Friday, September 18, 2009

Jake's Arizona Test

I know we no longer live in Arizona...but we visit Arizona every year...and we live like we live in Arizona...the kids probably know more about Arizona than they do about then, did Jake bring home his Arizona test....and he had failed it??? Is that even POSSIBLE??? In the third grade...for whatever reason, Nebraska kids learn about the state of Arizona. I thought it was cool...Cam aced his in third grade...Jake...not so much. Here is the thing....they asked questions about the AZ map...and they GAVE you an AZ map!!! How does one fail that? Especially KNOWING AZ like I THOUGHT all my kids did!?!? He even missed the question that said, "What symbol is used to show a mountain?" HOW DOES ONE MISS THAT UNLESS ONE IS TOTALLY NOT PAYING ATTENTION!?!?!?! if the test centered around Tucson...I might understand...but this test had SEVERAL questions about Flagstaff!!! It was like God is saying, "HERE YOU GO!!! A FREE 100%!" And then Jake just DIDN'T LISTEN!! Ugh......that is almost as bad as when Jeff failed Arizona history in college. How do you live in Arizona your whole life...hearing about Arizona history your whole life and STILL fail it? Anyway...we aren't going to tell Jake's teacher that we are from Arizona!!!

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