Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MaKenna's first day at non-homeschool preschool...make sense? Didn't think so...

Most of you know that I am teaching Spanish to high schoolers at the Omaha Homeschool Learning Academy. I only teach once a week on Wednesdays. When I am in class, Major goes to the "moms room" and is watched by homeschool mom's who are waiting for their kids to be done with their classes. He seems to enjoy it...although last week he had problems...but I think it had just been a long day by the time we got there and he was done. Here is a picture of him from his first day! MaKenna actually attends a preschool class while I am teaching. She really enjoys it and even has new friends that she talks about often...but she can't ever remember their names! It is her first experience of school outside of home! She TRULY loves it!! But she is always ready to go home! Here is a picture from her first day!

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