Monday, December 7, 2009

Major turned 2!!

My big little boy Major turned 2 on December 2nd! Unfortunately daddy was out of town in Chicago for work for the first part of the week...he didn't get home until late on the 2nd....but the kids and I made sure Major had a great birthday anyway!! Sadly, Major had his 2 year check up that he had shots....then we had to go to the hospital for sinus x-rays. Poor kid. The day started out kinda yucky...but after his nap he was doing a bit better! He took his nap at Papa's house as I had my last Spanish Class to go do....but he loves being with Papa, so he was very happy. When we got home from my Spanish Class, we finished cleaning up the house for his birthday party on Saturday, then I took them all out to one of Major's favorite dining places...Burger King!!!
We were going to go the SkateDaze and play in the tubes...but he still wasn't feeling the this was a great second! Afterward we went to Hobby Lobby and got a couple things for his birthday party, then we came home and watched some Christmas cartoons! It was actually a very low key, good time!!
Happy Second Birthday Majy!!!!

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