Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MaKenna LOST her first tooth!!!

Yep...that's right! She lost her tooth the day after she was crying that it was just starting to wiggle!!! She just was brushing her teeth this morning and OUT it popped!! She was SO excited!! It didn't hurt AND she lost her first tooth before school ended because she gets a treat from her teacher!! Bitter sweet for me though...it means my baby girl is growing up....sniff, sniff....

14 years

14 years ago today, I said I do.

Happy Anniversary Jeffy!

Loose Tooth

MaKenna came home from school today crying her little eyes out. She had her first loose tooth and she was absolutely terrified! She was crying, "Is it going to hurt?" I explained to her how it worked and that it wouldn't hurt as long as it came out when it was ready to come out.

I managed to get her calmed down...but it was her front bottom tooth and she wouldn't eat anything because she was afraid it would hurt.

I hope it comes out soon...or the poor girl will starve to death.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Spring Dinner

My FABULOUS friend Deana Ramsey also did a table...her's was right next to mine. She also did a table in memory of her late father. He used to carve coal into crosses, etc. You can't see his work very well from this picture...but you can see his picture in the middle of it. Here is Deana and I.

It has become tradition that Tini comes to all of my Spring Dinners. I think she has only missed a couple. So...as with tradition...she was there again! I don't know what I will do if she ever decides to leave Omaha! She is always SUCH an enormous help! Next year is quite possibly her last year in Omaha...I hope not...but it is possible...so we are going to do the table together! Here she is.....

Spring Dinner at Brookside

Every year our church has a Spring Dinner for women. At the dinner, there are about 100 tables, and 100 hostesses. Every hostess makes their own table decorations and has a verse for that table. It is a TON of fun. I have been a hostess for...um...maybe 5 years now. I have had a Sea Worthy table, a flower table (mom and Rhonda did this one...I was too sick with Major's pregnancy), a wedding table with cows, a duck table, another flower table...and this year I did an elephant table in memory of my mom. I went to her house and took a few of her zillion elephants...found a verse about memories because elephants have great memories and set up my table. Here it is....in memory of my mom....

Here is what I put on the verse cards:

This table is dedicated to the loving memory of my mother, Suzanne Stutzman, who love elephants.

Elephants are well known for their memories.

Genesis 9:15 NIV

I will remember my covenant between Me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.

Cam's end of the year party

I don't have pictures from Jake's end of the year party because I was unable to go. Only Jeff and Jake went...I don't remember why...I think Major or MaKenna...or maybe both were sick. Anyway...as you all know, Jeff was Cam's coach. Here is Jeff giving out the trophies to the kids. Jeff worked hard getting nicknames ready for each player and finding a song that cooresponded with the nickname. So...he called up each kid by their new nickname and then "their' song played. Cam got his dad's old nickname since he suffered from a concussion this year. Jeff had A LOT of concussions in hockey and football growing up...and even AFTER he was grown up. Jeff's nickname was always Dizzy....so...he has passed it on to Cam....who is now...also...Dizzy. :-) His song was..."I get knocked down...but I get up again..."Here is Major. If you look closely, his glove...which is attached to his coat...got stuck in the door while he was trying to run away from us at the ice rink. It was pure bliss to know that he couldn't get anywhere....

The team had a Parent/Child game as their end of year "party". Here they all are....

Here is Jeff playing in the game. The big one...with the NAU helmet! Yes...it still fits his head!

My man on skates...just like the good ol' days.....

Figure Skating

I could never get a good picture of MaKenna doing her leg lifts or anything...but she does do them...and she also spins now. She is doing a great job! Figure skating is over now for a couple months....so we have a bit of a breather. She would like to try gymnastics...we are hoping we can get her started...it is just a matter of having the money to do it. This is a tough time of year as we are trying to save for our trip to AZ. The gas to get out there and back is going to cost us more than we bargain for. Anyway...here is MaKenna figure skating....


Here are just some misc pictures!!! MaKenna and Major are ready for bed...covering themselves up with the couch cushion! WEIRD little people!!!! We got a new Electronic Battleship game. The boys LOVE to play it. Here, Jake was bored and showed his patriotism with the Battleship light up board!

Jeff and Cam had a GREAT year in hockey! Jake had a great year too....but I am highlighting Jeff and Cam today because they were on the same team...well...Jeff was the coach and Cam the player. Anyway....their team won the Sportsmanship award this year!! We are VERY proud of them!!!!

Here is Chocolate...

This is the roller coaster that Jake got from Papa for Christmas. We FINALLY got around to helping him build it a few weeks ago. It is actually REALLY cool!

Here is Nacho....

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Please Vote for mom and I

I submitted my FAVORITE picture of mom for a Mother's Day contest. If you would all be so kind and go vote for it....I would SOOO appreciate it! It is entitled, "Mom knew how to have fun." We are on the Kraken from Sea World...it is dad, mom, Cam and I!

Here is the link!


Thanks guys! You're the best!!!!
You can only vote until Thursday the 5th though!! And you can vote EACH day!!

Grandma Gwin and Papa Jerry Visit

In March we welcomed Jeff's mom and dad to our house for a weekend FULLLLLL of hockey and fun!!! We had a great time! But....we were all exhausted by weekends end because of hockey. Hockey here...hockey in Fremont...hockey in Des Moines....BUSY weekend!!! Here is a great picture of MaKenna, her favorite barbie, Bella (yes from the Twilight series...I'm hooked), and her grandma Gwin! Here is a picture of MaKenna...Bella...again...and Papa Jerry. Bella goes EVERYWHERE with MaKenna!!!

And apparently Bella goes everywhere with Papa Jerry too!! :-)

We had a really great time with them!! We are looking forward to seeing them again next weekend when they are out here for Dixie's graduation!!!

Sorry...I know I am behind again!!! I'll catch up!!!