Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MaKenna's Fifth Birthday Party!

Our weekend was INCREDIBLE insane!! INCREDIBLY!! Should I say that again? INCREDIBLY!!!! Ugh...I am STILL trying to recuperate from it. I must really be getting old!!

Friday night we celebrated MaKenna's 5th birthday party. Her birthday isn't until the 26th...this Saturday, but I was supposed to be in Nashville this weekend, so we decided to have her party the weekend before. We had 37 people here!!! Adults and kiddos! It was nutso! It was tons of fun though! I just need a bigger house! Thank goodness for our HUGE backyard! We could have crammed another hundred back there easily!! Thank goodness it didn't rain though, we would have been STUFFED in the house and it would have been a bit claustrophobic I am afraid!

Anyway, we had a great time! She got a lot of really nice things from her friends. We had hot dogs and hamburgers grilled and some of my friends helped out by bringing chips and dip and some pasta salad. Deana made the cake usual. She makes great cakes. Here is a picture of my sister and Major.
Here the girls are watching my dad open a package from Aunt Holly with his pocket knife. He was the center of attention at that point if you can't tell!!

Major isn't a huge cake fan...but he sure loves JELLO!!!!

Here is MaKenna blowing out her candles. She LOVES horses as you can tell and as you know. In fact...for her first birthday we had a puppy party because she LOVES puppies. Her second birthday she had another puppy party...her third birthday she had a pony party, fourth birthday a poodle party and now another pony party! Do you see a trend!?

Here are just a fraction of the guests in our back yard by the "horse pasture". We brought our horses in from their "other home" to give pony rides! They were a hit!! So here is Jeff, Percy, Brooke, Sydney, Hannah, Olivia and Troy.

Cam had been asking for days to be the horse he he is leading Hannah on Blondie. We only saddled Blondie because Peanut can get grumpy sometimes. She did fine...but she is set in her old stubborn ways.
We had dad lead Peanut. Here is Papa and Brooke.

Shawn wanted a piece of the "leading action" as here he is leading MaKenna on Peanut.

Here is my ALMOST 5 year old waiting for her guests to arrive!!! Such a pretty little girl...but then again, I am very biased!! I wish mom could have been here to see our chaotic little party!!

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