Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So...Friday night we had a great time at MaKenna's birthday party...but by the time we got the horses back to the stables, and cleaned up and got everyone to was REALLY late. Almost midnight I think. THEN...we woke up at 6:30 and were on the road by 7:30 and on our way to Adventureland in Des Moines, Iowa for a FUN-FILLED day!! I don't know why this is underlined....weird.... Here are pictures of Jake, Major and MaKenna on the first ride of the day!! I HATE this ride...but I do it for the kiddos. I am just terrible with going around in circles. I can do all the crazy insane rides...but these piddly ones...just can't do it....
I am such a bad mom...I realized I didn't take hardlly ANY pictures of Cam and Jake!! Forgive me!! How awful!! We did seperate though...a lot of times I had the little ones and Jeff had the big maybe that is why. There was a time that Cam and Shawn and I went and rode roller coasters, etc...but since I was riding, I didn't want to bring my camera. Here is Jeff with Major, MaKenna and Brooke on the balloon ride. This was mom's usual ride with the kids. This is our first year at Adventureland without her. She started this tradition four years ago...and now we go without her. :-(

This was a VERY long day for Major. We were there by 10...and by 2 he had had it. He took solace with the ducks for quite awhile actually.

He DID love the rides though! He got VERY grumpy when he had to wait in line however!

The boats was one of his favorite rides, he went on this dozens of times. Thankfully there was little to no line!

The frog jumper ride is a staple for MaKenna and Brooke too!! Even though Brooke doesn't look to be having fun, the ride hadn't started she DID have fun!

We DID have a great time though! Jeff and Mike, Jake and Kayla actually rode the Splash over with me this year...usually I go alone. Kayla ended up crying...sorry Kayla. I suppose it is scary for a youngn' but it was sure fun!! Rhonda and I also went on the wagon wheel...or whatever it is called. No one else would go on that one with us. Someone had thrown up on it shortly before we were on it. Makes it all the more better! Not the throw up...the challenge of not throwing up!! :-) We missed the Space Shot this year though. Bummer....maybe next year. We just got too busy and too tired! Cam and Shawn and I hit every coaster though...and we also made it to every water ride. In fact, dad and Rhonda and I went on the log ride together. The kids were in the log in front of us. I got ABSOLUTELY soaked...while nobody else had much more than a drop or two on them. I wasn't happy! I don't think I had a dry part on my body...even my hair was soaked!!! So...we had a great time...we were sad that this year mom was absent, but we had a great time in her memory. We didn't leave the park until 7:45...then we went across the street and had Burger King...we were on the road by 9 and home and in bed by the next day!!!

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