Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Friday.....

So black Friday...I have only gone out ONE time in my entire life at insane hours. I had NO intention of going out this year either. Until I got home from Thanksgiving dinner. I laid everything out on the table and made a list of things JUST IN CASE I changed my mind. Knowing that we are a bit more financially strapped this year, I decided that I would go...but where? I wasn't going to go everywhere...I needed to strategically lay it out. I noticed that Toys R Us opened at midnight. That sounded good. I am MUCH more of a night person than I am a morning person...and who would be at Toys R Us at midnight? Right? OH SO WRONG! I took my night owl son Cam with me...the line was a half mile long! The people at the front of the line said that they had been there since 8:30pm! I was determined though. I honestly didn't think that it would take long to move the line through once the doors opened. Wrong again! We didn't get into the store until 2am...we were FROZEN!! By that time though, I was DETERMINED! Cam and I went in to the EXTREMELY crowded store. Since I couldn't get my cart through very easily, Cam went and fetched a ton of things for me while I shopped for him and hid them under the other things in the cart. After 30 minutes, we were done and the cart was piled so high I couldn't even see to push the cart! Then...we stood in line for an hour and a half! CRAZINESS!!! We didn't get home until 4am!! BUT...I DID save almost $400!!!

I wasn't about to get up at 5...but I did have a mission now. I woke up at 8 and we were in the stores by 9...which wasn't early enough for Menards...they didn't have a single thing I wanted...then we headed to ShopKo, they had about half of what I wanted. Finally we stopped at Cabela's, and they had everything I had gone there for! Final stop...Taco Bell for a much needed, hard working family treat! I managed the morning with three out of the four kids. Cam couldn't seem to get out of bed for some reason! :-)

All in all, Black Friday was worth it for me...but, I am not sure about the Toys R Us thing again...that was a little bit crazy!!!

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