Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cam's first kill!

Today Cam and Jeff went out again to try and get that infamous buck. Well...he FINALLY hit one!!! If you remember, the last time he went out he shot at a buck four times and missed...this time, he shot at a Doe twice and got it the second time. He then got a buck on his first shot...or course, it wasn't a kill shot though, so they had to track him and put him out of his misery. Jeff also shot and hit a doe...but it also wasn't a kill shot and they tracked her but never did find her. :-( Poor thing. Anyway, they had a great day! Cam was SO excited that he can hardly contain himself...he is very hyper and calling everyone he knows!!! He got these up at a friends farm in Fremont. Good job Cammie!!!! Here are the pictures!!

Here is Major before they went out this morning. He handed Cam his orange hoodie thing and said, "on...on...on" So Cam put it on him...he is so silly...

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