Friday, December 18, 2009

Cam....XYZ member?

Cam has ALWAYS wanted to be a Zookeeper....for as long as I can remember, that has always been his goal. I figured it would change a gazillion times before he was older...but it has ALWAYS stayed the same. He loves animals...he loves learning about animals...he is just thrilled to someday be a zookeeper!! So, when he heard that there was a Zoo Volunteer...learn as you go...program at the zoo called XYZ....he was all over that. All he had to do was fill out an application and write an essay. I had to share his essay. He wrote it entirely on his own. I edited it for errors, but not for content. I thought you might enjoy reading what he wrote...such a big boy!!!!

Why I Want to be a XYZ Member

I have a few good reasons why I want to be a XYZ member. I would be very happy if you would read on to find out these reasons.
First, I’ve always wanted to be a zookeeper. I have studied animals and Zoology books at school and my local library. I’ve also had a lot of experience with animals because I own two miniature horses, two dogs, a cat and 6 fish. I know many types of animals at the zoo. I have a great care for animals.
Next, I’ve been in the zoo’s classes for about 5 years. I visit the zoo a lot so I know much about the exhibits and the animals that inhabit them. I’ve had a great time studying and learning new things and would love to learn more.
Finally, as I said before I have always wanted to be a Zookeeper and I think this would be a great way to see if I’m up to the challenge of this career. I always stay committed and try my best. I would be happy to commit my talents and time to be in the XYZ program.
So you can see I hope I can be of service to volunteer at the Henry Doorly Zoo in the XYZ program. Thank you.


Cam Filleman

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