black brown
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Satin Lip Balm
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Facial Highlighting Pen, Shade 1
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Facial Highlighting Pen, Shade 4
Cosmetic Sponges, new size
White Lace Nail Polish
Eye Primer
Dark Berry Lipliner
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Cheek Retractable Brush
Cheek Brush
Lip Brush
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Beige Powder Perfect Pressed Powder
Ivory 100 Dual-Coverage Powder Foundation
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Bronze 507 Dual-Coverage Powder Foundation
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Ivory 202 Full Coverage Foundation
Ivory 204 Full Coverage Foundation
Beige 300 Full Coverage Foundation
Beige 302 Full Coverage Foundation
Beige 402 Full Coverage Foundation
Bronze 504 Full Coverage Foundation
Ivory 100 Medium Coverage Foundation
Ivory 105 Medium Coverage Foundation
Beige 300 Medium Coverage Foundation
Beige 302 Medium Coverage Foundation
Beige 305 Medium Coverage Foundation
Beige 400 Medium Coverage Foundation
Beige 402 Medium Coverage Foundation
Beige 404 Medium Coverage Foundation
Bronze 500 Medium Coverage Foundation
Bronze 607 Medium Coverage Foundation
Bronze 708 Medium Coverage Foundation

Filleman News

Cam started Violin lessons this past Monday morning at school. It is kinda a pain because he has to be there at 8 I drive him, then I come back (Jeff is still here with the other 3), and I finish getting everyone else ready and walk the rest to school at 8:20. Then on Wednesdays he has to be there for practice at I just leave here 5 minutes earlier. Today we were getting some MUCH needed rain, so I drove them all early...MaKenna, Major and I were still in our jammies...oh the joys of driving to school! BUT...I walked them all I DID get my excercise today!!! :-) Jake and Cam both still take piano lessons...but so far, Cam is really enjoying violin! He seems to be pretty good at it. Jake has a natural talent with piano believe it or not! So...maybe Cam will have a natural talent with violin! You never know!

Here is my Duke! Such a sweet puppy he is...of course, he isn't really a puppy anymore!! He is already 7 years old!! I can't believe it! It seems like we just got him! He has been kinda sad since we put Mickey down...but he is starting to perk up and play fetch with us again!! He is constantly wanting to be loved though!! If you stop petting even for a split second his tongue starts to lap at your face!! We always need showers after spending time with him!!
I know that this is some kind of Hasta plant...but does anyone know WHAT kind? The flowers on it are just beautiful!!

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous! So we have been playing outside A LOT lately! Here is Jeff swinging MaKenna and Jake...and Major is there just can't see him. Cam and I were busy bouncing on the trampoline! We have all been getting our energy out on the trampoline lately! I wish it would stay nice like this all winter long!

I knew if I stayed in Jamaica too long this would happen!!! J/K My little Rastafarian man!! Isn't he sweet! This is Major-Mon!

Since Major has been crawling, I have a very difficult time keeping up with him. He LOVES to be outside too!! So, I often will open the door and leave the glass screen door shut so he can "pretend" to be outside!
Major started clicking his tongue last week too! He is so funny! He crawls and round and is just entertaining himself with his little "click, click, click." Too cute!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Simple Home Remedies

Why didn't I think of these?? a female, I DON'T like number 2!

Too funny!








Monday, August 25, 2008

Five Family Values

I recently got an idea! Amazing isn't it?? As a family, we are going to paint on the wall...or...maybe stencils are a better plan...or perhaps just frame our five family values! Our five family values will be the valeus that we have chosen to show how we will relate to each other. Of course, these family "rules" will be priorities based on God's Word. I plan on putting it somewhere that we will ALWAYS see it before we walk in the door, when we walk in the door, or as we are walking out! Here are the 5 I have come up with. Any other suggestions??
1: Love God Well.

What is the greatest commandment? "Love the Lord your God with all your heart" (Deuteronomy 6:5).

2: Family first (after God of seen in #1).

We're gonna be loyal to each other. We're in these lifelong relationships together. Our family relationships come first. Jesus said that closely tied to the first priority was the priority to love our neighbor--our family is our first circle of neighbors.

3: Work hard.

My mom and dad used to always tell me, do it right the first time. They would say, "Stutzman's do it this way and we do it well." Don't you ever forget your family trait. What a great vision to give to a kid! It's followed me my whole life.

4: Tell the truth.

Yes, even when it's hard. Even when it's going to get you into more trouble. Just get the truth on the table. God can do a lot with any situation and with your heart when you tell the truth.

5: Be kind.

Think of someone else before yourself. Do the thoughtful thing. Speak the encouraging word. People matter to God.

Priorities are the driving force behind a life well lived. I figure if we have them up and we talk about it a lot...the kids won't forget them.

I have always felt bad that we don't have regular bible study or bible reading time with the family in our house...with the exception of when they were little, we always have done bible bedtime stories. But, even though we don't do the regular bible family time, we have made God and His Word priority in how we live. We have made our share of bad decisions, but praise God, we still choose to seek God for wisdom to make good choices that come from these basic priorities.

So that is my project over the next few days....getting those priorites up...somewhere...somehow!!! Wish me luck!! I'll post a picture when I get it done! Okay...realistically....lets say a few weeks instead of a few days! :-)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a Friday!!!

What a day! When MaKenna sleeps in her bed all night long, I play on the school playground with her after we drop the boys off. Harmless enough, right? Wrong! If you are me...anything and everything can and will happen to matter HOW weird or odd it is. So...I am giving MaKenna an guys remember underdog right? Simple...harmless...nope! A wood chip about 2 inches long went THROUGH my flip flop and embedded itself into my foot! Screaming in pain, I pull the wood chip out of my foot as MaKenna is yelling, " alright??" As blood begins to pool in my flip flop, I nicely and calmly tell MaKenna, we have to go because I know that the 3/4 mile walk home would be a doozy. We got home, I showered and soaked my foot...then MaKenna dressed it with a few bandaids...such a good little nurse. Forgetting about my foot, it was time to take MaKenna to the doctor to make sure her ear infection was gone after two bouts with antibiotics. Yup...ear infection is GONE! YEAH! she has a sinus infection. Ugh. They don't want to give her antibiotics right now so we are doing nasal spray for a week...if it doesn't help we will do a sinus exray. While we were there, I told him that Major's nose is NOT runny...but everytime he sneezes about a tablespoon of yellow snot comes out with the sneeze. He HAS been fuzzy, but he is getting his first tooth, so I figured it was just that. Bad's should never assume...what was I thinking? He looked at Major and his ear infection that was bulging before, then not bulging again. Ugh....round two of antibiotics for Major. By the way, he is standing now too!!!! Won't belong and he will be walking! I can barely contain him now he is such a speedy little crawler!! Anyway...while I am at the doctor, I ask him about my foot. He said any puncture wounds need tetanus shots. I haven't had one since high school. soon as Jeff got home, off I went to urgent care to get a Tetanus shot. She looked at my foot and part of the wood chip is stuck in it...but she wants to give it a chance to work itself out. Fun. If that doesn't work, I get to go to a podiatrist to get it removed....not the foot...the wood chip!

Anyway...some funnies though...

MaKenna says, "Clease" instead of "Please". We are working with her endlessly...and just when we think she gets is clease again! Oh well...she won't go to high school saying clease, right?

Major was crawling towards me yesterday and he said, "mama"! I was very excited!!! He has also learned how to go up stairs....we gotta watch that little booger!! We have 4 different staircases in this house!

We have a possible buyer for the jeep! Wish us luck!

Jake told me yesterday that he likes school finally!!! YEAH!!!!!

Tonight Cam is having a friend from Hitchcock (his old school) stay the night, and Hannah Ramsey is staying tonight with MaKenna. Her mommy and brothers are we thought we would let mommy get some needed rest. MaKenna will love having a friend over.
The rest of the day...laundry day...pray for my lost socks!

So proud of my big brother!!!

Below is an article about Jeff's little brother...which makes him my big 5 months anyway. We are very proud of him!!

Coach plans to build winning tradition at Liberty
August 1, 2008 - 7:23PM
Today Staff
Dan Filleman has always been good at building things.
Whether it's constructing homes or teaching industrial arts, the Litchfield Park resident has always known how to put things together.
Those creative skills should help Filleman with his latest project, set to be unveiled on Aug. 29.
That's the night Filleman and the Liberty High School football program make their varsity debut with a 7 p.m. home game against Seton Catholic.
"I probably shouldn't say this, but it's been an easy transition," said the 33-year-old Filleman, who spent nine years as an Ironwood assistant before taking the position at Liberty. "A lot of my assistants came with me from Ironwood, and they make the job fun.
"Sometimes, I think we have more fun coaching than the kids do playing."
Much has changed on the Liberty campus since the school opened in 2006.
During that first year, Filleman's team didn't have a locker room or practice field on campus, which meant training sessions had to be moved to nearby Parkridge Elementary School.
"That was the biggest challenge for us that first year," Filleman said. "Occasionally, you would see a kid, dressed in pads and helmet, riding his bike to our practices at Parkridge."
Filleman could relate easily to the players during the growing pains that first year.
As a student, he was part of the first graduating class at Sinagua High School in Flagstaff.
Filleman stayed at home for college, playing wide receiver in football and right wing for the club hockey team at Northern Arizona University.
That's also where Filleman decided to become a high school football coach, switching his major from business administration to education.
Upon graduation, Filleman landed his first assistant coaching job with Chuck Esquivel at Ironwood.
Filleman spent three years as Ironwood's running backs coach before being promoted to offensive coordinator.
The Maryland native displayed a willingness to make tough decisions that first season as offensive coordinator. He turned heads when he gave the starting job as quarterback to an unheralded sophomore, Jason Murrietta, who outplayed a senior in preseason drills.
"I took some heat for starting him, but it worked out all right," Filleman said with a smile.
Murrietta thrived in Filleman's spread offense, which featured multiple-receiver sets and opened lanes for Ironwood's running and passing game.
Murrietta guided Ironwood to the 2002 Class 5A title game before going on to a stellar career at Northern Arizona University.
Filleman's coaching prowess caught the attention of Rick Johnson, the Liberty athletic director and long-time Peoria district administrator.
"One of the persons I talked to when I was considering hiring Danny was Steve Axman, who coached at NAU and worked at the pro level with such quarterbacks as (Hall of Fame quarterback) Troy Aikman," Johnson said. "He told me the best decision I could make was hiring Danny.
"That's a pretty good recommendation."
Liberty will run the same spread offense Filleman featured at Ironwood.
However, with no senior class, Filleman will have fewer players at his disposal.
Liberty will feature many two-way players on its 35-player roster, a marked contrast from the 60-player squads at Ironwood.
"The good news is we have a lot of talented players," Filleman said. "We just came back from a camp in California, and halfway through, it dawned on me that all of these kids will be coming back for another year at Liberty. That's quality on and off the field."
Liberty will play an independent schedule in its first season, avoiding the likes of Peoria and Cactus while dipping their toes in the varsity football waters.
The Lions will play several schools also in their first varsity seasons, including Perry, Verrado, Williams Field and Gila Ridge. Also featured on the schedule will be more established schools such as Apollo and Mohave.
Filleman has already established success with the Liberty freshmen and junior varsity programs.
The JV team went 7-1 last season while the freshman squad went 5-3 in 2007.
All that's left is success on the varsity level.
That will be just a matter of time, according to the Liberty athletic director.
"I compare Dan favorably to another rookie coach I hired in 1986," Johnson said in reference to Doug Clapp at Peoria.
Under Clapp's tutelage, the Panthers have won three state titles and been a perennial football powerhouse in Arizona.
Johnson said he envisions that same kind of success for Filleman.
"A lot of people questioned me when I hired Doug," Johnson said. "Now, he's a living legend as a coach.
"Twenty years from now, we could be saying that same thing about Dan Filleman."
AGE: 33
HIGH SCHOOL: Sinagua in Flagstaff
COLLEGE: Northern Arizona University education major who played receiver in football and right wing for club hockey team
COACHING EXPERIENCE: Spent nine years as an assistant at Ironwood High School, spending first three seasons as running backs coach and last six years as offensive coordinator
FAMILY: Wife Caitlin is an assistant principal at Ironwood High School; the couple have one child, Jace, who turns 2 in October, and are expecting second child in Janurary
RESIDENCE: Litchfield Park

HEAD COACH: Dan Filleman
TEAM COLORS: Red and black
REGION: 4A Division 1 West Valley (Liberty will play an independent schedule in football)
2007 RECORD: First varsity season (JV team went 7-1 last year)
SCHOOL ADDRESS: 9621 W. Speckled Gecko Drive, Peoria (nearest cross streets are 95th Avenue and Deer Valley Road)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Texas vs Nebraska

You guys have to go to the website...Nebraska fan or not. It is very funny...especially since Jeff is a huge Texas fan...and so...because of his Texas fascination, we ALL love have to read all the way down to get to the funny Texas is cute. I may be a Texas fan...but I will admit it...I am also a Husker fan...shhh...don't tell my husband!!!

Trust...something I need to be reminded of...

"Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10

Trust is the antidote to anxiety; it's the resolution of worry and the destruction of fear. Trust is the act of my will to give my burdens to God. It's like a muscle--as you exercise it, trust gets stronger.

Trust is walking forward moment by moment, having rolled your burden onto God. You've no doubt said, "I gave it to God once, but here it is again in my grip." When you sense that you've taken it back again, get back on your knees, get the burden back on God, get on your feet again, and continue to trust.

When you off-load your burden on God, you can pick up a promise from His Word. Second Peter 1:4 tells us that "he has granted to us his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world." There are literally hundreds of promises that apply to your specific burden. God's Word is filled with treasure.

I'm claiming Isaiah 41:10 right now for a burden I leaving at God's feet. "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." There it is! God is doing this whole thing with one hand tied behind His back. He's not stressed or strained. He's not worried about what to do. He has absolutely no capacity limits!

Isaiah continues, "Behold, all who are incensed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish. You shall seek those who contend with you, but you shall not find them; those who war against you shall be as nothing at all. For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, ‘Fear not, I am the one who helps you'" (vv. 11-13).

Take a moment to read that awesome promise again. Trust means you anchor your heart in the reality of God's awareness of your situation. He sees more than you can ever see. God, who loves you and is committed to you, will not disappoint you now or in the future if you put your weight fully on Him.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Major Crawling

Major is doing some MAJOR crawling. He is IMPOSSIBLE to keep still! I was excited for him to crawl...but now I wish he would just stop! He LOVES to go motorboating throughout the house! He makes that little motorboat sound while he crawls and then when he stops and sits on his tushie he does this little thing with his looks like he is trying to start a motorcycle! It is so cute to watch! He can be entertained for a VERY long time with just a few feet that he can motorboat through...oh...and of course that few feet has to have some interesting toys, or his attention span is null and void.

MaKenna...ugh...since the boys have been back in school she is CONSTANTLY trying to get me to play horsies...EVERY minute of EVERY day. She wakes up and says, " play horsies with me today?" I DO play horsies with her, ALMOST every day...sometimes SEVERAL times a day...but a person over a certain age can only play horsies so much. I tried to explain to her today that mommey had to do dishes and clean a bit...but that maybe later we could play horsies. She was heart broken. I told her to just bring her horsies to the kitchen and play with them while I did doesn't want to play alone. Poor thing. Suggestions????

Cam and Jake are enjoying school a bit more now. We have met several friends on the walks to and from school lately. Nicholae is in Jake's class. He walks to school with us sometimes, Payton is in Cam's class, he walks home with us sometimes. So the boys are finding more friends in our neighborhood which is GREAT! Cam still wishes he was with his old friends though. In fact, Varun will be staying the night with us Saturday night...he is a friend from his old school. We also just purchased a violin for Cam. He will start lessons Monday morning at school. Both boys still take piano lessons on Saturday afternoons...but I might let Cam stop piano after a few more weeks since he will have his violin. Piano is so important though, I hate to have him stop so soon. More suggestions?????

Jeff spent a majority of the day working on his Sierra. The tire was threatening to come right off the axle. He bought a new axle plate and new axle and got them put on tonight. He says it is running fine now. $200 later...and it works! Thank goodness for a handy man! That would have been A LOT more costly had we taken it in!

Me? I have been busy getting bible study workers lined up....and getting our MOPs finance budget worked out. Busy, Busy, Little Bee!! We signed MaKenna and Jake up for Awanas...but I don't know if MaKenna will go...they want a parent on campus for her age...Jeff has taught for the past 3 years downstairs when we didn't have anyone down there, and he can't this year because of hockey. I know I burn the candle at both ends of the stick and I am trying to be more cognizant of I just can't teach Awanas...we will see if they let MaKenna attend with just Auntie Rhonda teaching. Fingers are crossed!

MaKenna and I started preschool today too! She did VERY well and REALLY enjoyed it! She paid very good attention to me too...I was impressed. Now...if it would just stay that way.....I can dream right???

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Caught in the act

Here is Major...caught with his hands in the "cookie jar"! Stinker!! It is not actually the cookie jar, but it is HIS food is where his Gerber foods...finger foods...bibs, etc, are. What a sneak! Look at that smile! He thought he could pull one over on me!! HA! Not me!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Air Force Week

Last week was Air Force Week...and what a busy week it was for Air Force! They had things going on all week long. They ended the week with the Air Show though. We haven't been to the air show because we used to live close enough that we could still see what was going on without being there. Now we are further away and we thought we would actually go and check it out this year. I haven't been to an Air Show since I was a little girl with my daddy at Williams Air Force Base in Phoenix. So I was excited to make it a family event with my family. When I was a little girl, I had dreamed of being an Air Force Pilot. I had planes hanging in my room, I was part of ROTC, I planned on going to the Air Force Academy...but my eyes ended up being not so good. So...that was the end of that dream. But I still think that planes are absolutely beautiful and someday, I would LOVE to get my pilot's license...though it will be a far cry from the jet that I grew up wanting to fly. :-(

Jake and MaKenna are not fans of noise. Cam and Major didn't care...but these two....

Then we came home and played was a beautiful day! MaKenna and Major decided to sit on our jeep for a picture...the jeep has been in the family for awhile. Danny drove it first, then Holly, then us. It is going to be going to a new home soon though. Interested?? Let me know!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

You might live in Nebraska IF....

Found this on Ray Carroll's facebook! Very cute!! I put the points in bold that I have actually done....just for kicks!
You might live in Nebraska…..

*If your local Dairy Queen is closed from September through May, you live in Nebraska.
*If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance and they don't work there, you live in Nebraska.

*If you've worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you live in Nebraska.

*If you've had a lengthy telephone conversation with someone who dialed a wrong number, you live in Nebraska.

*If "Vacation" means going anywhere south of GRAND ISLAND for the weekend, you live in Nebraska.

*If you measure distance in squares of farm land, you live in Nebraska.

*If you have gone from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day and back again, you live in Nebraska.

*If you can drive 75 mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without flinching, you live in Nebraska.

*If you install security lights on your house and garage, but leave both off, you live in Nebraska.

*If you carry jumpers in your car and your wife knows how to use them, you live in Nebraska.

*If you design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit, you live in Nebraska.

*If the I-80 speed limit is 75 mph -- you're going 90 and everybody is passing you, you live in Nebraska.

*If driving is better in the winter because the pot holes are filled with snow, you live in Nebraska.

*If you know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction, you live in Nebraska.

*If you have more hours on your snow blower than miles on your car, you live in Nebraska.

*If you find 10 degrees "a little chilly," you live in Nebraska.

*"Vacation" means going to Omaha for the weekend.

*You use your life savings to go to the Nebraska-Colorado game.

*You know the Woodmen Tower is not made of wood.

*You know you cannot tube upstream.

*You know what the "sea of red and white" is.

*You wake up when it's dark, and go to bed when it's still light.

*You can tell it's really a farmer working late in his field and not a UFO.

*You know the difference between field corn and sweet corn when it's still on the stalk.

*You can eat an ear of corn with no utensils in less than 20 seconds.

*You fly your American flag at half-mast when the Huskers loose a game.

*You know how to pronounce Beatrice, Norfolk, and Kearney.

*You don't have to be told what Askarben is or that it's Nebraksa spelled backward.

*You know that the statue on the dome of the state capital is actually sowing seed - not bowling.

*You know what Dorothy Lynch is .

*You actually get these jokes and pass them on to your other friends from Nebraska.

*You know all the words to There is No Place Like Nebraska

*You know THE game refers to that week's college football game

*You take pride in knowing that on Saturdays, Memorial stadium is the third largest city in the state.

*You know several people who have hit a deer.

*You can drive through towns like Wahoo with a straight face.

*Using the elevator involves a corn truck

*You can tell the smell of a skunk and the smell of a feed lot apart.

*You can actually locate Nebraska on the United States map.

*You laugh at people who drive under 50 on gravel roads

*You wonder what goes on in all those bicameral legislatures.

*You're proud that Nebraska isn't one of those square states, like Wyoming or Colorado.

*You can't figure out why Johnny Carson left in the first place.

*You know that cow pies aren't made of beef.

*You know what a "blackshirt" is.

*You know what "cow tipping is" and have done it.

*You get out of school for the heat and the cold.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Passionately Christian

I am part of MOPs International which is Mother of Preschoolers. We have a group at our church of which I am the finance leader for. MOPs International sends us leadership e-mails every other week or so, and the one they sent today was just so beautifully worded and it just made me think about if I am truly a passionate Christian. My prayer is that we all become passionate Christians.

Passionately Christian
By Liz Selzer, Director of Leadership Development and Events of MOPS International

“What do you love about Jesus?” Simple words really. Margaret Feinberg, (author of The Organic God) says that this is her favorite question to ask people … whether they are Christians or not. Most people we come in contact with regardless of their religious beliefs can and usually will answer this question, and their replies might surprise you.

“He was good … powerful … peaceful … inspiring … interesting … caring … accepting … loving …”
An amazing list—surprising in that these descriptors came from people who are not Christians. What is it about Jesus that is so compelling? Why is it that so many are drawn to him, even if they reject Christians and the Christian church? Why is it that most world religions acknowledge Christ’s existence, his wisdom and impact? And why do we as Christians often dilute him into a glorified friend, a God that can be ignored if inconvenient or an impersonal deity?

We are called to be passionately Christian, to show those who come in contact with us what we love about Jesus. It's an integral part of the MOPS experience and we want our moms to see, to know and to be encouraged by our passionate love for Jesus.

So what does being passionately Christian look like?
It's pushing past fatigue to make that phone call to a troubled friend.
It's telling the story of how Jesus touches our lives with such passion and joy that it literally overflows onto those around us.
It's doing what we imagine Jesus would do for those around us if he were here in the flesh.
It's rejoicing in his deep love for us, and resting in that peace. It's trusting him with all we have.
It's being loving, patient, kind, not being envious, not boasting, not being proud, not being rude, not selfish, not easily angered, keeping no record of wrongs. It is rejoicing with the truth, and always protecting, trusting, hoping, and persevering (1 Cor 13:4-7). It's showing Christ to others by loving them in all the ways we can.

Being passionately Christian is being the hands and feet of Jesus to those we are uniquely in a position to touch. So I’ll ask again now … what do you love about Jesus?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First day of school!

Today is bitter sweet. The boys started school today which means it is just MaKenna, Major and I again. Which is good...and bad. With the boys gone MaKenna thinks I have to play with her ALLLLL day long. theory is great, but not fact. I still have to take care of Major, feed him, change the dishes from time to know the mommy routine. She doesn't understand why I can't play ponies all day with her. Ugh. Oh...and Major thinks he can drive now! He does this little thing with his is soooo cute. He puts his fists out like he is riding a motorcycle and revves up those little fists and does the motor boat with his mouth! Once he got to actually sit in the driver seat of mommy's truck...we knew he would grow up to be a race car driver...or motorcross!

Yesterday being the last day before school started, the boys got to spend the morning with nana and papa and then in the afternoon, my nephew and nieces came over to play. It was a fun day for everyone! Then, Aunt Dixie came over and had supper with us and went to the mall to help us find new shoes for the boys! That was fun too!

The walk to school today was pretty good! It is all down hill to the school...and I only had to push Major in the double stroller because MaKenna wanted to walk with the boys.

We got to school and Jake wouldn't let me take him any further than his hallway, he said, ""I know where my classroom is mom." Than Cam piped in, "So do I." I kissed them goodbye and I had to get Cam's meds to the nurse. WOOPS! Cam's meds were in Cam's backpack. So I had to go back and get him. Needless to say, I am no longer cool mom apparently because he was horrified to see me.

I understand that is is very difficult to start in a new school and make new friends...but am I really THAT bad??? Anyway, got that taken care of and off MaKenna, Major and I went. MaKenna wanted to ride back...surprise, surprise. Remember when I said it was downhill to the get home it would be??? Yup...uphill...pushing a double stroller with 60 pounds in it, in the humidity of the midwest. Oh well...if I don't lose 10 pounds by the end of this week, than something is really wrong with me!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ear Infections...viruses...ugh

Well...I took MaKenna and Major in again today to see the doctor. MaKenna still has an ear infection with a touch of a sinus infection. comes the second round of antibiotics. Major is still sick with a virus...but his ears have cleared that is good. Me? I think I have another sinus infection...whats new. I'll go to the doctor when I can no longer handle the pain...maybe it will take care of itself before that!

Cam and Jake had their open house tonight at their new school. We walked. It is about a half mile or so. Cam talked the whole way about how he was going to miss his old friends and he didn't think he would make new friends, etc. Jake LITERALLY dragged his feet the whole way. What should have taken us 8 minutes to walk...ended up taking almost 20 minutes! He was SOOO upset in fact that he cried when we met his teacher and refused to sign in as she had asked him to. Great first impression huh? Cam liked his teacher and he found out that there are about 5 other kids in his class that are new to the school. That made him feel better.

One more day before school starts!! They are going to spend half of the day with nana and papa...the healthy ones that is...Cam and Jake. Then in the afternoon their cousins are coming over to play! Then it is off to the mall to find them new sneakers! Fun Fun!


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Hope you are doing well!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Picassa Photos

I am still trying to figure this whole blog thing out and picture thing. I have done Famster for years, but it is not as well known as blogspot, and it is a little harder for guests to I decided to try this out. If it is too tough to get the photos up on then just go to my picasa photos. I THINK this is the address to get to them. I put the last two albums up. If you can get to famster and use it, great...there are photos on there from YEARS ago. I have probably hundreds, if not thousands of pictures on that website. I'll get ahang of this yet!! :-)

December through July

No way it has taken me this long to write on this blog!?!?!?! I guess so!! Let's see...where to start...Major is SUCH a good baby. He ONLY cries when he is tired or hungry...and USUALLY I can beat him to the other words, I get him down for a nap or feed him before he starts to cry! He is a VERY happy baby too! He smiles almost constantly and just LOVES to love on everybody! He is 8 months old now! He is 20 pounds and 14 ounces already...he sits up...he has no teeth yet and he almost crawls. He gets in the crawling stance...but then goes backwards or just leaps forward! He'll get there...sooner than we would like I am sure! Right now he rolls everywhere that he wants to go...which is almost as bad as crawling! He still has big beautiful blue eyes and those cute little dimples!!

MaKenna is just as beautiful as she was 8 months ago!! She finished her dance class and LOVED every minute of it! She LOVES to dance and still talks about it...she can't wait for it to get started again! She is a good little dancer! She is also very excited to start pre-school. It is mommy pre-school...but it is pre-school none the less and she is very excited! She has loved having the boys home this summer...but I think she is ready to have mommy time without the big boys! Some of her funny quirks this summer have been her use of the word Please. She says, "Clease". We try to tell her it is with a "P"...but she doesn't get it. Oh well...her asking is better though. We used to say, "Ask nicely" and she would say, "Nicely!" Now she says, "May I have_____clease!?" She is such a big girl! She is almost 4 already! And she is ALLLLLL girl! Oh my!!! She is SOOO needy!! We love her so much...but she won't even let us go to the bathroom alone! :-)

Jake is...Jake. He is my mother's promise to me. He has played hockey in the past 8 months...and he is very good at it. He is speedy and he is quite the goal maker. He also has played baseball this summer. He is very funny to watch on the baseball field. I am sorry...but he is. He has a tendency to stand there with his arms crossed, sometimes picking his nose...sometimes not. He usually just watches the ball go by him and waits for someone else to get it for him. Sometimes he isn't even looking. Jeff says he just needs to get hit with the ball one time and he will start paying attention. When he is up to bat though he is a great hitter! BUT...then he speed walks to the base rather than run. Don't know what goes through that kids head sometimes! He will be starting 2nd grade. He has gone out a couple times with daddy and gone "hunting" or fishing. He does love to be outdoors!

Cam is such a good boy. He is my big helper. He wants to help with Major...not because I ask him to...but because he genuinly wants to help. He loves to hold his brother and entertain him...which is a HUGE help to me. I don't know what I will do when he goes back to school!! Major just adores him too! Cam played hockey in the past 8 months too. He is also one of their tops players! He is speedy and makes goals and assists on a regular basis too! He opted out of any summer sports though...unless you count video and computer games a sport. He loves his webkinz and pokemon. He also went to Timberlake Ranch Camp in Marquette, NE. He was there for a week and absolutely LOVED it! He has had a couple sleep overs with friends this summer and we have had friends over as well. In fact they all slept in a tent in our backyard, so they could have that camping experience. For a couple of the boys sleeping over it was their first time! Cam will be starting the 4th grade and I think he is ready. Both him and Jake will be starting in a new is only about a mile from our house. They are a bit nervous, but they will meet friends quickly!!! Cam has gone hunting with his dad this year. Turkey hunting...and deer hunting. They didn't get anything together, but word is, they are going out squirrel hunting later this month! :-)

Jeff is still busy at TDAmeritrade! They have been very busy since their merger with another company called Phiser or something like that. He coached the boys' hockey teams but was just a sideline dad for Jake's baseball. He also was VERY busy the past 8 months with hunting. He did get a couple of deer which has given us a good amount of meat for the year. He really enjoys it. I will NEVER understand though how he can get up at 3 am to go out hunting with NO problem...but he can't seem to get up at 8 am to go to work. Boggles my mind! He has also kept busy getting our new house in the shape that we want it to be in...he does a great job at that too!

Me? I have stayed busy. Between shuttling kids here and there...piano programs...library...etc...etc...etc....I don't have time for much more. I STILL haven't fully decorated our house....I STILL don't get a full night of sleep (courtesy Major...and sometimes MaKenna)....I clean the house, I do the laundry, I do the dishes, I feed my family, there isn't much time for much else. Although...I am still the childcare coordinator for our bible study and church and the finance director for our MOPs group at church. In the summer that all slows down though. doesn't slow down. It seems like the summer has whizzed by us!! We went to Arizona for Holly's wedding. MaKenna was the flower girl, Cam and Jake were "bell ringers", Jeff was an usher, and I said a few "words". It was a beautiful wedding!

Jeff ushers at he did a great job of course!! We came home from Arizona and we went the following weekend to Storm Lake, IA. We went with Rhonda, Mike and their family and mom. Dad had to go back to Oregon because my cousin Ryan's wife he went back for the funeral. :-( was an indoor/outdoor park and we had tons of fun...except, mom got sick. When we came home we took her straight to the ER and she spent the next two weeks in the hospital. She had some sort of wierd infection and then they found she had brain tumors. So they did the Gamma Knife Surgery on her before she left. Hopefully that took care of her brain tumors. You can stay updated on her health at and just type in Suzannestutzman. She was out of the hospital for almost two weeks and she is back in there again with a blood infection. We aren't sure when she will get out...hopefully in the next few days.

The last 8 months was a sad one also because we had to put my puppy Mickey to sleep. Well...she wasn't exactly a puppy anymore...she was 11 years old and she was a that is pretty old for a Rottweiler. When we moved into this house she started losing weight. She went from 120 to 55 pounds in a matter of months. We had her tested for everything and nothing really came back with a problem. The doctor did think he felt a nodule on her liver though. He didn't think she would last more than another week or so. She was having trouble getting around and would yelp everytime she got up. That was hard for all of us....

We did get to go to a few concerts. Jeff and I went with our friends Emily and Troy to see, Jeremy Camp, Matthew West, Toby Mac, Casting Crowns and also Stephen Curtis Chapman with Deana and Rich too. We have been quite the "Show goers"! We also went with my dad to the PBR...and we took the whole family to an Omaha Beef game...hopefully we will never do that was WWWAAAAYYYYY to crazy!!! When we were in Arizona we had Major baptised and out here we had him dedicated. He wore the same suit that Cam and Jake wore for their dedications and baptisms...and Cam wore it for Danny and Caitlin's wedding too! I made it with help from Grandma Holbrook, Mom Filleman and Jeff!

Major also has a best friend already! His name is Nehemiah Ramsey! Nehemiah's mommy is one of my best friends, Deana Ramsey! We do A LOT together!! Nehemiah was born just a week before Major!
Finally we have had a ton of fun with our best buddy Tini!! Christine Fukumoto and her boyfriend Matt Rukasin, moved out here a couple of weeks ago!! We are THRILLED to have them here! They bought a house about 20 minutes from us. Tini will be going to Creighton's Medical school and Matt is working at TDAmeritrade! We have been enjoying them being here!! And to think...we have them for the next 3 years at least!!!! :-) Jeff's littlest sister Dixie, is moving out here this week too!!! We know why God sent us to Nebraska!! To help my family out and to be here for Tini and Dixie! Dixie will be in Creighton's Physical Therapy program. She rented a house about 10 minutes from us! We are excited to have her out here with us also!!! We will have her for 3 years also!!! Who else can we make Nebraskan's out of??? :-)
That's it for now! I have updated the photos page too!! TONS of new photos on our famster!! Leave us your messages! I am going to be better about updating this site...I PROMISE!!! So...check in every other day or so!!
Blessings!!! THE FILLEMAN'S!

Major's Birth

Hi all!! Thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts during this roller coaster of a pregnancy! So many of you have been asking for the full story…well…here it goes!

I had been contracting for days…weeks just about…and been dilated for weeks as well with no progress. We couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t progressing much since that is SOOO unlike me and any of my other pregnancies….but we found out why….stay tuned….

Saturday the 1st of December. I took a bath…it was so nice. Going down the stairs, fully dried off and dressed, I fell down. Yes…that is right…I fell down the stairs. Only a few of them, and on my rump. I did get a NASTY bruise on my back though that was pointed out at the hospital. However, I felt a small gush of water when I fell and that is when the contractions started stronger and more regular than ever before. That was around 9 pm. At 1:30 am Sunday the 2nd, I called my dad. He and mom came over around 1:45 am. Jeff and I made it to the hospital around 2 am. The ER was being worked on though so we parked in the wrong place and a cop had to tell us to move. I pleadingly looked at him and said, “I AM IN LABOR”! So he got a wheelchair and nervously took me upstairs while Jeff moved the truck. The cop was actually very funny now looking back…some of the things he said makes me believe that he was paranoid that I would have the baby in the elevator with just him. He was very nervous! Anyway, they got me in a room and I still hadn’t progressed much, but the labor was awful. Around 8 am, Dr. Schulte came in and broke my water since I wasn’t progressing, but was in serious pain. I got about an hour of sleep after he broke my water because, surprisingly, my contractions stopped. See what I mean though?? This pregnancy has been SOOOO different from all of the rest…even labor and delivery was SOOOOO different. All of my labors have gotten shorter, all of my deliveries have gotten easier and my babies have gotten smaller. This one was the LONGEST labor, the HARDEST and WORSE delivery, and the biggest kid. Ugh. Anyway, after an hour of rest they came in with the dreaded drug…Pitocin (dum, dum, dummmmm……). I was going for the Scooby Doo effect there with the Dum dums…did it work?? J Anyway, after they started that it got WWWAAAAYYYYY nastier. I HATE that stuff!!!!! I started asking for IV drugs. They gave me a relaxer and some pain meds via my IV. It made the contractions which hardly EVER stopped, a BIT more doable, and I was at least able to sleep between contractions…when I HAD a BETWEEN contraction. A lot of my contractions where right on top of another…so unfair. I have done all of my labors and deliveries without the use of spinal meds or anything heavier than something small in my IV…I figured I could do this one with no problem…since my deliveries get easier…NOT!!!!!!! Major’s heartrate started to drop everytime I had a contractions…it dropped dangerously low. So everytime I had a contraction a nurse would have to do INTERNAL massage on the baby’s head. I don’t think I have to tell you how UNCOMFORTABLE that was for the mamma CARRYING that baby! The last thing you want when you are having a contraction is ANYBODY touching you…let a lone….THAT! So….they also had to put an oxygen mask on me which made me feel claustrophobic, so I made Jeff take it off of my face and just hold it in front of my face, everytime I had a contraction. Poor guy. I was in tears telling them that I couldn’t do it anymore and that I was done…put the kid back in…knock me out…ANYTHING!!!!!! They called for a spinal. But, by the time the doc got there I was already at 9…so I couldn’t have the epidural, but they gave me an Intrathecal. It also is in the back, but it doesn’t take the pain away, it just takes the edge off. It took enough of the edge off that I was able to keep the mask on my face…but it still was very unpleasant. I heard them say that if I needed a C-Section I would have to be put out. I yelled at them to just DO IT!!!! I was SOOOO done by then! Then Dr. Schulte came in and had me start pushing. This was also new to me. All of my kids have kinda just, come out. I haven’t never had to push before, so I wasn’t really sure how, or what to do. Apparently I pushed for an hour. The broken capillaries on my tummy tell that story. The problem was that every time I pushed he would come down a bit, but then he would get sucked back up. I yelled at the doctor to just “Vacuum him out”! Anyway, he came out to his little nose, and Dr. Schulte ended up having to cut his cord while he was still in me because his cord was wrapped so tightly around his neck that he wasn’t coming down any further. Once he cut the cord…that alone was also very unpleasant…I am sure you can well imagine…Major just shot out like a rocket! He had some trouble breathing due to his heartrate plunging and the fluid and blood that he swallowed. His cord apparently wasn’t tied off enough because it came unclamped, causing him to breath in a bunch of blood before Dr. Schulte got it clamped again. Anyway, they bagged him a bit and helped him out. So I didn’t get to see him for about 10 minutes or so…but Jeff went with him and took pictures once they were done bagging him. Then they took him to the scale. My doctor PROMISED me that he wouldn’t be any bigger than Cam at 7-11. They put him on the scale and said, “No way.” So they picked him up, zeroed it again and weighed him one more time. The scale said, 9-2.6 again. They were all amazed because he doesn’t look fat at all. There is no chunk on him…he is just solid and filled out a bit more than the others…but most definitely solid. He just does not look like a 9 pound baby. BUT….his weight and the fact that his cord was wrapped so tightly around his neck is the reason that I had all of those weeks of trouble, and the horrible labor and delivery. BUT…it is over now, he is here and I can’t imagine life now without him. Sleep is fairly non-existent…because he likes to eat…go figure…but he fits right into our Filleman family. He looks just like Jeffy…just like all the others did and do. Jeff says that his genes eat my genes. For some reason the Stutzman genes don’t seem to be very strong. L Should we keep trying for one that looks like me?? I am thinkin’ not…but hey…you never know! So that is my crazy birth story! Mom and Rhonda came and visited a couple hours later, then all of the kids came up to see him. They let me have a Jacuzzi bath and then it was bedtime! We went home two days later with another human being to raise!

Now he is two weeks old and he is starting to KINDA get into a routine. We still aren’t on a SET schedule…but we will get there…eventually. I am just as tired as can be…I feel more tired after this one then after any of the others. I did have to take a trip back to the ER because I was having severe headaches. My doctor thought it was CSF leaking. He thought they might want to patch it. The ER doc told me to give it another day and to push fluids, especially caffeine as that is the old fashioned way to plug those holes. I did that the next day…baby and I were awake quite a bit due to the caffeine! My headache seemed to get better. It hasn’t fully gone away yet, but it isn’t near as bad as it was, so we aren’t going to need to get it plugged…so far anyway…hopefully it stays that way! We also took a trip to urgent care for MaKenna who got pneumonia again…but she is doing much better now, and hopefully Major won’t get sick. So far so good! I will be posting pictures on our family website over the next few days…that website is Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers throughout our pregnancy!! Blessings to all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!