Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 26th, 2009...MaKenna is FIVE!!!!

Here she is with Nana when she was only 3 months old....

My baby girl turned five yesterday! Can you believe it?? Oh goodness...I sure can't. It has been quite a fun five years little miss!! And I look forward to TONS more!!!

MaKenna and I woke up early. She watched cartoons for awhile after I got her breakfast...then I went to Curves. Jeff and Jake went to MaKenna and I baked her egg free cookies which was her "cake" for her birthday. Her pick! She LOVES Chocolate Chip Cookies! A girl after my own heart! :-). "Aunt" Tini came over for the rest of the morning and played Barbies for a bit. She left around lunch time...and just as she left, Papa came by. Then Jeff and Jake came home.

Her lunch of choice was...yup...Macaroni and Cheese. So...we all ate Mac and Cheese! Then had her yummy cookies! We opened her presents too. Papa had not given her her presents yet, and neither had we....even though her birthday party was the week before. Papa got her some dress up princess clothes and a Fairy Barbie. We got her a Barbie SUV, cow"girl" boots, and a book called, "MaKenna's Book of Horses", that I made from shutterfly. She LOVES books...and who doesn't LOVE to see a book with their pictures in it with a little story!!?? :-)

Daddy had bought her the new Hannah Montana movie on BluRay after Papa left, we all sat around and watched that. GREAT MOVIE! By then it was about dinner time. We just had left overs then played outside awhile. It was a beautiful day! We had a GREAT time all day!!!

What a precious little girl we have!!! And we have been blessed with 5 wonderful years with her!!

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