Friday, November 27, 2009

Lancers! Wednesday Night, Family Night!

This past Wednesday night, Family night we went to a Lancers game. Unfortunately Jeff got my cold and stayed home. Although, he did keep Major and MaKenna with him, so it made the night a lot easier on me. So Cam and Jake and I swung by Papa's house to see if he would like Jeff's ticket and he climbed in. Off we went to the Civic for the Omaha Lancers hockey game. As if we don't have enough "ice time" in our family...but the boys got tickets from school and they really wanted to go. And actually I really enjoyed it. It was the first time in 10 years that I was able to actually WATCH the game without having to chase someone or entertain someone. It was actually very enjoyable!! Cam and Jake had a great time and I think Papa did too...especially when he dove into that yummy funnel cake! The Lancers lost...but it was a very good game!

Surprisingly the boys STILL don't get enough "ice time" in their opinion. Today...Black Friday...Jeff came home early from work and took the boys and MaKenna up to Fremont for Stick and Puck time. They had a lot of fun...some of their teammates were there too. Am I the only one that gets tired of the ice rinks??? :-)

More on Black Friday later! What fun we had! That is why Major and I stayed home though while the rest of them went to Fremont...we needed naps! :-)

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