Thursday, September 3, 2009

Major's hand caught in the cookie jar!!!

So last Wednesday, Aunt Dixie came over and I was baking cookies. Everytime my cookies are baked and still warm, I like to give one to each of the kids. Major LOVES them. I had the cookies on a drying sheet on top of the cabinet and went into the living room to talk to Dixie. Now...the kids had already had and finished their cookies. Major kept "asking" for one, but I told him, no. Things got quiet...but MaKenna was watching cartoons, so I figured Major was watching them too. He came into the living room...and this was his face.... "Major...did you get a cookie?" He said, "NAH!" I said, "Are you sure?" He just shook his head. So...we waited to see if he would do it again, and this is what Dixie caught on camera...

The little stinker moved the stool over to reach the cookies!! Well...after we had a private laugh as to not let Major see...I scolded him and we put the cookies on the dryer sheet ON TOP of the microwave, way out of his reach...even with the stool. son is crafty. After Dixie left, I walked back INTO the kitchen and he had moved a table chair to the microwave and was in perfect reach for a cookie! THAT LITTLE BOOGER!!!!!!

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