Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve at Dad's House

We had a FABULOUS time at Papa's house tonight!!!

Let me go through the day for you....I know you ALL want to know!! :-) It was a very lazy day. Due to the blizzard Jeff stayed home again and worked from home. Yesterday he stayed home also because of the blizzard. After my doctors appointments yesterday (I can explain later), my sister's kiddos came over to play! She has 3 of them...Shawn, Kayla, and Brooke. They are the same ages as my everyone had a friend except Major. :-( Poor thing. He hung out with them a lot though. They played outside in the freezing cold blizzard too!! I didn't let them stay out long...but they went out a few different times. Anyway, they had a great time with their cousins yesterday. they were all pooped. At 4:30, we went and picked up Papa for church. It is tradition for us to go to the Christmas Eve Service....but with no of us typically doesn't get to see the service. This year, it was my turn to miss the service. Major LOVED the music...but as soon as Pastor Tim started talking, the boy was SO out of there!! :-) After church we CAREFULLY headed over to dad's house. The blizzard was REALLY packing a good punch at that we didn't stay long at dad's. We ate, opened presents, had dessert and that was really about it. I felt bad. Usually we are there MUCH later...but with the weather, we actually got a little bit nervous.
Dinner was great! The traditional chili feed...we had regular chili from dad and Jeff brought his usual deer chili with the new addition this year of elk chili! Of course, me...the non chili lover, brought the macaroni and cheese casserole and also the regular plain macaroni for the kids who won't eat my casserole. Everyone was happy with their food choice!

After dinner we quickly opened presents because the kids could HARDLY stand the wait!!! MaKenna got this animatronic pony from Papa! She LOVES it...she is sleeping with it already tonight! Jake got the drun set he has been wanting!! He was so excited! I put it together for him tonight when we got home. I was getting all nostalgic putting it together. I have put many drum heads on drums in my lifetime. *sigh*

Cam got his long awaited for night vision goggles. Don't ask me what he plans on doing with them....hopefully nothing creepy....

Major got a Little Einsteins he is with his Papa trying to figure out how it works!
Here Major is opening some clothes! He was very meticulous about how he opened.Once the present was delicately opened, he would then proceed to rip every last piece of paper he could find into tiny little pieces. Kept him busy for a long time....Then after he watched papa hold up a shirt that he got for Christmas, Major had to grab one of his new Christmas shirts and do the same thing! He really looks up to Papa!

Here we all are!! If you STILL made it into the picture! She may not have been there physically, but she was there spiritually!!

Here are the kids...with a "spiritual" Nana looking on in the background....

When we were loading the truck and getting it warm for our short, but scary drive home in a blizzard, the kids went down to papa's play room. Major learned how to play the pin ball machine! He LOVES it! He ESPECIALLY loves to pull the thingie out that makes the ball go!! He did really well! When he did his last ball, and he lost it...he put his head in his hands and shook his head! It was PRICELESS! I wish I had my video camera!!
Of course, in able to reach the paddle pusher things, he needed two stools!
Then we got home...while Jeff was putting the other kids' things together, I went upstairs and put the drum set together for Jake. felt good to use a drum key again and to "tune" the snare, the tom and the bass. Good times...anyway...Major took to it like Bee takes to Honey. He LOVED it! I think I have a couple of musical kiddos on my hands! Let's hope so!!!Look at him! He looks like a pro! Even Jake said, "He's better than me mom!!!"

Now the kids are all snug in their beds...while a blizzard plows through! It isn't supposed to let up until Saturday!!! We have warnings going out constantly....thank goodness it is Christmas because everything would be closed anyway!!! We are expecting about 15 or more inches of snow...with 40 mph winds. Definite white out, blizzard conditions!!!

Do you think Santa will make it???????

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