Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Major's birthday party!

Deana Ramsey made Major his birthday cake. His theme was "Monkey", because he is SUCH a monkey! So, she made a monkey cake!! It was very tasty!! I also made a pudding pie for Cam who doesn't like cake...even egg free cake. He just isn't a fan. Here we were trying to get Major to figure out how to blow the candles out on his cakes!
He had a great party! He had lots of friends surrounding him and lots of great things to play with that he got for his birthday. Although, he didn't want to hang out during the present opening. He kept leaving the room...he could have cared less. Silly boy! He loved the gifts AFTER we got them opened and showed him, but he had no interest whatsoever in opening them. So I have no pictures of opening presents!

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