Sunday, November 21, 2010

My big boy, Cam

My middle boy, Jake....

My little girl.....

The Family

Cam's catching flies...and Major is getting his brain sucked out....
These two NEVER sit together...and smile anyway!!!

If only Cam had gotten in this would have been PERFECT!!!
Ick...the camera MUST put on 20 pounds!!!! :-~

Mischevious Major.....

Here is Samantha....her and Major are great buddies...they had to both ride the horse at Nobbies!
Major and his kitty. He calls Chocolate (our cat), Kitty, Kitty....Chocolate will answer to Kitty Kitty before he answers to Chocolate! That poor cat has been through so much with Major since he was a wee baby...the cat that is. Major flushed him down the toilet...or at least tried to...he used him as a squirt gun (by turning the cat upside down, pointing and squeezing), you name it...he has done it to this poor cat...but the cat is very gentle with him and just loves on him. WEIRD!!!!
Here he is with his just woke up hair. I don't know that you can see it really well...but he had Alfalfa hair this particular morning!
That's my Mater.....

MaKenna's Figure Skating!

my MaKenna had started another figure skating session. It is over now until the first of the year....but she did a great usual. She had a competition that she was invited to be in, but she was scared. So we WENT to watch the competition rather than her be in this one. She thinks that next time she might like to try though! She could be in skating right now...but she decided to take a break until after the first of the year...that is only a 6 week break!
Major enjoys watching his big sister on the ice...and she enjoys showing off for him too!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Halloween was a fun evening!!! Jake trick or treated with a friend this year though so he did not make it into my dad's picture....this is from my dad's house....Kitty...Scooby...and Predator. Here is Major and MaKenna ringing a door bell. We went out kinda was a school night though....we didn't want the kids up late. Scooby did pretty good...he was a little timid at first...but he warmed up pretty quickly. There were some houses he was afraid of that had scary decorations up. I just took him up on my hip at those houses. He got pretty tired by the time we rounded the block though. That was a perfect amount for him...and even MaKenna was done...she needed to find a bathroom! :-)

Here is all of us...including Jamaican Mamma! MaKennas costume I found at a consignment sale for like $4....can't complain there. Jake's costume was a bit pricy...but he paid for some of it...I had my limit. Major's costume was worn by Jake, and Cam MADE his costume with his dad! I bought the mask....I paid the same amount on his mask that I paid on Jake's costume. The rest of Cam's costume, he and his dad built!!!

She lost her mask at we made her ears...and I had previously made her tail because it didn't come with a tail.

All in all, they had a GREAT time!! And the weather cooperated! We had a wonderful night full of yummy candy!!! I was most definitely SICK by the time I went to bed that night! I NEED SELF CONTROL!!!!!

Pumpkin Carving W

We were REALLY behind this year on pumpkin carving! I usually have pumpkins WAY early...but this year...didn't happen. We even went to Vala's Pumpkin Patch TWICE before Halloween...and I still didn't get them! I finally purchased them on Saturday, the day before Halloween. I just went to Hy-Vee and picked some up. We didn't get a chance to carve them until Sunday after church!! So they were NICE and freshly carved for Halloween!!! Here is Cam attempting to carve his own. Jake and MaKenna.
Jake digging the seeds out....none of my kids enjoy this. I TOTALLY do! We did get into a seed fight though...and unfortunately, I freaked out Cam with the seeds and....

Luckily, we had an extra. Here is Major though with Pumpkin "goo" all over him...and he is freakin' out!
Daddy with Major's little pumpkin.
MaKenna and Major took a time out to take pictures with our Scarecrow family!
Jake...STILL working on it....

Major liked his little pumpkin....

MaKenna made a snowman pumpkin!
MaKenna LOVES her little brother....
Cam, MaKenna's and Majors pumpkins.
Jake went against the usual...he wanted his by the front door.