Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day, 2009

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! We had a great one...though it just wasn't the same without mom. :-( We woke up early....actually I was awoken by drums being played at 3:30 AM! I put a stop to that real quick!! Anyway, they were up and ready to go by 7! We made them wait until 8 when Jeff and I had both gotten up and were coherent! We were definitely snowed in though! Dad did make it over to drop off his stockings from Santa for the kids...but not until around lunch time. Then he went to my sister's and managed to get stuck. We were in the middle of a blizzard for pete's sake! Of course he got stuck! Silly man!! Anyway...we had to postpone our Christmas with my sister and her family until Sunday afternoon because of the blizzard...so we stayed in all day, except for the time that the kids went out to play on their new snowboards...but it was so terribly cold and blowing out, that they didn't last very long out there!!!

MaKenna got a bunch of girly things. Here she is in one of her new dress up outfits!!

Jake's highlight was all the GI Joe stuff and his new hunting Bow! He was thrilled!!!

Cam loved all of his bionicles...but HIS highlight was his new and very own Muzzle Loader!!!

Major just liked to open. Normally if they were clothes though he would try to rewrap them! Silly boy!! He had more fun playing with the toys he got then opening new ones! So for that very reason, we didn't get him very much...we knew he wouldn't be too into the whole opening gifts very much.

Not only did Santa bring snowboards, he also brought each kid a new game. Major's game was CandyLand DVD edition. The kids had so much fun playing it!!!! We played it for almost two hours...and we have played it ALMOST every night since! They realy enjoy it! It is a lot of fun! The only bummer is that it is only for up to 4 players...so the adults don't get to play...just the kids! Oh well...we sure have a good time watching them though! And...I kinda get to play...Major needs a lot of help!

All in all...our Christmas was really good. It was truly a white Christmas though! We ended up with 15 inches I believe! But the wind blew it around so much there are 6-10 foot snow drifts all over the place!
Sunday afternoont we went to my sisters for Christmas with them! We had a great time! The kids played for an hour or two outside on their new snowboards and sleds! They all came in with rosy cheeks! But they had a great time! I SHOULD have gone out and played with them and worked off all of that food that was at my sister's house! We definitely ate well!!!
Christmas was very different without mamma...but we all survived. It is our new norm I guess. I am sure she had a great time celebratiing Jesus' birthday WITH Jesus himself though!!! I can only imagine.....

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