Friday, September 25, 2009

Jake's 2nd football game!

Remember how I said last weekend was just absolutely crazy? It is almost a new weekend, so I better finish off last weekend. I know...I am sorry. to recap...Friday night was MaKenna's 5th birthday party. Saturday ALL day was Adventureland. Sunday was Sunday School early that I did "breakfast snack" for...then it was Jake's 2nd football game. After that we went straight downtown to the Velveteen Rabbit...but that is another blog. So...I was grumpy and tired. Jeff and Jake went to the game early. The boys are supposed to be there an hour before the games...but with church...even with us going to first service, it just isn't going to happen. He can get there 30 minutes before the games, but that is it. Anyway, I got there 10 minutes into the game and Jeff said, "He isn't playing...they just benched him didn't even tell him why." He thought it was because Jake was missing an ear piece though. Mama Bear got a bit upset...those earpieces just pop in and out. I told Jeff I was going to go get Jake if he wasn't going to play because we had a busy day...we still had to feed the horses yet that day! Jeff said, "They won't let you down on the field...they aren't letting anyone down there." I said, "Oh...they'll let me." Down to the field went Mama Bear. Oh...they saw me coming. I hate to be one of "THOSE" parents...but I was in a mood. I said, "Is Jake not playing the rest of the game?" Coach said, "Well...he doesn't have an ear piece." I said, "I understand that, but can we not pop another child's ear piece out and share it?" He said, "Well...if I need that child in, then he can't go in because Jake has his ear piece." I said, "Don't you have offense and defense?" He said that they sometimes sub for each side. I said, "Well as long as this has to do with the ear piece and not the fact that he was late getting to practice before the game....we need to go though if he isn't playing because we have a busy day." He said, "Don't leave..." He miraculously had his son's helmet...who wasn't the truck. So, his son went up to get his helmet...brought it back and we put his ear pad in. While we were waiting I asked him if his being late for practice was a problem. He said, "Yes...they need to be here one hour before the game." I told him that I would need my deposit back then because we worship God together on Sunday mornings as a family and I don't want my children thinking that sports are more important then their relationship with God. He quickly recanted..." is totally okay...I totally understand...oh problem at all...great...okay." I walked back to the bleachers. Jeff asked me where Jake was because I had told him I was going to go get him so we could leave. I said, "He is playing." Jeff said, " did you do that?" Then...without missing a 10 year old says, "I told you dad, you should never argue with a woman." I looked at Jeff and he said, "Yup...that's what he said." Smart kid. Jake is #55. They played him a lot during the game then. I felt bad...that wasn't my intent...I just wanted him TO play...not play the rest of the game! Oh well...he got a lot of play time! In this picture you can actually see Dixie, Levi, myself, Jeff, MaKenna, Major and Cam sitting in the stands. Dixie has the pink shirt on...that is our family cluster!

Here they are practicing...these were from a couple weeks ago...

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