Thursday, September 3, 2009

Precious little girl

I may complain about my little MaKenna's whininess...or her overly emotional tendencies...but...she is quite the sweetie. I knew that of course...but tonight solidified it. I have been trying to hang border in their bathroom for awhile now. I finally was given the opportunity to hang it this evening. I got the stuff above the counter just fine because I could stand on the counter...then I used a step ladder for above the door, etc. BUT...once I got to the area above the toilet and the tub...I had a problem...short little Tonya couldn't reach those areas EVEN WITH the step ladder. Hmmm...what to do. After moaning and trying to stretch as much as I could, I finally gave up. Jeff wasn't home...he was at football with Jake. I hung what was left of the wet border over the door so that it wouldn't peel what I had already done down.

Once Jeff got home...I said, "I am a failure." I went and showed him and he finished it lickety split.

It looks great by the way!! Duckies now adorn the border of my babies bathroom!

So, at bedtime tonight, MaKenna hugged me before her prayer and gave me a GREAT BIG KISS! She said, " are THE BEST MOMMY EVER!!! And you are NOT a failure!" I was stunned first of all, that she had heard me say that...and second of all that she remembered that I said that enough to mention it to me an hour later! Such a sweetie! I gave her a great big hug and kissed her goodnight.

How many times as mothers have we all felt like failures? At one time or another, I bet you have felt that way. But it is SO important that we realize that we aren't failures. Our kids know it! In our kids eyes, we could do no wrong...and I am so thankful that she reminded me of that. So often we short change ourselves...but we need to stop that and realize that if we have confidence in ourselves, we will grow confident children!
She made my day!

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