Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nebraska Huskers FIRST game of the season!!

I was SO tired on Saturday...don't know why...just being lazy. The phone rang at one point and I wasn't ready to get out of bed...but Jeff answered. He came upstairs and said that dad had tickets to the Huskers kick off game that night. He said Jake said he would go...but then he though...Tonya should really go and spend the evening with her dad. So, he came upstairs and asked if I would like to go. YUP! Of course I want to go! So at 3 dad came by and picked me up and we were off! The traffic was HORRBILE getting to Lincoln because EVERYONE was trying to get to Lincoln. There were OVER 85,000 people there. There were more people in that stadium then 98% of the towns in the state of Nebraska! :-) Anyway, we had a bit to eat at Taco Bell...yum...then we headed to the Stadium. Of course we had to park far away, but we were plenty early enough, the game didn't start until 6.

My brother in law coaches high school football down in Phoenix, and the following photo is one of his previous players! Eric Hagg! Great player! I had to take a picture! Prince is ALSO from Phoenix...couldn't pass up his photo either!

And....if you know know I am a HAD to get a picture of the drum line and marching band...which accompanied the drum line :-) Because we ALL know that it's ALL about the drum line!!! :-)

Here they are actually playing. We had GREAT seats!!! Look at the SEA OF RED!!!

Here is the actual drum line. IS all about the drum line!!

Drum line aside, the Huskers won 49-3. GREAT game!!!

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