Monday, August 31, 2009

Things you don't say to your wife...

Very smart man....

Things you don't say to your wife...
Be sure to click on the "Things" won't be sorry...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

End of BMX season!

Last Friday night was the end of the BMX season for our kids. BMX is still going for those kids who opted to go to State Finals, etc...but we thought with hockey and figure skating coming up and football currently going, we had enough on our they rode their last for the year last Friday! They had a lot of fun though this season! Cam and MaKenna both got 4 trophy's. Jake's class was a large he had a hard time getting trophies...but thank the good Lord above, the last race he got third place...and a trophy!! THANK GOODNESS!!! He was SOOOO excited that he jumped into his daddy's arms after the race and just cried!!! He was SO thrilled!!!


The other night, I had just been to Curves and when I got home, everyone was outside I sat down on the swing in our big tree out front with Cam. We were talking about life, and school. I asked him if he liked girls yet....he said, "Mom...I've already been through puberty before." I said, "WHAT???" and proceeded to laugh so hard I thought I might wet my pants. He then said, "Wait!! What's puberty?" Then I lost it even more!!!! Classic! Once I could breathe I said, "Go ask your dad."

Last night of BMX Pics




Millard Wildcat Football

Click on this link....Millard Wildcat Football see Jake's Football website. He is a Wildcat...his first scrimmage is this Sunday. Hopefully I will get pictures up next week! His first actual game isn't until the 13th of September...but the scrimmage Sunday should be fun. Right now he is playing Cornerback...but he would sure like to play Quarterback!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is the one I was looking for!

We watched this tonight at our Mops group! Too funny!!!

Mom Jeans

I was looking for a clip that was played at my Mops meeting tonight...but I found this! I thought it was pretty funny! I HOPE I don't look like a mom...but would it really be so bad? It's like a badge of honor...right??

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The "F" bomb

Can I just say something that may make some of you mad...but I don't care...this is my blog, right? As most of you know...I am a pretty laid back person...but one thing that really seems to get "my goat" the older I get is the "F" bomb. You all know what I am talking about. The other one thing that gets me as bad...if not worse is when people use the Lord's name in vain. Those are two things I just DO NOT tolerate. I have been known to let those two things slide from time to time with my family and friends...but it is getting harder and harder to hold my tongue. I feel SSSOOOOO strongly about them. In fact, at the boys' school the other day I heard a girl in 5th grade talking like she has been in the military all her life. Just "f" bomb after "f" bomb...using the Lords name in vain every other word. I had my children with me, this just wasn't sitting right. So, I told her that she was very pretty, but what was coming out of her mouth was down right disgusting and to not use that language especially in front of my babies. She did apologize...but I am sure when she got out of ear shot she was back on that potty mouth wagon. It just isn't pretty. It really isn't. Now...I am FAR from perfect. Surprise you? :-) Just kidding...I have had my share of bad words slip out...but I can't ever think of one time that I ever used the Lord's name in vain. That is just a BIG no-no. The other words though it doesn't SAY in the bible not to use is implied not to let anything impure come out of your mouth, and in my opinion those words are impure. The Lord's name in vain though? THAT IS IN THE BIBLE!!! IT IS A COMMANDMENT!!!!! WHY DO PEOPLE DO IT???? ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS??? SUCH A PET PEEVE OF MINE!!! Now...the other words though...Ephesians 4:29, "Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but ony such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear." Those "F" bombs? Not giving me...or anybody grace. I know I am on a soap box here...but really...can people think of no better adjectives? Just my two cents...take it for what it's worth.

Aha moment

I had an AHA moment at church this weekend. Sparky was brought to church by my dad. Pastor Steve and dad had gone out riding on Saturday and Steve wanted Sparky to come be a "prop" at church. One of the verses was to SPUR one another on toward love and good deeds. Pastor Steve wanted dad to show how big a horse is and how an itty bitty spur can make such a large animal move. aha moment came when Pastor Steve quoted someone else, "You can impress people from a distance, but you IMPACT them up close." Think about that a minute. Isn't that so true?

Anyway, back to Sparky. So he had a tough day...people were petting him all morning...he had hit his head getting into the trailer and he was NOT happy about was just a long morning for him. Then we went to dad's for hamburgers and hotdogs. He wasn't very thrilled to be tied to a tree...and he let the tree know he wasn't thrilled. Once he seemed to settle down and almost seemingly take a nap, dad saddled him so the kids could ride. He wasn't having that though, he broke the lead and ran off into the culdesac. Woops! Dad caught him but quickly took him back to his stables. Clearly Sparky had been "spurred" on enough for the day! I can just see mom shaking her head up there saying to her best friend Coralee..."Look at what that man is doing? Can you believe it?" :-) I only laugh out loud right now because I can ABSOLUTELY hear those words coming out of her mouth!!

Anyway, my aha moment had NOTHING to do with Sparky...but he was part of the day that I had my AHA moment thought I would share!

Safety Patrol!

As the big man on campus, Cam gets to do Safety Patrol this week and next week. He was SO excited! He gets up EXTRA early ON HIS OWN and sits by the door and waits for me to say, " can go now." For the first few days, that is all he has been able to talk about. He gets so FRUSTRATED with mom's though he says, "Mom's don't wait for me...they just walk when they want to!" Anyway, I snuck my camera up the other day so I could take pictures of my little rent a cop hard at work! :-)

For those of you who may be he is no longer wearing his glasses. He has contacts now. He is a bit young for contacts, but the doctor thought he was mature enough and with hockey it is just SO much easier. Poor kid...his glasses would always fog up under his "lid" he won't have that problem! PLUS...I THINK...THINK...he is trying to impress a girl. Not sure...I just THINK! I have heard him and his friend talking...and he has been talking to me in some sort of weird code language that 10 year olds have. I THINK it has to do with a girl...not sure though! :-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Why can't I lose this weight! has been 3 months now....almost 4 that I have started Curves. It has been 6 months now that I started walking...and worked my way up to running. Last Sunday, Allyson and I ran 6 miles and I biked 6 miles back to back. Tonight Allyson and I ran 6.56 miles. We keep doing this....we usually do AT LEAST 4 miles a day whether we are together or is my weight staying the same?? Yes...I have lost inches...and I KNOW I have to gain muscle and muscle weighs more than fat...but USUALLY after 3 months or so...the muscle is in and the fat starts going causing weight loss. NOT IN MY CASE!!! What is the deal?? I am SO frustrated...but not frustrated to the point that I will give up...but frustrated nonetheless! I have been eating better...I have changed my diet...I have even managed to help Jeff with his diet and he also runs with me on the nights that Allyson can't. He doesn't make it as far as I do...but he tries, bless his little heart! :-) It is just very frustrating when you are trying so hard. Is it the antibiotic I have been on constantly since February? He keeps upping my dose too. It isn't because I am is because of my face. After mom died I REALLY broke I do when I am pregnant. So, the doc put me on an antibiotic and he keeps upping the dose. But it is starting to make me sick I think. I think I will just live with the face issues and get off of the antibiotic. It is wreaking havoc on my digestive system...or so it seems...I wonder if that isn't also aiding in my weight loss...or lack there of. Hmm....just thought I would bounce some of these thoughts around. I have a bridesmaid dress I have to get into in a month!!! Gotta get this extra baby weight off of me! I added 10 pounds with each means I have 40 pounds to lose!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Let me finish this....

I am having a little bit of mommy guilt. I thought I would share. Have you ever said to your young child..."In a minute...just let me finish this." That minute seems to drag on and on and on until...poof...a LOT longer has gone by then that MINUTE you had previously said it would take. Hmmm....I am in the midst of cleaning out my basement so that we can frame a bedroom downstairs for my tween. MaKenna had been begging me almost literally all day Friday..."Will you play a game with me mommy?" "Will you play barbies with me mommy?" "Will you color with me mommy?" The list goes on...and I kept saying, "In a minute baby...let me just finish this." Well...then I would finish whatever "THIS" was...and I would forget and move on to the next task of clean up. By the end of the day, I realized that I hadn't done ANYTHING that MaKenna had wanted. I had been on a roll with my cleaning and completely neglected her needs. Do I see games, barbies and coloring as needs? least, not for me...but they are needs for her, and it was wrong of me to neglect those 4 year old needs. I plan on making up for it this week sometime. I will play games, play barbies and color, even if I have TONS to do. Hopefully that will soothe my mommy guilt. Ever have those days???

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sparks Are Hot!

I bet because of the title you thought I would be talking about fire! WRONG!!

As you all have heard if you are reading my ealier posts, my dad bought a horse around the same time that we bought May about...I think. Anyway...ours are miniatures, but dad's horse is a full sized Quarter Horse named Sparks are Hot! Sparks for short! Dad has taken all of his grandkids out at seperate times to ride Sparks. was finally the youngest grandkids turn...MaKenna and I got them all cowboy tricked out, and went out to where dad is boarding Sparks. Here is a picture of MaKenna and Major ready for the day!Now, you have all seen MaKenna riding Peanut and Blondie...but this horse was a lot bigger than our horses..and this weekend she did get thrown off of she was a little bit gun shy. Papa first got on the horse to show her it was okay. Then I put her up on the horse with him.Next, it was my turn...just to show her that it really was okay. It has been several years since I was horseback riding though. Then we put her on the back of me.....Then she was ready to try it herself. Papa changed the saddles...he has a kid sized saddle too...and up she went...She did SO good! She could back Sparks up and everything! She was a pro!

Then we HAD to give Major a chance. He did really good too!!!

Then he got tired...and was ready to escape....
He couldn't get through the he decided to go another way....

My boy is quite the horse whisperer though. The horses came over to him at the fence and just sniffed at him and nuzzled was very cute. He tried to feed them dirt and they didn't seem to mind. In fact, this horse was getting a nose full of dirt, but he didn't care.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

12 mile day!

Wow! I really reached a milestone today! I made a new record for exercise! To finish off our Summer of Fun list, we went for a bike ride around the lake...which is 6.4 miles. We did really good. We did it in just over 45 minutes! Even with all the little water breaks we took for MaKenna. She was a trooper though! I am so proud of her...of ALL of them...they did great! We went with dad too. I think he also had a good time!! Anyway, 30 minutes after we got home from that, Allyson came over and we ran 6.1 miles! 5 miles at one time was my record....but we pushed it another mile! Couple that with the fact that I did 6 miles on a bike with a 26 pound baby strapped to me, and I am hurting. is a good hurt!!! Now...if I could just get the weight off. I have been doing Curves, running at least 4 times a week, and eating better...but nothing. I seem to be losing inches...but no weight...and though my clothes fit better...they aren't hanging on me yet. It has been almost 4 months of doing all of this. Shouldn't it be coming off a LITTLE faster??? Oh well...I am enjoying my runs with Allyson and my I will keep it up! Something is bound to happen!!! :-)

2009 Summer of Fun!

WE DID IT!!! It took 3 days into the school year, but we FINALLY got our 2009 Summer of Fun list DONE!!!! I took the idea from my friend Robyn a couple of years ago...and we have run with it ever since. Here is a you can see...there were a few things we had to cross out and replace with something else doesn't always happen how we want it to. We just never quite made it to Lincoln for all of the Lincoln things. We will try Lincoln at Chirstmas or Spring Break. And...even though I have Adventureland marked off...we haven't ACTUALLY gone yet...but we have the we ARE going...just not until September 19th.

I didn't feel like we did a lot this summer...but looking at this list, I know that we did, and that makes my mommy guilt feel much better!!!

WAY TO GO FILLEMAN FAMILY!!!!! What a GREAT summer we had!!!!!!

Winner of The Friends We Keep!

She has won the free copy of The Friends We Keep! I hope she enjoys the book as I did!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mops, Piano Lessons, Youth of Ukraine, Susan G. Komen

First off, I am the childcare coordinator for my Mops group on the first and third Wednesdays of every month. I am in need of childcare workers both paid and volunteer to fill spots! If you love children, we would love to have you! It is every other Wednesday (1st and 3rd or every month), from 9-11:30ish. Let me know!
Second, some of you know I am currently doing Piano Lessons. The name of my "studio" is Pleasantly Piano and I have truly enjoyed all of the lessons I have given! I also have a website for that, it is Check it out! Anyway, I have had some lessons ended with summer coming to a close and so I have 4 spots available! HURRY UP before they fill up!!! If you are interested, please give me a call! 733-2369 or e-mail me, My openings are Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Monday and Friday mornings.
Third, as you may or may not know, we have a ministry called Youth of Ukraine We are in need of donations to help support this ministry. 100% of your money goes DIRECTLY to our missionaries in Odessa, Ukraine. Please go to the above website and read our story to learn more about the ministry. We are also wanting to speak at churches and any other speaking opportunities to further the word about this very worthy cause. If you know of anyone or of a church that might like to have us come give a 5-10 minute snippet, we would love to do so! We are also working on fundraisers for the ministry and would welcome your ideas and help! Please consider Youth of Ukraine as a worthy non-profit organization to support!
Fourth and finally, you all know I lost my mom this past January to Breast Cancer. October 4th, myself, my family and some friends will be walking the 3 miles in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure here in Omaha. We would love to have you walking with us...I will have special recognition for our team which is righfully named, "Mama's Family". Our goal is to have 50 people walking for the cure. If you would like to be one of those 50, please go to, and add yourself as part of the team. If you don't feel like walking, you can donate to the cause. Our goal as a team is $5,000. You can go to the same link to donate!! Please consider this as well!!
Thanks for your help!!! You are all such wonderful friends and family! The Lord has truly blessed me with all of you!!!


Faith and Family Night

Saturday night we went to Faith and Family Night at Rosenblatt Stadium. The Omaha Royals played the Las Vegas 51's. Great game! Omaha won! We had a great time! It was just Jake and MaKenna and I. We took dad along with us, and Rhonda, Mike, Shawn, Kayla and Brooke met us there. Cam, Major and Jeff decided to stay home that night...they don't like baseball. It was a night of baseball, fireworks after the game and then a concert by Big Daddy Weave after that. The fireworks show was sponsored by Good Shepherd Luthern church and it was SPECTACULAR! The best fireworks I have seen in a long time! Anyway, here are some pictures of my Jake and Kenna being funny! It was a hot night...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


a fool or simpleton.
Origin: 1670–80; orig. uncert.

Just found it funny when Cam called Jake this the other day.

We used to use this word when I was young...but I thought it was a made up word by my family...I know...I am silly...I honestly didn't know it was IN THE DICTIONARY!!! AND from the 1600's no less!!!

The First Day of School!

Wednesday was the first day of school for the Millard School District. MaKenna and Major were so excited to get up early and go for a walk first thing in the morning. Although, MaKenna was a bit sad that she couldn't go to school with the boys. She keeps asking me, "When do I get to go to the boys' school?" I SO don't want her to rush it....

Here were the rules for mom enforced by Cam and Jake. Pictures at home...not on the way to school or at the school. Hugs and kisses would be given a block before the school grounds. I was fine with these long as I got my pictures and got my hugs and kisses!

They really enjoyed their first day of school!! They LOVE their teachers and seem to be excited for this new year!! I hope it lasts!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jake the Snake, Millard Football Player!

Jake is the latest of the Filleman's to put on a football helmet and jersey. This is his practice jersey....his game jersey is a very pretty forest green color! He is VERY excited! He is also VERY busy! The football team practices more than hockey does!!! is a shorter season, which is nice! We don't know his position yet...but their first game is the 13th of September! He is really looking forward to it! He throws the ball really well...he always has...he is hoping that the coach will recognize that and that he can play quarterback! Keep your fingers crossed for my little Jakie!!

MaKenna's new saddle!

MaKenna is such a horse girl! She is doing great!! I have considered getting her riding lessons so she can learn the proper way to ride....but, she is doing so well on her own!!! If you recall from a previous post, when we took Knight Rider back, we traded Barb for a blanket, bit, reins, and saddle that would fit both Blondie and MaKenna. So here she is on Blondie. Papa came out that particular day and showed us how to Lunge here he is with MaKenna and Blondie.

We couldn't leave Peanut out...she was just enjoying the day while Blondie got her lessons!

Here is Blondie being lunged.

Leadership Summit

Last week I had the great pleasure of helping out at Leadership Summit at my church. Willowcreek church in Illinois actually puts it on and we are one of the churches that they feed it into via satellite. We had TONS of people attend this year. Leaders of every shape and size, of every organization, and even moms. After moms lead too right?? It is a two day event. I volunteered as a Lincoln churches concierge. I had 41 people I had to take care of. I got them their lunches and made sure everything was okay for them and that they had everything they needed during break times and lunch. It was a lot of fun...and in exchange, I got to attend the Summit for, the church gave us volunteers tons of great food! So much for my diet on those days!!!

The Summit was great, and if you ever have the chance to go, whether you consider yourself a leader or not, you REALLY need to go. It is phenomonal! This years line up was great with speakers...but my top two speakers were Bono from U2 believe it or not, and Tony blair! I really enjoyed what they had to say. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE speaker though was Harvey Carey. If you ever have a chance to Google him, do so...and if he has sermons out there, LISTEN TO THEM. He was absolutely amazing! He had us rolling a majority of the time! I learned a lot though, and that is the important thing. I learned things that I can apply as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, as a coordinator for childcare at our church, as a spanish teacher, as a piano teacher and as a Youth of Ukraine director. There are things for EVERYBODY at the Leaderhship Summit, and once again, I was blessed to be able to attend! LEAD WHERE YOU ARE!!!

Book review and Bible Study Reviews

As usual, MY TAKES are at the end of each section for each book.

The Friends We Keep/40 Minute Bible Studies
by Sarah Zacharias Davis/Kay Arthur

The Friends We Keep

Author: Sarah Zacharias Davis

Summary for The Friends We Keep
During a particularly painful time in her life, Sarah Zacharias Davis learned how delightful–and wounding–women can be in friendship. She saw how some friendships end badly, others die slow deaths, and how a chance acquaintance can become that enduring friend you need.The Friends We Keep is Sarah’s thoughtful account of her own story and the stories of other women about navigating friendship. Her revealing discoveries tackle the questions every woman asks:• Why do we long so for women friends? • Do we need friends like we need air or food or water?• What causes cattiness, competition, and co-dependency in too many friendships?• Why do some friendships last forever and others only a season?• How do I foster friendship?• When is it time to let a friend go, and how do I do so? With heartfelt, intelligent writing, Sarah explores these questions and more with personal stories, cultural references and history, faith, and grace. In the process, she delivers wisdom for navigating the challenges, mysteries, and delights of friendship: why we need friendships with other women, what it means to be safe in relationship, and how to embrace what a friend has to offer, whether meager or generous.

Author Bio:
Sarah Zacharias Davis is a senior advancement officer at Pepperdine University, having joined the university after working as vice president of marketing and development for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and in strategic marketing for CNN. The daughter of best-selling writer Ravi Zacharias, Davis is the author of the critically-acclaimed Confessions from an Honest Wife and Transparent: Getting Honest About Who We are and Who We Want to Be. She graduated from Covenant College with a degree in education and lives in Los Angeles, California.


As someone who has always needed to be surrounded my friends, I found this book interesting to see WHY I feel like I must need friends at all times. I enjoyed reading about differences within friendships and how to handle those differences and why they happen. One point I found humorous was about men and their "friends". "They have work friends, friends for playing weekly pickup basketball games, golfing friends, and friends forced on them by a significant other. Seldom do they see these friends outside their category of identity, yet they would call them friends." Women on the other hand..."go beyond the circumstances that brought them together and meander into their lives through both the valleys and the peaks, eventually ending up in the women's souls, where they can both restore and destruct." She also mentions, "What becomes so clear is how much we need one another, not in a codependent way but rather to bring to light what we cannot see or perhaps do not want to see. And when we finally recognize our own reflection, we are greater for having done so." Finally, I have realized that "Service to one another does not only look like washing the bare feet of those who have given up their footwear. It also looks like a frozen casserole dish, a late-night phone call, a last-minute errand, and ultimately sacrifice for another." I think of all of my friends both past and present. Some are only here for a season, but for that season we needed eachother, and God knew that. I think of growing up...I had Kristy, then Beverly and Michelle, Dawn, Ann, Carrie (Tator Tot), Nicole, Caroline, another Michelle, Susie, Gina, Christina, Gloria, Jane, Tammy, Emily, Deana and Allyson. Lots of best friendships, but like I said, God knows WHO we need and WHEN we need them. Thank you God for all of my wonderful friends both past and present! Now the book itself, does have a lot of insight, but it is a bit wordy and long for the simple subject of friendship. However, if you are a good skimmer (which I am not), then you won't have any problem with this book!
If you would like your own copy of this book, please say so in the comments. I will draw a winner at the end of the week!!!

40 Minute Bible Studies

Summary for 40 Minute Bible Studies
The 40 Minute Bible Study series from beloved Bible teacher Kay Arthur and the teaching staff of Precept Ministries tackles important issues in brief, easy-to-grasp lessons you can use personally or for small-group discussion. Each book in the series includes six 40-minute studies designed to draw you into God’s Word through basic inductive Bible study. There are 16 titles in the series, with topics ranging from fasting and forgiveness to prayer and worship. With no homework required, everyone in the group can work through the lesson together at the same time. Let these respected Bible teachers lead you in a study that will transform your thinking—and your life.

Author Bio:

Kay Arthur, executive vice president and cofounder of Precept Ministries International has worked with her teaching staff to create the powerful 40-Minute Bible Studies series. Kay is known around the world as a Bible teacher, author, conference speaker, and host of national radio and television programs.

Titles Include:
•The Essentials of Effective Prayer •Being a Disciple: Counting the Cost
•Building a Marriage That Really Works •Discovering What the Future Holds
•Forgiveness: Breaking the Power of the Past •Having a Real Relationship with God
•How Do You Walk the Walk You Talk? •Living a Life of Real Worship
•How to Make Choices You Won’t Regret •Living Victoriously in Difficult Times
•Money & Possessions: The Quest for Contentment •Rising to the Call of Leadership
•How Do You Know God’s Your Father? •Key Principles of Biblical Fasting
•A Man’s Strategy for Conquering Temptation •What Does the Bible Say About Sex?


The bible studies they sent me are the ones in bold above. I haven't done the walk one yet, but I am in the middle of the Building a Marriage that Really Works. It is an AWESOME study. Very easy and very knowledable. It is teaching me a lot, that I am then able to turn toward Jeff and teach him. It has been helpful in our marriage thus far, and I am the only one taking it. I would highly suggest these studies. They seem to be really great!

Freedom Park, Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge

Soooo, the same day we went to Durham, we decided to check out a few other things on that side of town. So we checked out the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge. It is a bridge. It connects Iowa and Nebraska....what more can I is a bridge. But, it was fun to say that we crossed it!! They did do a nice job building it!! This was one of the hottest we were all swetting and very tired. As you can see...Major didn't make it to Iowa awake!

On our walk back to the truck, they have these statues of the Lewis and Clark Landing. I thought they were great...and a wonderful learning I put on my homeschooling hat of old and explained who they were and what they did...of course...Cam...smarty as he is had to correct me on a few things. Hey...its been awhile since I was in school!

We also went to Freedom Park. For those of you in the Omaha area who have not been to Freedom Park, it is really cool. On certain weekends you can actually go inside the big ship and the submarine....but on a weekday like this was everything except the helicopter was locked up...but still very cool. My Jake is a HUGE military fan. I wouldn't doubt it if he joined the military our of high school. So he REALLY loved it!! It is completely free...except on the weekends that you can tour the ship and sub. It was fun!

This chain was actually used in WWII. I just thought the size of it was immense. I know there are probably even bigger ones...but this one was the biggest one I can remember seeing first hand!

Check out this anchor! If you look to the left of the picture, you will see little Major...just to give you an idea of how HUGE this anchor was!!! Again, used in WWII....I am sure there are bigger ones out there now...but this one was big!