Monday, December 7, 2009

Walk Through Bethlehem

Every year our church does something called Walk Through Bethlehem. It is huge. It takes a lot of work and a lot of volunteers and volunteer time. This year almost 4,000 people came through. We have never been a part of Bethlehem. We usually just attend it because the kids love to see how Bethlehem was 2,000 years ago. Well...I take that year when MaKenna was a baby, she was baby Jesus and Jeff and I were Mary and Joseph. We only did that one day though. This year it was a four day long event. Very tiring. We took our horses as well, to be props. Below is a picture of Jeff as a Roman Soldier and Peanut. Jeff was a Soldier two nights, and he was the Innkeeper one night and a coin maker another night. I was with the horses by the Inn every night.
Here is Cam with Peanut. One night he was with Jeff doing coins, another night he was with me and the horses at the Inn, another night he was the Jr. Tax Collector...HE LOVED THAT JOB...and the final night he was in the game room teaching people how to play Hebrew games from 2,000 years ago.

Here is Jake and I. Two nights he was with me and the horses by the Inn. Another night he was the goat boy...he took care of the goats and served goat milk to people...the final night he was the Jr. Tax Collector.
We all really did have a great time. The horses did fairly well. One night Peanut gave me some trouble...but otherwise they did great. It was just very tiring for all of us. MaKenna and Major came through Bethlehem with my friend Tini on Friday night...and Saturday night they came through again with their babysitter that evening! So, they had a great time as well!!! Next year, if you are local, you should make it a point to come through. I gotta say though, I am a bit tired of saying "Shalom!"

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