Sunday, November 11, 2012

1st grade, 5th grade, 7th grade graduations!

My little girl celebrated her 1st grade graduation with field day at school!  I can't believe she is growing up so fast!

Then there is Jake...moving from 5th to 6th grade, which here in Nebraska means he leaves elementary school and into Middle School!

Cam celebrated his 7th grade graduation with a ceremony at school.  He is now the big man on campus at the Middle School!

Track and the Zoo

Cam joined Track and Field this year.  He did fairly well.  His events were sprinting events.  He did well, but didn't quite make it to state...maybe this year!

On Spring Break Rhonda and I took all the kids to the Zoo.  You gotta love the Omaha is by far the best I've ever been to!

Duke went to Heaven, May 29th, 2012

Duke had been limping for awhile....and not eating a ton.  We took him in and found out he had a tumor on his shoulder causing his limping problems.  It got so bad that he stopped using his front leg all together.  We finally made the decision to let him go.  It was a very sad time.

Duke Filleman 9-11-01 to 5-29-12
You were a good dog and will be very missed.

Lacrosse, Cam, Jake and MaKenna

Cam, Jake and MaKenna all played Lacrosse this spring/summer.  They had a great time and they all play very well.  Here is Cam in his game, followed by a picture of Jake and his team, and then MaKenna all dolled up and ready to go!

Major's Activities!

Major gets to do a lot too....but it doesn't involve the ice rink...yet.  Thank goodness!!!!  He is a MASTER swimmer though!  He LOVES to swim and he is SUPER good at it!

MaKenna took lessons with him this summer before our Arizona trip...but he can swim circles around her!

He also learned how to ride his bike with training wheels!  

And his sport this summer....while everyone else was playing Lacrosse...he played SOCCER!!!

Figure Skating!

In keeping with the ice rink tradition in the Filleman family, MaKenna decided to forego Hockey and go to Figure Skating.  Either way, we are STILL at the ice rink!  She had a competition in February and came in third place!  We had a lot of EARLY morning, before school practices and weekend practices, but she did great!!!

 Her coach giving her a pep talk.

Third place, and the youngest girl!

End of the Hockey Season 2012

Cam's Pee Wee Select Team ended the season in first place!!!  They were THRILLED!  You can see the banner as you scroll down that now hangs in the ice rink at Tranquility Park in Omaha, NE!

Jake had a good year too!  They walked away with second in the Mites division!

Easter 2012

For Easter we went to my dad's house.  He lives on a little lake, so we went fishing.  The kids also took a dip in the hot tub....but I hadn't brought them swim they just wore long t-shirts or just their underwear for the boys.  Major decided to fish in his underwear even when he was done in the hot tub!

New Nieces and nephew in 2012!!

Jeff's little sister Holly had her first baby in January!  She is an absolute doll!!!
Her name is Reagan!

Trae was born to Jeff's little brother Danny in March!  It is his third child and third boy!  
Little Trae is a sweetheart!!

Also in March, my step sister had her second baby and second girl.  Her name is Abigail!  She is adorable!