Saturday, October 31, 2009

My brother in law...UNDEFEATED team!!!!

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Liberty earns statement win over Buckeye

The Melting Pot...YUM!

We were blessed to have Jeff's mom in town last week!! It was Dixie's birthday and so Mamma Gwin came out to see us all!! Unfortunately we had JUST gotten home from Atlanta so we were still getting life back to normal and we had a VERY busy week ahead, so we didn't get to see her a ton...but Dixie kept her busy anyway! She came over Tuesday night and went with us to watch the boys' hockey practice. Wednesday she went with us to feed the horses. It was a nasty week for weather though, so she didn't get to see MaKenna ride. :-( Maybe next time. After the horses we went out for a yummy meal at my favorite Mexican restaurant La Mesa! YUM YUM! Thursday the boys had hockey practice AGAIN, so they went to that. Friday night the adults wanted to go out for an adult birthday meal for Dixie as Dixie's birthday was Saturday. I have four kids...and babysitters are hard to come by with short notice. So...I did a divide and conquer. My dad watched Major, Cam went to a friends house and MaKenna and Jake went to their friends' house who are also siblings. So...four kids...three houses. Not too bad! Anyway, we went to the Melting Pot! Ooohhh lala!! Gotta love The Melting Pot. SO expensive, but OH SO GOOD!
Jeff isn't into socializing...and The Melting Pot is an all evening that part wasn't his cup of tea, but I think he enjoyed the food!! On the other hand, I LOVE food and I LOVE to socialize, so it was RIGHT up my alley!!
Thanks mom for a wonderful dinner(s) and a wonderful "staycation"...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIXIE!!


Little Kitty Tahu went to be with the Lord...and his brothers and sisters that went before him. I told him that Nana would take good care of him. mom has her hands full. According to the kids, she now has a colt and a bunch of well as our dogs Junior and Mickey. Wow...she could start a pet shop up there!!!

Rest in Peace little Tahu! We did have a service for him...and MaKenna and I made his final resting place, while Jeff dug the final resting hole. It was a nice service.
Now only Chocolate is left. He is thriving though! I pray that he continues to thrive...even though I have always hated cats...these little kitties stole my heart.

Bible Study Dress Up Day!

Each year at our bible study, I send a note home with the moms' giving them the okay to let their kiddos dress up if they want to the Tuesday before Halloween. We had a great group this year! are my kiddos! Hannah, and Nehemiah are not biologically mine....but between Deana (their mommy) and I...we might as well be mommies to both of our clans as much as we have eachothers kids and as much as we hang out! is Hannah, MaKenna, Major and Nehemiah! My little Tigger...missing a shoe.......

Friday, October 30, 2009

“You can never do a kindness too soon, for you never know
how soon will be too late.”

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book Reviews, Shadow Government and Wisdom Hunter

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

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Book: Shadow Government
Grant Jeffrey
Security cameras, surveillance of private financial transactions, radio frequency spy chips hidden in consumer products, eavesdropping on e-mail correspondence and phone calls, and Internet tracking. No one is protected, and privacy is a thing of the past.

An ultra-secret global elite, functioning as a very real shadow government, controls technology, finance, international law, world trade, political power, and vast military capabilities. These unnamed, unrivaled leaders answer to no earthly authority, and they won’t stop until they control the world.

In Shadow Government, prophecy expert Grant Jeffrey removes the screen that, up to now, has hidden the work of these diabolical agents. Jeffrey reveals the biblical description of Satan’s global conquest and identifies the tools of technology that the Antichrist will use to rule the world.

Readers will have their eyes opened to the real power that is working behind the scenes to destroy America and merge it into the coming global government. Armed with this knowledge, readers will be equipped to face spiritual darkness with the light of prophetic truth.

Author Bio:
Grant R. Jeffrey is the internationally known prophecy researcher, Mideast expert, and author of Countdown to the Apocalypse, The New Temple and the Second Coming, The Next World War, and twenty other best-selling books. He is also the editor of the Prophecy Study Bible. His popular television program, Bible Prophecy Revealed, airs weekly on TBN. Jeffrey earned his master’s and PhD degrees from Louisiana Baptist University. He and his wife, Kaye, live in Toronto.

Book: Wisdom Hunter
Author: Randall Arthur
Pastor Jason Faircloth knows what he believes. His clear faith, in fact, is why he is one of the most prominent pastors in Atlanta. He relies on it to discipline his daughter, his wife, his church. He prays daily that others would come to see God’s ways as he does.
And it is about to cost him everything.

Groping for answers in the face of tragedy, Jason begins a search for the only family he has left: the granddaughter kept hidden from him. Soon he finds himself on an international adventure that will take him straight into the depths of his soul. He is determined not to fail again.
A fast-paced suspense novel rich in spiritual depth, Wisdom Hunter explores what it means to break free of Christian legalism—and discover why grace can mean the difference between life and death.

Author Bio:
Randall Arthur is the bestselling author of Jordan’s Crossing and Brotherhood of Betrayal. He and his wife have served as missionaries to Europe for over thirty years. From 1976 till 1998, he lived in Norway and Germany as a church planter. Since 2000, he has taken numerous missions teams from the United States on trips all over Europe. Arthur is also the founder of the AOK (Acts of Kindness) Bikers’ Fellowship, a group of men who enjoy the sport of motorcycling. He and his family live in Atlanta, Georgia.


Honestly? My life has been SO crazy and turned upside down a my reading has slowed down. I haven't cracked open these books much least not enough to give you my full "take" on it. I WILL though, because I am SO looking forward to reading them. I just need life to get back to normal...or at least a new normal, before I can get them finished! I WILL THOUGH! And I WILL post my take on them when I am done!!! SO FAR they are great though! I think that you may enjoy them!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our kitties...

Here is Chocolate getting his morning breakfast!! They are about double the size they were when we left for Atlanta. We had our good friends Allyson and Tom Chaudier look after them while we were gone.
Here is Tahu eating. Sadly...Tahu isn't doing well. He is on the stairway to heaven right now...he just doesn't seem to be letting go...but he is on his way out. He is suffering with Cheyne Stokes at the moment. I don't know how much longer he will last. :-( We are all very sad.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Atlanta pics off of my camcorder

Here are some more Atlanta pictures that were on my camcorder. The first one is the Atlanta Falcon's cheerleaders in front of the Whaleshark aquarium.Here is one of Major on the Centennial Park swing...he thought it was the bomb! Here is Major and Jeff in front of the Chattahoochie river at the reception!This is what some of the kids chose to do at the reception rather than dance!

Here is Tator and her daddy.

The happy new couple...Mr. and Mrs. Buchanon.

Mr. Tate and Jeff doin' some guy talkin'! :-)

Wedding day....

The Reception!!!
The reception was great....and I actually have more pictures...but my camcorder needed to be charged. I had taken pictures with that because my other camera had been dropped by Jake after the wedding and we thought it was broken...then it turned out not to be. soon as my camcorder gets charged, I will post more reception pictures! Stay tuned!!
The reception was in Roswell right on the Chattahoochie river! It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Honestly...I didn't know the Chattahoochie exhisted. I had hearn Alan Jacksons song...but thought it was just that...a song!! I also saw the Chatanooga Choo-Choo in Chatanooga, TN...I thought that was just a song too!!! NO idea it was a real thing!!! :-) I swear I am not blonde!
Here is Tator and Danny-Boy cutting the cake....

I thought this was such a cute picture because Cam was outside watching!
Here is the dollar dance. Jeff paid to dance with Tator, while Major and I paid to dance with Danny-Boy. Major wouldn't leave my side ALL night....that is another story all in itself though!

The Wedding!

The wedding was beautiful! I didn't get a lot of pictures because Jeff had to take Major and Brayden out. They both wanted to be with their mommies...but both mommies were a little busy. So he took them out. MaKenna, Jake and Cam sat very nicely in the pews throughout the wedding. I was very proud of them! They even did the communion when it was time to walk up. Tator was married in Redeemer Luthern Church in downtown Atlanta. It was a beautiful church! It is a historic church though, so no flash photography...but I have no doubt that her professional pictures will turn out incredible! I can't wait to see them!

We did quite a few pictures outside, even though it was FREEZING!! Yes...Atlanta was colder than it was here when we were there!!! BUMMER!!!!Carrie "Tator" Tate was pronounced Mrs. Buchanon shortly before these pictures were taken!! CONGRATULATIONS CARRIE AND DANIEL....AND BRAYDEN!! I have decided though...I can STILL call her Tator...I really don't like the sound of Bucky.


Next stop...brides room. We were running about an hour and a half we were unable to get pictures before the wedding...but it worked out okay. We had thirty minutes to get the bride and everyone else dressed. We also had to get the flowers done...but thanks to all of the incredible bridesmaids, it got done!!! Here is a picture of my little princess flower girl! Here is the STUNNING bride and her equally stunning sister!
The bride and her little flower girl!

Some of the bridesmaids and one of the flower girls!
Sandwiched between the flower girls! Doesn't even look like me does it?
The most beautiful bride!
MaKenna LOVED Debbie and Crystal! She STILL is talking about her new friends Debbie and Crystal. In fact, she was spelling their names ALL the way home to Nebraska!! Then there is little grabby boy who loved to grab Debbies ta-ta's. What kind of little monster have I birthed?? :-) Here is the beautiful Debbie with Kenna!

The Big Day!! WEDDING DAY!!!

Getting Ready!!!
Tator decided to kidnap me Saturday morning so that I didn't have to stress out with the kids...which was slowly starting to happen! They started LITERALLY jumping off beds, etc, shortly before they came and got me...I was good and ready to be kidnapped!
I am not a HUGE fan of how I think I look when I get my hair professionally done, but I was told it looked great...which it did. She did a great bun in the back...I am just not used to seeing myself all done up. Up dos aren't my forte....but the experience was great. I RARELY get a pampering experience. They even did my makeup!! I HAVE NEVER had my makeup done for me before!! The makeup lady even went as far as waxing my eyebrows. Apparently my eyebrows weren't up to Atlanta standards...they were a bit bushy I will have to admit! :-)
Tator and her big sister Crystal. Tator and her mamma.
Tator and me.
Getting the veil put in.

Tator's Wedding Rehearsal and dinner...

So....after we found our car and found our way to the church which took us 20 minutes to get the 5 blocks or so....we got dressed in the bathroom of the church and were ready to go right in time!! Here is Tator and I smiling down for MaKenna who was taking the picture. This was right before the rehearsal.Here is Brayden and Major playing with the drinking fountain. They really hit it off...but what is it about drinking fountains that are so mesmerizing?? Sorry Tator...Brayden got nice and son must be a bad influence.Here is Major waiting like a good little boy....that didn't last long though!After the rehearsal we headed off to the rehearsal dinner. It was at an italian restaurant. Very good. I don't remember the name of it...but it was great! This is Tator's mom and Granny!

One last picture before taking off to get a good nights rest of the big day!!!! Tator's last night being single......

Atlanta trip...

Well...we made it to Atlanta!! We were a day late...but we made it! Major had a sinus we took him to the doctor Wednesday morning and we were on the road by noon. Since our timing was off, we decided to stop for the night Wednesday night and continue Thursday morning. We stayed in Mt. Vernon, IL Wednesday night. We were on the road again by 8 Thursday morning. We got into Atlanta around 4pm....and ooohhh...the traffic!!! YIKES!!! Jeff fell in love with Tennessee on the way down though. It is beautiful country that is for sure! So Thursday night we had supper with Tator, her fiance Daniel, he mom and her son Braydon. Braydon is only about 3 months younger than Major so he and Major hit it off!! They had a good time!! It was sure nice to see Tator!! We have been best friends since freshman year of high school...and though we have lived far apart for so long, we some how still maintain our best friendship!! Friday morning we headed to downtown Atlanta. Our hotel was actually North of Atlanta in Alpharetta, GA. We went to the Aquarium and had a great time! Jeff and I had been there before when just he and I visited a few years ago, but we knew the kids would absolutely love it!!
MaKenna's highlight was that the Atlanta Falcon cheerleaders were there doing a pep rally in front of the whale shark tank. She got ponpoms and she even got an autographed 8x10 photo of the cheerleaders!! She STILL is talking about that!!!

After the aquarium we walked through Centennial Park and over to the CNN building.

The kids were fascinated with the CNN building. Not only is it CNN...but Cartoon Network is there they were in seventh heaven!! We had lunch there and checked out all of the interesting sites within the building. Phillips Arena where the Atlanta Thrashers (hockey) plays is connected to the CNN building. So we walked around that. We didn't get to see inside because they were getting ready for Disney on Ice....but...they enjoyed seeing what they did see!

Then...since I am a football fan, we ran over to the Georgia Dome to check out where the Falcon's play! We were told we could get inside...but all the doors were locked. We really didn't have much luck that day...but we still enjoyed ourselves nonetheless!! Sometimes I think the best vacations are the vacations that you don't have any plans on!!
So, then the kids wanted to ride the "Subway"...also known as MARTA in Atlanta. We bought roundtrip tickets so that we could just ride! Jeff and I weren't thrilled...but the kids sure were!!! They were sad when we had to get off...we had been on the darn thing for quite some time too!!!After that we started heading back to the Aquarium where the truck was parked. So we went through CNN building again, and back through Centennial Park. At the far side of the park we found a GREAT playground!! We ALL had a great time!!!! was off to Tator's Rehearsal.....