Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If you're bored...you're boring.

The above quote was from the book I just reviewed called 99 ways to entertain your family for free. Great book! The point of the quote? It is all in your attitude. FIND something that is enjoyable and interesting...it is there. There are 7 different sections in this book. I am going to do one from two sections tonight...indoors (since the weather is icky) and holidays (since it is Christmas time).

First off...Romans 12:16 says, "Live in harmony with one another."

The best indoor entertainment isto escape and unplug from electronic media as much as possible. There are better things to do...talk together, think together, share together, laugh together...enjoy the new sparkle in one another's eyes! Now in each of these "ideas" you may need to tweak it to fit your family...with a 2 year old...there is a lot of tweaking...but make it your own...these are just ideas to get the juices flowing!

#1 Never Bored with Board Games
-Have a board game marathon. Everyone chooses a different game and take turns playing them all. For some variety, allow the person who chose the game to make one rule change in how that game is played.

Holidays were made for entertainment...feasting, music and congregating to remember again our oldest and deepest stories. Help your family see each holiday not as a day off...a day to do nothing...but as a day to pack with meaning and pleasure. Avoid the extreme of packing holidays with what has to be purchased. If holidays drain your funds more than they fill your soul, something's wrong.

#89 Cookie Artistry
-Bake homemade cookies, then have everyone join in to decorate them for the holiday or occasion. If you don't have holiday cookie cutters, cut them out free hand! Use food coloring in homemade frosting....use whatever's on hand for toppings...nuts, raisins, other dried fuits. Make chocolate sprinkles by running chocolate kisses or chocolate bars through a garlic press or food chopper...or potato peeler for chocolate bars to make shavings. Make colored sugar sprinkles by adding a few drops of food coloring to white sugar, then shake in a closed container.

I hope you enjoy these ideas!!!! Tune in later for more ideas!!!

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