Friday, September 25, 2009

The Velveteen Rabbit at the Rose Theatre

After the football game, we headed downtown. After a tour of north Omaha. Trying to find our way to the Rose from Bensen High School was harder than we thought it would be! The kids have been to things like Sesame Street Live, Dragon Tails, etc...but they had never been to a play at the Rose. They were all a little reluctant...but I had the they had to go! :-) I am the mommy...THAT'S WHY! Or...I am the wife...THAT'S WHY!! Getting the husband on board was almost as hard...IF NOT HARDER! I was more concerned about Major...but he did REALLY well! He was scared at first...but warmed up quickly. It really kept his attention! Here is Maj and I before it started... Here is the stage...
Here is Jake (what you can see of his face anyway), Jeff, Cam, Kenna and Maj before it started.

Cam had the camera...he had to take a picture of the dragon!!

The kids really enjoyed it. They said that it was better than they expected it to be...even Jeff said that. MaKenna was a little dissapointed because I told her we were going to a play. She thought I meant we were going TO play. Oh well...she still enjoyed it. It was really cute! I would recomment it to anyone!

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