Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lincoln Children's Zoo

So after the Lincoln Children's Museum we went to the Lincoln Children's Zoo.  What a GREAT time we had.  Don't get me wrong...the Omaha Henry Doorley Zoo is by far THE BEST zoo of all times....but the Lincoln one is SO child friendly!  The kids LOVED it!!  Here are some pictures!  I highly recommend!

Yes,,,,we ALL rode the camel together!!!

My oldest baby is 14 today!!! What?? But I am only 29?!?!?!

Cam Leslie Filleman was born on January 26th, 1999 at 2:12 in the afternoon.  He weighed in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and 21.5 inches long.  He was due on the 17th of January...but was stubborn and refused to come when we tried to get him to come.  He was nice and cozy and didn't want to leave.  I was induced the night of the 25th....and withstood mild labor until 9 the next morning.  THEN the contractions were getting serious.  At noon I was still only dilated to 4...the doctor wouldn't give me any pain meds until I was at 5.  Two hours later and in excruciating pain, I told the nurses I had to push...they said that I didn't because at last check I was only at 4 centimeters dilated.  I told them to CHECK AGAIN!!!  They did...and I was crowning.  I BEGGED for meds...but since I was crowning, they couldn't give me any.  My doctor came in and in only a few pushes out came my little conehead baby boy.  I was EXHAUSTED and STILL begging for pain meds!  They were finally able to give me some...of course it was AFTER the baby was born, which seemed very backwards to me...but at least I FINALLY got some relief!

This picture was taken 5 years ago...he would have only been 9 years old.  

 He is now taller than me...has hairy armpits, a deep voice and is one of the absolute joys in my life and one of the reasons I live!  I love that little boy...even though he isn't so little anymore!  He will ALWAYS be my little boy!!!

Happy birthday Cammy!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Summer 2012

So one of our summer days...or was it Spring Break?  I don't remember....we'll just say at some point between March and July, I took all of the kids and we headed to Lincoln.  I have always wanted to go to the Lincoln's Childrens Museum, but we never made it....this time was going to be different!  We took a day and did several things in Lincoln.  Here are the pictures from the museum...which I would HIGHLY recommend.  Nothing against the Omaha Children's Museum...but the Lincoln Museum was fun for ALL of my kids' ages!

Here is MaKenna learning about the "old fashioned" cord phone!

 Major and MaKenna learning to drive the postal truck.
 Who wouldn't want to ride the police motorcycle.
 Fireman Jake

 Mommy had to get a piece of the action too!
 Playing Nebraska Volleyball.

 Playing Nebraska Football.
 A tribute to Papa....learning to drive the big rig!

 Cam playing in the Prairie Dog Enclosure.

 Cam AS a prairie dog.

 Astronaut Major
 Riding in the Moon lander.
 Major standing near the Capital Building!

May 2012 that my DR posts are done, I can back up and get up to date on the rest of our family happenings!  So...I think we left off in May or somewhere close to there.  So...this is just where I am going to start.

After hockey season ended...we moved into Spring...also known as Lacrosse season!  This was the third season for the boys, but the first for MaKenna.  She was thrilled to play and she did a fantastic job!  She is really quite athletically talented!

We also had to say goodbye to two of our closest friends.  So close, that we call them family.  Christine (Tini) and Matt Rukasin.  I am sure throughout the years you have heard me talk about them before!  Tini graduated from Creighton Medical School and accepted an internship in San Diego.  They were happy to get back closer to home (Tucson/Flagstaff), but also back to the warmer climate!

Major is excited to start Lacrosse too...but he needs to wait.....

The Rukasin's will be VERY missed....the kids think of them as aunt and uncle...but we keep in touch...and we will see eachother as often as we can!!

Also in May is Memorial Day.  I go to Blue Mound Cemetery in Milford, Nebraska every year for the Memorial Day celebration and to "visit" mom.  This year MaKenna and Major went with me.  Here they are with "mom" and all of her pretty flowers.
This is either my uncle's flag or my grandpas flag.  When veterans die, they give the flags to their families.  The families then have the option of donating the flag to the cemetery or keeping it.  My aunt and grandma chose to donate it to the cemetery so that every Memorial Day they fly high....their names are on the side of the flags as well.
Here is Major and MaKenna with my grandma and grandpa.
It was a good May!!!