Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arizona Trip #9

It took us an hour and a half to get up to Lake Powell. It was sad as we were able to see some of the destruction that the fires had done. Other than that, it was a pretty drive as usual. The problem was, there is VERY little between Flag and Powell...and with four kids you almost ALWAYS have someone who needs the restroom....thank goodness for roadside bushes!

So, we got there and we got on the house boat. We had to stay on it docked the first night...then the next day we could take it out. Here is Major trying out the steering wheel on the top of the boat. It was a two story houseboat. Up on top was the "party" area if you want to call it that. The hot tub, the slide, the music, the lights, the sun recliners and the bar were all up there.
Here is Jeff and Cam coming back from the little store with lots of things to use for fishing.

The hot tub...the place that was MY personal favorite! Not that I needed the hot part of it...but I like the jets....the water recliners, etc.
The bar....with the TV!

Inside the boat we had a nice big living room, kitchen, dining room, four bedrooms and two full baths. Here is Jeff putting things away.
There were tv's in every room, upstairs and out on the front deck. We wouldn't have made it through the week without the kids' shows!!! Gotta keep them happy early in the morning!

Jake on one of the pull out couches.
Cam lounging on the other pull out couch.

Major trying out the captains chair...AGAIN!

Arizona Trip #8

The next day was Wednesday. We got up early...I did my run...we got REPACKED...and headed to Grandma Gwins house to help them get everything packed and say goodbye to Grandma and Grandad Holbrook.

Here are a couple pictures we took while we were waiting for the men to load everything up!!! Here is MK, J and me! Here is "Applewhite" pulling MK around.....
So she decided to pull "Applewhite" around too!!!

Here are MaKenna and Major just chillin' in the front yard...patiently waiting....

Nerf N Strike Stampede!

A few days a go the good people at Smarty Pants sent my 9 year old "J"a Nerf N Strike Stampede Blaster. He was to review some surveys, and then he gets to keep the gun AND he gets a $20 gift card to Hasbro Toy Shop.

This dang gun was SOOO much fun!!! I had a blast playing with it! I was running around the house shooting ANYTHING that moved! It was great! It is by far the best nerf gun EVER!!! When I was finally done playing with it, I let the kids play with it...but I must say...WOW!!!! When this Nerf Gun comes out, it SHOULD retail around $50. BUY IT!!! It is a BLAST!!!!!

Thanks to the people at "Know it all, Smarty Pants" too!!! This was a fantastic review opportunity for ALL of us!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel

If you want to make a little extra on the side, you might want to apply for the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel. They are currently accepting applications! Not everyone qualifies for the program, you may be placed on a waiting list, like I was, then accepted for the program when they need people in your area.

What is Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel?
Once you are chosen to participate, Nielsen sends you all the information and the scanner FREE. You scan your purchases from your shopping trips, then upload that information to the Nielsen website. This earns you points that you cash in for all kinds fo goodies and gift cards!

If you decide you do not want to continue with the program at anytime, you can return the scanner at no charge! There are no obligations. You can work at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Go HERE to apply!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


If you are interested in Reviews and Giveaways...head over to my other blog! That is where I will be doing all of those!!! Not so much, head over there...become a make Nebraska Hockey Mom a TOP site!!!!

Arizona Trip #7

So after we hiked Walnut Canyon we drove down a few more exits to a spot that Jeff used to camp and hunt. It is also Walnut Canyon...just not the National Park. Jeff said this was a great spot to find pottery...not intact of course...but broken up pieces of pottery. He said some friends how found arrowheads there, but he never had and he always wanted we were scouting for pottery and arrowheads! In the meantime we found a lot of deer and elk tracks and this little buddy!!!! We named him Thorn. He was a Horny Toad Lizard.
He actually was very sweet. We found another on our way out...and yes...we had to keep them. Thus is the life of a mother of boys. "Luckily" we had a tupperware in the back of the truck that had had grapes in it. It was a perfect habitat for them until we got to grandma's house. Once we were at Grandma's, she took the boys to Walmart and bought a nice habitat for them that could be portable...because obviously if we were going to take them back to Nebraska, they had to make it to Lake Powell first. Sadly, Horn and Thorn died on the very last day that we were at Lake Powell. Whether it was the fire ants that Cam fed them that killed them, or something else, I don't know...but they are now resting in peace at Lake Powell. :-( That is NOT the end of the lizard story though....more to come later....

So here is a pictuer of the other side of Walnut Canyon.
Jeff and the kids really got a kick out of searching for things. And everyone found pottery pieces...but no arrowheads. I even found a piece that had painting on it. Very cool! Major also hit a milestone out there. He finally learned how to pee on a bush!! He would NEVER do it before...he would just cry in pain because he had to go so bad. He absolutely WOULD not pee on a tree. What changed his mind? Nature called out to me....and when he saw me squat...he thought it might be okay for him to stand and pee! :-)

Major saying, "Up mommy, up!!"

Here is another friend...but we did not take him home...he was too speedy...don't think they didn't try though!!!
The following day, Wednesday we left for Lake Powell!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Arizona Trip #6 Monday was the Grand Canyon and Bedrock City. Tuesday we went to Walnut Canyon and we also went out scouting. But...for times sake....I'm pooped (we spent the day at the pool), I am just doing Walnut Canyon today....tomorrow will be the scouting!

So anyway we went to Walnut Canyon.

Above is Jeff and it just me, or does he ALWAYS look this happy in his pictures???? :-)

Anyway, Walnut Canyon is a canyon...obviously, in Flagstaf...well...outside of Flag about 10-15 miles. I used to go there all the time when I was in college. My roommates and I would go there just to walk because there are HUNDREDS of stairs that need to be climbed. It is also very beautiful there. The Indians (I believe it was the Sinagua), lived in these dwellings on the cliffs. It is really unbelievable trying to imagine it. Here is some info I found on the web:

In densely-wooded plateau country southeast of Flagstaff, the small seasonal stream Walnut Creek has carved a 600 foot deep canyon as it flows east, eventually joining the Little Colorado River en route to the Grand Canyon. The exposed Kaibab limestone that forms the upper third of the canyon walls occurs in various layers of slightly differing hardness, some of which have eroded more rapidly forming shallow alcoves; during the 12th to 13th centuries many were used by the local Sinagua Indians who constructed cave-dwellings along the steep well-protected ledges, high above the canyon floor. Today, the appearance of the canyon and ruins is quite reminiscent of the more well known Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, just on a smaller scale, but the proximity to Flagstaff ensures a steady stream of visitors.

Here is my baby girl and I....
Here is MaKenna, Jake and Cam checking out one of the "houses".

Due to the fact that there are SO many steps and SO many scary cliffs with few handrails...we thought it smart to put Major in a here he is going for a ride...and Jeff is getting A LOT of exercise!!

Overlooking Walnut Canyon.
We had a great time...we got a lot of exercise and the kids learned a lot. Cam is VERY into history and LOVES to go to museums and visit places like he was thrilled! MaKenna, Jake and Major...well...they just went along for the ride! I hadn't been there in a long time, so it was fun to go back, and Jeff said he couldn't remember if he had ever been there! He lived there almost all of his life! Anyway...tomorrow, more on Walnut Canyon. Walnut Canyon covers a vast area...and only this particular area is where the National Park is...but you can camp, hunt, etc, it other portions of Walnut the second half of our day "scouting" was still in Walnut Canyon, just not on the National Park grounds. Anyway...more tomorrow...nightie night!

Hockey Candle Fundraiser

The boys are doing a Hockey Fundraiser! If you like might like these!!! They are great candles...and it would help defray the enormous costs of hockey!!! Thanks in advance! The due date is July 31st. Jeff just gave me the info....booger! Such a man thing! Anyway...just wanted to let you all know!!!

Click anywhere above for the list of candles!!!!

First Things First, by Kurt and Brenda Warner

First Things First
Kurt and Brenda Warner

I was not asked to review this book....but I just read it...and I have to say it was INCREDIBLE! I was VERY impressed by what a quarterback and his wife could write!! These two people are on top of their game, literally!!

For those of you who DON'T know....first...crawl out from under your rock....second, Kurt Warner is the former quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. I say former because he SAYS he retired this year...we will see...maybe it will be like a Brett Favre thing. Anyway...his wife Brenda and him, sat down and wrote this book. Not about his career, not about the money they make, not even about football...but about the crazy life they lead as a family, how they cope, etc. They have 7 kids and they talk about how they handle discipline at the different age they handle couple they handl...just life in general.

It is no secret that Kurt Warner is a Christian, which makes this book all the more appealing to me...but even if you are not a Christian, this book would be awesome for you. It covers so many different well as gives a glimpse into their history, etc. If you have ever been a Kurt Warner fan, by all means...this book is for you. I originally bought it for my dad....he loved it, and passed it on to me to read. I look forward to buying this book for my brother in laws for Christmas...or birthdays (shhhhhh sister in laws and sister)! It truly is a neat book, and I have no doubt that no matter the stage of life you are in...this book will amaze you! Definitely a good read!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Arizona Trip #5

After the Grand Canyon we headed to Bedrock City which was on the way home. I can remember going there when I visited the canyon in college...I know cheesy...but I thought it was cool, so I knew the kids would like it...and I was right! They loved it! It was a bit costly for what was available...but for a one time visit...I guess it was worth it!!! Here is MaKenna and Cam with Dino!!! MaKenna doing what all girls do best!!!!

Here is a replica of MaKenna's mouth!!!!

Cam and Jake.
Aunt Holly with Bam-Bam.

Cam and MaKenna on Mammoth???

Jake climbing on the snake....ha...that rhymes!!!

Cam...the snake wrangler!!!!!
Cam-Cam and Bam-Bam!

Cam's favorite pasttime...eating things with bones in them!!! That kid is SUCH a meat eater!!!!

MaKenna giving daddy a haircut.....ssscccaaarrryyy.....
Major LOVED Barney!! How could you NOT love that face????

Major and Makenna "driving".

Cam and Fred.

Even mom and dad had to get into the you have Mr. and Mrs. Flintstone....the grump....and the goddess.... :-)

I have a REALLY funny story about the trip from the canyon back to Bellmont. When we were at the Canyon we went into the Visitor Center. I took my wallet out of my purse and put it in the diaper bag. When we were done, I took the wallet out of the diaper bag and put the diaper bag in the back of the truck. We drove down swirly roads...bumpy roads...dirt and gravel roads...all the way to Bedrock City where we stayed for an hour or so. Then drove back to Flagstaff/Bellmont. All in all, it took us about an hour and a half of drive time, plus an hour or so at Bedrock. When we got back to Holly's house, I went to the back of the truck to take the diaper bag out. My wallet was sitting on the bumper!!!!!!!!!!! It was then that I realized that I had set my wallet there to put the stroller in the back. I must have left it sitting there...and it was STILL there when we got back!!!!!!!!!! Holly's response? "It's a good thing you're a praying woman Tonya!" No kidding!!!!!! Can you believe that???? That is just CRAZY to me!!!!! Thank you Lord for your many blessings!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Arizona Trip #4

The next day...Monday, we took our first trip together as a family to the Grand Canyon. Obviously Jeff and I had been there before...not together...but we had each been there, but our kids never had. Aunt Holly and Grandpa Jerry went with us, so we took two vehicles. They took maKenna and Jake with was a nice quiet drive to the canyon for us! :-) Thanks Holly! Once we got to the canyon we took our every good family.... This made me sick to my stomach....but Jeff always has to push the limits. He actually isn't as close as he looks...and there was a ledge under him...but it made me nervous.
Jake made me nervous though. For those of you who know know WHY he made me nervous. He doesn't really pay attention to ANYTHING....I kept my eye on him and my hand on him almost the whole time we were there. I was just seeing the headlines....

Here is Jake, Kenna and Cam....they weren't as thrilled as I had hoped....
But it is soooo just HAVE to see it at least once in your life....and then you can say you've been to one of the 7 Wonders of the World!! We would like to go back though and make it an actual trip...hiking to the bottom...camping, etc.
We then went on and let the kids walk about a quarter of the way down with Aunt Holly. We all started....but Major slipped on some of the dirt and FREAKED him and I didn't go any further. I put him up on this rock though and he sat really still....

Here is Jake, Holly, Kenna and Cam walking down further...and further...and further...until I couldn't see them anymore. That is when Major and I walked back up. It was too hot to wait there and I had no idea how long it was going to take them.

So he and I hung out by the mules and the water. Here is Major trying to drink out of the drining fountain.
Here come the need of water....

Cam...the only one smiling....

I couldn't resist taking this picture. I have always loved these trees. I think they are Juniper trees right???
Cam, Major, Kenna, Holly, Jeff and Jake

Kenna, Holly, Major, Jake and Cam...we were waiting for Jeff and Grandpa to go get the cars....we were pooped....well...they were especially. I guess Major and I got off easy.....WIMPS!

We then got back in the cars and headed to the visitor center. Cam LOVES we were hoping for a full fledged museum. We didn't find what we were looking for...but we did find a bookstore...ANOTHER favorite of Cams...and mine! After browsing and buying we were off!!! We headed down the road to Bedrock City where Fred Flinstone lives! :-) Stay tuned.....