Monday, September 29, 2008

AFA Voters Guide

Before you vote, check out the AFA Voters Guide. This really opened my eyes and made it even easier for me to see who is for what, etc. I was planning on voting McCain anyway...but this just really solidified it for me! Make sure you pass this on to others as well!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday to my Princess!!

It is hard to believe that she is 4 years old today!! MaKenna...MY you have grown into a BEAUTIFUL young lady!! It was 4 years ago today that I gave birth to my one and only baby girl! We are off to Adventureland for the I will relive your special day when we get home! I know all of the readers are dying to hear!! :-)

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fishermen's Pick

Every night before bed, MaKenna and I sit and read a short story from her Toddler's Bible. One of the stories recently from Matthew 13:47-49, really caught my attention. It is a story I have heard several times throughout my life...but for some reason...the simple way that it was written in this Toddler Bible was all I needed to fully comprehend it. That's right....Crack all the jokes you want!!! :-)

It goes as follows:

Jesus told a story. "One day, " he said, "some fishermen took their boat out." "They threw their net into the water. All kinds of fish swam in the lake." "When the fishermen returned to shore, they dragged their net out of the water and looked through their catch," said Jesus. "They kept all the good fish and tossed out all the bad fish." Jesus said, "The fishermen's net is like God's kingdom." "Everyone watns to be apart of His kingdom. But the angels will come and separate the godly people from the ungoldy people." "The godly people will live in heaven with me forever."

Now...I know that the story is so simple...and it is something that most of us probably grew up learning...but it really paints a picture for you. Have you ever envisioned yourself as one of those fish? Wouldn't you like to be a sparkling, healthy fish, rather than a scrawny, unkempt fish?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fireproof with Kirk Cameron

Since being sick, I have had a lot of time to watch T.V. I had actually come across this movie in my Marriage Partnership magazine last week....but then saw it being advertised on the Today show, with Kirk Cameron as their guest. Now...let me back up here....Kirk Cameron...why...need I say more? What woman out age did not have a total crush on him as a kid?? Remember Mike Seaver from Growing Pains. know...I see you smilin'! :-)

Kirk grew up, got married and has 6 kids....4 are adopted. I found out a few years ago that Kirk is actually a very good Christian man. He stars in the Left Behind Movies as Buck. If you have read the books or watched the know what I am talking about. GREAT books and movies! MUST SEE/READ!!! Anyway, I started having utmost respect for him when I found out he was a Christian and was doing the Left Behind Series. I heard him in some interviews, and he had just shown himself to be one of the exceptions of Hollywood stars. He and his wife have been married 17 years...which as he quotes on the "Today Show", is "70 years in Hollywood years." So true! When I saw that he was playing in the upcoming movie called "Fireproof", I knew I needed to see it. To my surprise, he was on the "Today Show" yesterday morning to promote it...which can only mean one thing. It must be opening in theaters everywhere! It opens on Friday...and sure enough it opens in SEVERAL cities across the US! I was VERY impressed and THRILLED that they were opening a KNOWN Christian movie in theaters almost everywhere! It is by the creator of Facing the Giants...another known Christian movie. I imagine it will be a great movie. The thing that REALLY made me want to write about Kirk Cameron is a BIGGIE to me. There is one scene in the movie where he kisses his wife. The kiss is done in a nice foggy, silhuotte shot. Why does this matter Tonya? Well...let me tell you. Kirk has a thing. The thing is that he refuses to kiss any other women but his wife. That is why you don't see him playing in just any movies. Well...his wife is NOT the wife in this this came directly from Kirks mouth...they had his real wife come in that day and they shot their kiss in a silhuotte so you couldn't see that Kirk doesn't actually kiss the costar...he is actually kissing his wife! I thought that was SO sweet and SO respectful of not only his wife, but of his marriage and to God!! WOW!! He won't even look at scripts that require kissing...UNLESS they can bring in his wife. That not only says a lot to his wife and kids, but that speaks VOLUMES to Hollywood and to the thousands + people who saw the broadcast yesterday!! WOW!! I have a new found respect for that man that I didn't have two days ago!! Have you ever felt that, "This guy is the real deal"...only to find out that he and his wife divorce, or he cheats on her, or he does something else dispicable? Well...This guy IS the real deal, and we can be so proud of him as our Christian Brother! Go to his says a lot about him and the ministry that he and his wife created.

40 days of praying

I encourage you all to do this. I have done it for the last 10 years....I know that prayer makes a difference...and we need to make sure that the difference is made! Go to to sign up....below is the explanation.

Day 1 begins for the last time September 25!

SIGN UP NOW for the last full40 Days to Pray the Vote e-mail series
Dear PPT, (Presidential Prayer Team)

If you haven’t begun praying for the presidential candidates and the November election with our 40 Days to Pray the Vote daily prayer devotionals to your e-mail - your final opportunity to pray through the entire series is now here!

The final 40 days prior to Election Day begins September 25. That means you need to sign up right now if you want to pray with all 40 of the e-mails, specially written for each of the 40 days leading up to November 4.
Join the over 27,400 other intercessors who have made 40 Days to Pray the Vote a daily and vital part of their prayer lives.

With 40 Days to Pray the Vote you can:
Pray for the elections in a systematic and orderly way, starting with worship of our mighty God and moving to issues and concerns of the election.
Pray for issues and concerns that might not occur to you or others.
Post your comments or prayers on a new 40 Days to Pray the Vote Prayer Wall.
Tell others about this exciting prayer initiative.
Sign up for 40 Days to Pray the Vote. Join us as together we make this the most prayed-for election in the nation’s history. The time is now to pray!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It got worse... DID get worse...and it is STILL worse. I went to Urgent Care Saturday night....I am too sick to write I will just say it....

Ear Infections
Sinus Infections
Strep Throat

Many drugs later....
still sick...

enough said....

Friday, September 19, 2008

More Ear Infections

You've GOT to be kidding me!!!!!!! Yes...that is right. Major is currently on his third antibiotic for a nasty ear infection that keeps coming back....MaKenna started feeling yucky Tuesday noted in my previous blog...they figured it was viral. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called yesterday...the doctor that is...and told them her fever is NOT getting better....and I had even taken her to MOPs yesterday because it had gone away for the I thought maybe she was getting better...but they called me out to tell me that the poor little thing was shivering. That's right...CHILLS!! Poor baby!! I felt like SUCH a bad mommy!!! So, I called them again and told them, "With it being Friday I wanted to make sure she got seen before the weekend." Nobody corrected me...and I didn't even realize I said that until writing this blog. HA! Clearly I wasn't in my right mind either...we'll get to that in a second. So anyway...glad I took her in. I told the doctor the same thing..."With it being Frida..." still, no correction. They must thing I am nuts. Anyway, poor baby girl has a DOUBLE ear infection, and possible walking pneumonia. Ugh. Poor thing. They swabbed her for far that is negative....thank goodness. So, I go get her meds, and we get her started on that. When suddenly....BAM! I feel like I just got steam rolled! I suddenly got the chills, my throat started to WHOLE body just ached horribly. I went to bed at 8 after a LONG HOT bath. My skin was ice cold, but I was burning up with a fever. Jeff put Major in bed with me so that I wouldn't have to get up to feed him...but that was almost worse because the kid can't sit still while sleeping...he kicks and rolls. I literally got beat up by this little baby all night long. At 3:30, Major thought it was time to wake up. That is when I drew the line. I had been either swetting or ice cold all night and I had been beat up by a 9 month old. He was going to his daddy who was on the couch taking care of MaKenna. Soooooo....I took him downstairs and Jeff dealt with him. I hated to do it, but I was SOOOO miserable. I took the boys to school this morning in my jammies...I drove don't worry....and Major and I have slept from 10 to 12:30. We just got up to feed MaKenna...who still has a fever but was perfectly content watching cartoons all morning. I still feel like death warmed over...but I don't feel like I did last night, thank the good Lord. I am having trouble eating...just not hungry and a tad nauseous....NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. Hopefully it won't get bad again tonight. Cross your fingers...say some family will need those prayers...because as the old saying goes....if momma aint happy...ain't nobody happy! :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've STILL got it!!!

Soooo....yesterday, to save money on the environment...and, get some much needed exercise, after walking the boys home from school, I decided to push it a bit further and we walked up to Super Saver for a few needed items. This walking thing has done great things for my bod since having baby. Not REALLY great things, because I am still unable...and unwilling to let go of my current diet...but walking has helped me lose a few pounds every couple of weeks that have managed to stay off. Anyway, that is beside the point...the point is....on the way home, we happened to be walking by Millard South High School when they were getting out (elementary schools get out at 2 on Wednesdays...high schools get out at normal time). All I can say STILL got it! Yup...that's right...them little high school boys still think that I have what it takes to be whistled at, honked at and yelled at. Now....I don't know what they were yelling...for all know they were yelling, "Hey fatty", but to be honest with you...I DIDN'T care....I'll just go on thinking they were saying, "Hey hot mama!" And MAYBE...just MAYBE they were!! :-) The best thing? I was pushing a double stroller and had two little boys ahead of me on scooters!! That's right...and I STILL got it!!! Right?? We'll just say, "RIGHT!" :-) I was wearing some workout pants and a form fitting Tee that Father In Law Jerry bought me at Cabella's when he was visiting...thank you...maybe it was simply my current "milk buckets" that caught the attention of the little high school boys...I don't care what it was...but I caught their attention and I feel MUCH better about myself now! Thank you to all the young men going through puberty! :-)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I can't STAND these darn viruses!!! UGH!!! I have HAD IT!!! So....Major is sick...we know that. Monday and Tuesday Jeff went hunting....before you, he did not get anything. Yesterday afternoon though he came home for awhile before he went out again. I left MaKenna and Major at home with daddy while I went to walk the boys home from school. I got home and Kenna was BAWLING HORRIBLY. She had a high fever and had a terrible headache. I called the doctor because he did say that if she developed a fever with this nasty cough she has, to give him a call. He thought that she just had a virus on top of the undiagnosed cough. So...we have been taking it easy...except for sleep....don't get me started there...and of course, I woke up with a headache and sore throat fever....mine is probably just lack of sleep...again don't get me started.

We start MOPs tomorrow (Mother's of Preschoolers), and I am the finance person, so I REALLY need to be there. I am not quite sure what I am going to do yet. Hopefully by then she will be fever free for 24 hours. I kinda doubt it...but we will see. She is laying down watching my all time favorite movie, Wizard of Oz right now....Major is sleeping...and I am having a quiet moment. (*sigh*).
I need some chocolate......

Wow! Goosebumps! You go Mr.!!

I think this guy says it all....

This commercial was done by a local kid in the Walnut Valley at the eastern edge of Los Angeles County.

You have to watch the whole thing.
When he finishes talking and walks away, you get a sense of how this could be the commercial of the campaign season.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sleep update AND another round of antibiotics

Thank you to whoever must have prayed that I would get sleep! The following guess that would be Thursday night, Major slept from 10 pm until about 5 am!! I didn't sleep that long because I was expecting him to wake up at I waited until 11:30...but STILL...that is more sleep then I WAS getting!! I was VERY THRILLED! BUTTTTT......

Last night he woke up at 2:30 with a fever of 102. He had a rough rest of the night. I got up at 8 after a very rough night with him, and then Jeff showered, I fed MaKenna and I went back to bed around 9. Jeff stayed up with him and I slept until noon. It was VERY nice to get that extra little sleep. Throughout the day, Major's fever went from 99 after meds, to 103. When it finally hit 103.3, I said, enough is enough and I took him to urgent care. He has another ear infection! Same ear. Ugh. Soo...another round of antibiotics. And....he is on the same antibiotics that causes 3 clothing changes a day (diarrhea). I started him on it around 6 pm...and I have already had to change his clothes once. Fun, fun, fun!!! I am sure you will read more "For the love of poop" stories over the next 7 days! :-) we go again!!!!!

I also spent part of the evening last night with MaKenna at the hospital. Not to worry...I had just called the doctor Friday morning to tell him that she still has a terrible cough. He wanted x-rays of her chest and sinuses. I had to wait for Jeff to get home, so I had to go through the ER...and they are always so slow. When they took the films, her chest and her sinuses both looked I don't think there is any reason to worry there. She just has this cough that won't let go. Poor baby. other poor baby is starting to cry...I mean, after all...I just laid him in his crib 10 minutes ago...gee...he made it 5 minutes more than I thought he would! :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What is Sleep?

Sleep: to take the rest afforded by a suspension of voluntary bodily functions and the natural suspension, complete or partial, of consciousness; cease being awake.

Now that I have the definition of sleep...I can say...without ANY doubt at all...that "sleep" is non-existent for least for the last couple of days.

Emily...if you are reading this...YES...Okay?? were right....and I KNEW you were right at the time...but my lack of sleep a few months ago was so bad...that I didn't care if Major was in my bed and if he ate every couple of hours through the night. Now...I care...and now...I suffer. Ugh.

So...Major has been sleeping in his crib more...praise God! BUT...for some odd reason, he seems to think that he needs to eat every couple hours through the night. He doesn't eat every couple of hours during the day, he most CERTAINLY does NOT need to eat every couple of hours during the night. So...I have been putting my foot down. I put him to his crib...around 8:30 or 9. If he wakes up at 11, I am usually still awake reading or something, so I will feed him one last time and put him BACK in his crib....typically. I have been very busy and very tired lately, so that 11 feeding has resulted in him staying in bed with me because I fall asleep feeding him. He then wakes up at 1 or 2 to eat again. Nope! Ain't gonna happen! I NEED him to know that he doesn't need to eat every couple hours at night! He is 9 months old for pete's sake! a result of putting my foot down, he cries...and cries...and cries...and cries...and throws temper tantrums. He will sit up in bed and then THROW himself back on the pillows just screaming and screaming. Binki's don't work, snuggling doesn't work...he wants the boob!! BUT I AIN'T GIVING IN! Those of you who know me well enough, KNOW that I am as stubborn as a horse when the situation warrants. So, at 4 am, I gave up and put him in his crib...I told Jeff to sleep on the floor near his crib to see if that would help him go back to sleep. Nope...didn't work. At 5 I decided he had waited long enough and I gave in and fed him. He then slept...FINALLY! Ugh!! What am I to do???? He is more stubborn then the other three ever were. Of course I didn't let it go this long with the other kids either. I know...TOTALLY my fault...and I am paying for it now. Laugh if you need to...say I told you so if you need to...just FIX THIS!!!! (*YAWN*)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure!

This is the e-mail I sent out in case you guys missed it! Send on to anyone you know!

To my Dear Friends, Family and Acquaintances,

As most of you know, 5 years ago, my mom was hit with the news that she had breast cancer. She has fought this terrible disease for 5 years and rarely with anything but a smile on her face. They treated her several times with different forms of treatment, but it has become metastatic. It has managed to travel to her lungs, liver and brain. If you follow her website which I have set up for her at (website name is SuzanneStutzman), you will know that she is fighting it like a champ, and most of the brain lesions are completely gone! But…we still have a long road ahead of us. I have become very passionate about the fight for Breast Cancer, so this year I have decided to walk/run in the 5K Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I have set up a pledge page if you feel moved to donate to this very worthy cause. The pledge page is below. My goal is $1,000! I pray that I can reach my goal and we can ALL win this race against Breast Cancer. Please visit my pledge page for the Komen Nebraska Race for the Cure and make a contribution for the cause if you would like. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you to follow mom’s fight at For those of you who know us from Youth of Ukraine, please be reminded that we have moved that website to And if you would like to be kept up to date on the Filleman family, our website is I will have pictures from the walk after it happens on the 5th, and I will also keep you updated on how we are coming with the goal of $1,000, on that website. On ALL of the above websites, you can sign up for an e-mail subscription which means you will get my updates on e-mail. Thank you all for your support and love!!! Let’s STAMP OUT BREAST CANCER TOGETHER!!!!! -Tonya Filleman

Click to visit my pledge page and make a contribution to this deserving cause.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Poison Oak...Ivy...or Sumac???

So a couple Sundays ago, Jeff and my dad went to put up Jeff's tree stand in the great Nebraska woods. Jeff came home...was a bit itchy...but typically is when he has been out in the woods. I also want to point out that Jeff ALWAYS wears long pants and long sleeves when he is out there, but that particular day, he did not. So...Wednesday night he notices some "bug" bites. They were COVERING the bottom of his bicep...the part of the bicep that touches your chest wall. He also had TONS of these "bug" bites on the opposite side on his neck. Poor guy. I thought...WE thought it was attack of the killer spiders or something! By Friday he had done everything to try to get the itching to stop...LITERALLY EVERYTHING that we knew. It just kept getting worse and worse. Finally Friday afternoon he decided to go to the was poison something or other. Oak...Ivy...or Sumac. Hard to tell...but they all act about the same, so the good doc gave him two oral antihistamine and a steroid. He is to take these for four weeks...and the rash won't go away for 3 weeks! NASTY!!! It went from being his whole arm being swollen, red and GROSS looking!! It kept it is still all over his bicep and now all over the chest wall where his arm touches. It has also spread around his neck and he is starting to get them on his other arm as well. He uses special creams, but he also has been pouring bleach on it...OUCH! He says in general it itches and burns...and just feels awful! He will NEVER go back to the woods with anything but long sleeves on, and he will NEVER touch that branch that has it again. He went back last night with Jake. He checked out the tree stand...and sure enough, he had to have hug the vine that this poison "oak" was on because it runs right up his tree stand. He isn't going to move it though. We will see how that goes. Dad didn't get it...but dad says growing up they had a fence that went through a poison oak patch and when the fence needed fixing they sent him in because he was the only one that never got dad could have touched it, but he didn't get it. Lucky duck...Jeff is pretty miserable. Here are a couple pictures...but these were taken before it got that bad. For a few days it drained horribly...pus all over the place. ICK! He has thrown away quite a few shirts. Poor thing!!!! NOTE TO SELF....WEAR LONG SLEEVES WHEN IN THE WOODS!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin

I happen to think we would be lucky to have Sarah Paliln in office behind John friend Gloria sent me this article. Your thoughts?

Sarah Palin can have it all
By Barbara Curtis
Fri Sep 5, 4:00 AM ET

Bluemont, Va. - The five children. The newborn diagnosed with Down syndrome. The pregnant daughter. Sarah Palin's life – chock full of challenge – confronts her opposition with some formidable challenges of its own. After decades of pushing equal rights and treatment for women, the Left is backtracking.

Suddenly motherhood – well, at least too much motherhood or too-complicated motherhood – is incompatible with executive responsibility. Fathers with little children or complex family issues – even some who cheated on their wives – have held office without having to justify their continuing careers. Yet women once again face a very different standard. Who knew that beyond the glass ceiling feminists vowed to shatter there existed another barrier, imposed by feminists themselves? What happened to choice? To having it all? Have we had a paradigm shift since Aug. 29? What's to stop Governor Palin from doing it all?

This debate matters a lot to me. I have 12 children, including four diagnosed with Down syndrome. Three were adopted. I'm a professional writer. And yes, some people wonder how I do it all, or if I'm doing any of it as well as I should. The skepticism about Palin's ability to juggle responsibilities has been punctuated with below-the-belt punches. My heart goes out to her and to every mom who soldiers on in the face of such flak. Sisterhood can be powerful, but only when we celebrate one another's accomplishments and growth – in all our diversity. The hardworking mother rolling up her sleeves to tackle a 'man's job' is a staple throughout American history and folklore. Think Rosie the Riveter. Think 'Places in the Heart,' featuring Sally Field as a Depression-era widow succeeding against all odds. These tales of women transformed through their work – even as they transformed the culture – resonate with me. As a second-wave feminist, I recall how we turned the medical establishment on its head over childbirth. In 1969 it was barbaric: flat on your back, bright lights and stirrups, no husband allowed. My first, Samantha Sunshine, was whisked off to the nursery, and I was forced to stay in bed without her. Just standard procedure. When Jasmine Moondance was born at home in 1975, I was up in 20 minutes – an older and wiser counterculture mom hip to the global portrait of motherhood as part of the fabric of life, including rice-paddy moms who simply pushed out their babies, wrapped them up, and went back to work. This kind of 'Sisterhood is Powerful' approach had put women in control of their birthing experience.And our mothering experience as well.

At first it was an either/or choice: stay-at-home motherhood – discredited by Betty Friedan's 'The Feminine Mystique' and Ms. magazine – or 'real work' alongside men. But as time went on and women seemed disinclined to give up their biological imperative, word came down that we could have it all – work and motherhood – and outclass men at the same time. Think 'I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan' from the 1970s (and now clearly retro) Enjoli perfume commercial. Perhaps that's not what we mean today by having it all, but it's the confident spirit that rings a bell almost 40 years later. That confidence took us places we never dreamed. In 2001, Jane Swift of Massachusetts became the first governor to give birth in office – to twins. Her maternity leave included a governor's council teleconference from her hospital bed. And while Ms. Swift was rebuked for using aides to babysit her daughter, Palin's record of eschewing the trappings of power – selling the governor's jet on eBay, for example – suggests she wouldn't make such mistakes. So what to make of the fire and brimstone raining down on Palin? Is it because her choices aren't the ones feminists anticipated? Or was it ever really about choice at all? Just because Palin's choices skew away from abortion and toward the affirmation of life – even in difficult circumstances – does that mean they shouldn't be accorded the same dignity as those more in line with today's feminist party line?

'How do you do it all?' people ask me. All I can say is that my capacity has grown with each child. I've learned to assess situations quickly, gather information and advice, negotiate, delegate, communicate clearly, and work under great pressure and with little sleep. Put simply, motherhood is its own executive office. That's why it's a proving ground for political leadership.'The personal is the political' was a feminist mantra I still believe. Which leads me to a qualification for office that sets Palin apart from her peers: Consistency. You see, motherhood under pressure has a way of helping women become greater than they started out to be. And the fact that Palin has a baby with Down syndrome only makes me trust her more. Here's a woman who chooses sacrifice and challenge over expediency and convenience.I've seen those pictures of Palin nursing her baby as she signs a bill into law and as she pushes a grocery cart. Moms understand that those photos might well have been taken just a few hours apart. That's the kind of life we lead. Can she do it all? Trust me, there are lots of moms out here who know she can.• Barbara Curtis, is the author of nine books and blogs at .

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

What a busy...but very fun weekend!! We started with games on Friday night...Jeff and Cam went out squirrel hunting, so Jake, MaKenna and Major and I played A LOT of Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Lucky Ducks! The picture to the right shows Major picking one of his many ducks! Saturday we hung out until 3ish, when we left to go to the AMAZING PIZZA MACHINE! What fun! It is like Chuckee Cheese on MEGA steroids! Below is a picture of MaKenna, who with her dad, won the go-cart race!

She also got to ride the Frog of her favorite rides! She is looking forward to that one at Adventureland for her birthday! Below is also a picture of MaKenna and Major on a little Panda Bear can tell it is his first ride!!! :-)

The kids played TONS of games and rode the rides!! This was MaKenna's first time on this ride...she really enjoyed it! Then we all ate the buffet and headed over to exchange our tickets. MaKenna had the most at 340. Would you believe that she got 34 little bitty puppies!!! UGH! Oh is what she wanted. Then we went home and relaxed some more...and played outside with some friends until after dark.

The next day we decided to take a trip out to Mahoney State Park! That was a lot of fun too!! We started at the horse stables where MaKenna got to ride a pony! She was absolutely thrilled! Her pony's name was Peanut! We got the guys booked on a ride for later on in the day...but below are the pictures of that. I would have LOVED to have gone...but Major and MaKenna needed me...and the boys needed to be...well...just the boys. So, then we went fishing and on the way we stopped at my sister's campground and visited with them awhile. Dad and Rhonda's kids and husband all came with us to the lake to fish a bit. They didn't catch anything though, not even a bite! We had lunch wtih my sisters family and my mom and dad and then we were off to the water park!! We had so much fun at the waterpark!!! Cam and I rode all of the water slides, and there was also a wave pool that we frequented! Major really enjoyed the wave pool...the shallow end anyway! He also enjoyed the pool...he just splashed and splashed and splashed! We only stayed until around 6ish. We had someone coming to look at the jeep so we had to get home, but it was a very fun and very full day. Being out in the sun kinda wore us all out. In fact, Monday we were all so tired, we slept in and just lounged around the house! You can see in the pictures below how tuckered out the kiddos were after our very full day!!

They were asleep before their heads even hit the pillows!!! Tomorrow I will tell you all about the wonderful Poison Oak that Jeff is suffering with now. UGH!