Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa's visit!

Every year Santa comes to visit on Rhonda, Major and my birthday parties. This year was no different. Here is Uncle Mike protecting MaKenna...she was terrified...poor thing. She was last year too...but I was hoping she would have outgrown it.

Major just wasn't sure....
Santa brought barbed wire for Papa....Santa must thing he needs it with his new horse!
Jake wasn't afraid of Santa...though I am not sure what this face is all about...
Cam is getting a bit big to sit on Santa's lap...but he doesn't care!
MaKenna finally decided it was okay to talk to Santa and to take a picture with him IF I stood with her.
Here is Brooke and MaKenna, with me standing behind her, telling Santa what they want for Christmas.
Major had a firm grip on Papa's hand...but he sat on Santa's lap anyway!

We decided Jeff still needed a picture with Santa...

We told Santa we should take a picture with Jeff and a bunch of Husker stuff on him....that snapped Jeff right out of his coma! So...we were able to have everybody in the family picture with Santa.
Here are the Flanigans with Papa and Santa.

We had a great day!!!! Thanks Santa!

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