Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana!

Sorry for the size of some of these pictures...I took them off of my sister's Walgreens site and that is as big as they will come.

Anyway, my mom's birthday is today, the 29th. She has been gone now for 8 months. It doesn't seem like it has been that long...I still miss her as much as I did from day one. Mom would have been 63 this year. I have a very busy day...so hopefully I won't think about it too much and it won't depress me. :-( She is in a better place though and she will be celebrating her birthday among family and friends that passed before her. If I know her...she is shopping on the streets of gold!! She LOVED to shop...and I have no doubt that if there is shopping up there...she is the queen of it!!

To celebrate her birthday we all got together on Sunday at dad's house. We couldn't do it on her actual birthday....too much going on as far as football, etc. Even when mom was alive...birthdays were and still are almost always held on weekends so that everyone can celebrate together. So, after the football games on Sunday, we all went over to dad's house for dessert. I had gone to Super Saver and picked up 12 balloons...one for each of us kids and spouses, the grandkids...and one for dad. We had all made cards to attach to each of our balloons. After we got all of the ribbon untangled, we gave each child their balloon and we went outside. It was a VERY windy day! All at the same time, we let go of our balloons and watched them head towards heaven for Nana. Cam was a little upset because his got caught in a tree. He was sad that Nana wouldn't get his....we went in the house, and pretty soon, we looked again, and the balloon was gone...it got set free! So, Cam is happy now that Nana has gotten his card and balloon!


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