Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I am sure you have all heard of Groupon...but have you signed up for it...and used it? It is an awesome opportunity to get things that you normally do, at a HUGE discount. I don't ever buy things that I don't normally do, or use...but if it is something I usually do, then I am ALL IN! Check it out. If nothing more...just sign up and you can have the "specials" sent to you daily! I just got 3 Redbox rentals for the price of 1. Not too shabby! Click on the link below!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Remember JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON!!! Don't forget that if it wasn't for God sending His ONLY son into the world, known of us would know His saving grace! Thank you Jesus for coming to this earth as a little baby, enduring life with us, and then dying for us to save us from our sins. YOU THE MAN!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas in Nebraska

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We LOVE to have friends at our house...and we have different friends quite frequently! The kids love having friends over...and I do too! So once in awhile I will get my camera out when there is a good photo op. This particular night I had Lydia and Nehemiah Ramsey. I didn't catch Nehemiah...but here are a few good ones of Lydi Lou as I call her.

This first one...she has FINALLY gotten brave enough to try and pet the cat. Here is her little babysitter MaKenna!

Major's 3rd birthday

Major is 3! Can you believe it??? It seems like JUST yesterday I was pushing that 9 pound child out! seems like yesterday because I STILL have nightmares!! :-) Anyway...we had a small family party here at the house on his actual birthday. We had his favorite Chicken Nuggets and French Fries. Then pudding pie afterwards. Then we let him open his presents from us. We had a friend birthday party for him a couple days later. Here are some pictures of his at home party....
LOVE this picture! He looks so sweet!

Hockey and Christmas Decorating

These are hockey pictures that were taken by a players dad who is a professional photographer. Here is Jake in the locker room....
Jake is the one in the middle.

Jake is the one in the middle getting hugged after making a REALLY awesome goal!!

After Thanksgiving and my birthday, we decided to decorate for Christmas. We usually do it after Thanksgiving...but with everything going on with my dad's wedding and everything, we didn't have time. So we decorated here and there...kind of sporadically this year. Here is MaKenna putting on some ornaments.

Jake...saying, "Mom...take the dang picture already!"
Cam posing like a pro...

Major enjoying his "soft" ornaments.
Major and MaKenna with Jake and daddy in the background.

Thanksgiving weekend with the new family....

We went to the zoo on Friday after Thanksgiving. It was Cam, Jake, MaKenna, Major, myself, Allison and Emma and Chris. We had a great time! The Henry Doorly Zoo here in Omaha is OUTSTANDING! It is also quite big and we didn't get to all of it in the time that we were there. It was a chilly day, so we stayed at mostly the inside exhibits which is about 80% of the zoo anyway. Here, MaKenna, Jake, Uncle Chris and Emma are acting like Gorillas.

There is a lot of walking to be Allison decided to share the stroller with was only creaking a little bit! :-)Major was plum tuckered out at the gorilla exhibit. Just too much for him to handle!This particular gorilla really enjoyed watching Jake. He was mesmerized by him. He was probably is one human I can relate to! :-)This Orangatang liked Major a lot too!This was just a cool picture. These guys are just MASSIVE! His head is HUGE! I SO would not want to meet him in a dark alley...or anywhere for that matter!Here we are at the Aquarium. Major, MaKenna and Emma were hanging out in the Penguin "bubble".Emma and Major...with MaKenna in the lead, checking out the penguins.My new sister Allison and my new niece Emma. Do they look anything like me? We could pass as sisters couldn't we?All the kids in the rainforest.MaKenna...just hangin' around!This is what it looked like as I pulled into the garage. Major was asleep in his seat too!Major as soon as we got his jammies on. That little monkey in his hand is what he bought at the zoo with Papa's money! We really had a great time.

Then MaKenna had a Thanksgiving concert at school. She was a pilgrim. She was SO adorable. They sang THE cutest songs EVER!
Unfortunately, the day ended badly. After her performance, they had finger food and desserts. We did fine on the finger food....but when we got to desserts, MaKenna REALLY wanted something. There was a pudding pie there. Pudding pie has no egg in it? Right? WRONG! Apparently if you make it from scratch it does. WHO MAKES PUDDING FROM SCRATCH ANYMORE!?!?!?! Anyway...she had it...and after only a couple bites she started complaining of throat problems....she couldn't swallow...then her tummy hurt. We rushed her home and then took her to urgent care where they treated her with Steroids. Poor thing. I am such a bad mommy! I shouldn't have let her have it...but I honestly had NO idea there was egg in it. Bad mommy!


Well....I am trying to catch up on my blogging!!

November was a fun and BUSY month!! I turned 29...again... on November 29th. After a great dinner at La favorite Nebraskan Mexican place, we came home...I got a bubble bath from my husband, and this great Brett Favre jersey! I also got a new electric toothbrush!

The weekend before my birthday was my dad's wedding....I already posted those pictures. Then...the weekend before that was little Jada Randecker's 3rd birthday party. She had a cowgirl theme party! Major and her are great he really enjoyed himself. He was there all day too because me and the older kids went and delivered turkeys to the poor in the city of Omaha that morning.
Here is Jada, Major, Hannah, MaKenna and Gabriel.
Jada and Major.

We also had a musical for Jake. Here he is in the yellow playing the xylophone.

Again, he is in the yellow. The one in the yellow furthest to the left.
I also got to have a birthday dinner with my wonderful friends. Allyson's birthday is also in we celebrated it together with our friends! We chose La Mesa this year, because she picked last year! :-) Afterwards we went to Culvers for some YUMMY ice cream! Here is me, Michele, Emily, Allyson, Lydia and Deana.

Major and the cat have become very close! Both snoozing....
Jake had a lot of hockey in November too. As did Cam. I dn't have any pictures of Cam's hockey on this batch....but he and Jeff traveled to Mankato in November and ended up getting a concussion. He was out for several practices and a couple games after that. We are now in Pee Wees...which means checking is now allowed....hence the concussion.....Ugh...
Here is Jake's first penalty. The scoreboard reads 1:23 left of the penalty for number 11...that's my Jakey! So proud of him! :-)

There he is....

He is in the green....his team is called the Green Machine.
That's all I have for November pictures! I'll be back with more updates though!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pictures of Dad's Wedding

I am really behind on posting on this blog. So sorry! I plan on catching up though soon! I am skipping a few things to get these posted because I told everyone in my Christmas card to look on the blog if they wanted to see, I thought...hmmm...I better post those pictures then huh? :-)

I'll give you a little bit of the day too! The day started out fine. Of course...I wasn't feeling well. I took a nice cold along to the wedding with me! :-( Then I passed it on to everyone else...including the newlyweds...sorry!

We headed out to Cornerstone Mansion in Omaha at around 1. I picked up Allison and Emma, and Rhonda picked up Jan. First things first...we had to decorate. So Rhonda, Allison and I started decorating while Cam entertained the kids! Soon it was time to get the kids ready. Thankfully I only have one girl to worry about...the boys are easy! So...Cam, Jake and Major got dressed together and I got MaKenna ready. She looked so pretty!
Then Rhonda and I got ourselves ready!

Once all the kids were ready...the pictures started! Our photographer was Kim Dusek who many of you may know from our church! Here is Brooke, MaKenna, Kayla, Major and Emma all ready to go!!
Then there was waiting.......
Once the wedding started the kids sat on the staircase. They all walked down in twos....perfect 4 girls and 4 boys.....

Emma and MaKenna.
Jan's son Chris walked her down the aisle...and then he sang a beautiful song!
Emma and Major get along as well as an old married he is annoying her and she is sushing him!
Our pastor from Brookside Church did the ceremony and once they were pronounced man and wife....more pictures were due!! Here is Jan with her new brood of grandkids! She went from one grandchild to 8 in a matter of minutes!!!!
Here are the newlyweds with all the grandkids!
Jeff and I, Dad and Jan, Rhonda and Mike.

There were about 30 people there...and most of them were in this picture. This was the family picture!

Major and Papa!

Here is Chris with dad, Jan and Allison.

The newlyweds!


Cutting the very yummy cake!! My friend Deana made an additional cake with no egg in it for my kids! Thanks Deana!!!!

We had a wonderful dinner after the pictures. It was catered in by some fancy chef! Very good stuff...a bit fancy...but very good tasting! After the cake, the kids had some sugar to burn here they are playing ring around the rosy....
Poor Deana trying to control my son....but with a smile on her face!! GO DEANA!!!

The first dance. Jan is so good...she wore heels during the ceremony...but for the dancing, she changed into her boots! She'll fit right in!!!

They didn't get to dance long before the grandkids took over!

Here is Jan with one of her newest grandsons, Major.

More Ring Around the Rosy...

MaKenna and Brooke.
Dad and I. I don't think we have danced together in 13 years since my wedding!

Dad and his new mother in law. He hasn't had a mother in law in 20 years! He better mind his P's and Q's!

It was an exhausting day...time to go home.....we have church the next day!
The love mobile!