Monday, September 28, 2009

Impromptu trip to the Zoo

About two weeks ago Cam came home and told me that they had a field trip to the zoo. I said, "If your class needs any parent help, let me know." I heard nothing about I made other plans for the day. The night before the trip to the zoo, Cam came home and said, " know you're a zoo mom for tomorrow's field trip right?" WHAT?!?!?! Ahhh...thanks...I know now!!!, Major, MaKenna and I made it to the zoo by 9 and met the bus there by 9:10. I had 5 boys in my group and I joined with another mom and she had 5 boys, so we had 10 boys in our group! I had to leave early...only 30 minutes...but early nonetheless, since this was a surprise trip, I had other plans...I feel bad for the other mom though that I left 10 boys with...because those boys were RAMBUNCTIOUS! Oh my!!! I don't know how these kids learn anything on field trips...we had to rush through everything to get it all done...or at least what they expected us to get done! Here are most of the boys...Cam is on the far left.I thought this guy was so funny! He looks like that Hut guy from Star Wars!! He put this blanket over his head! Some of the boys said he was Red Riding Hood!In the petting zoo....
Here the boys are trying to get their finger bite. That's right. I heard them say, "Hey...lets see if we can get that turkey to bite our fingers!" Yea...because who wouldn't want their finger bit by a turkey...I mean...really...Major and MaKenna had a great time though...even though we FLEW through the exhibits. We have a zoo pass, so they get to go frequently!

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