Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pizza Maching

What a fun time we had at Pizza Machine today!! Tuesday's are great because kids play for FREE for one whole hour!!! Now...you can't play the games with the tickets...but everything else is pretty much free for all...the rides....games (without tickets), golf, bowling, grand prix raceway, bumper cars, you name it! They had tons of fun!! Then...after the hour, you can just say, "All done!" And they totally get that their hour is up...no whining...no fighting...nothing! So cool! Then off to the all you can eat buffet!! I was a good girl though...I went to the salad and soup bar ONE TIME! Although...I did splurge on a cookie....and maybe a brownie...but it was small!!! The kids always eat fairly well there too!! So....Deana, her babies Lydia, Hannah and Nehemiah, me...my babies MaKenna and Major, Emily...and her baby Brighty...and her mom all hung out for a couple good hours. Plus they have a tube play area...like a McDonalds play place. So if you haven't gone on Tuesday to Pizza Machine, check it out!!!! For $11.75, MaKenna, Major and I ate all we could eat and played for an hour!!! Can't beat that!!! Sorry no pics...still no camera. Well...I have the video camera which I will be posting some pics on my next post...but it really doesn't take very good still pictures...so I don't use it too often.

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