Friday, February 12, 2010

Jeff's birthday

Jeff turned 37 on February 4th! His mom and dad got in from Flagstaff that night, so they were able to celebrate with us! It was a busy day though...he worked all day, and made it home just in time to take the boys to their hockey practices! I had already plotted with the boys. We had a card for him that Cam was smuggling into the locker room to have the team sign....then we also made a nice big sign for him that Jake was smuggling in inside his hockey bag. Then, the team made him skate "killers" while they sang Happy Birthday to him...however, he put a twist on it and made the kids skate the "killers" with him while singing Happy Birthday! What a booger of a coach!! They got home around 9 and we had a little birthday party. MaKenna had made his cake while they were gone. It had to be egg free and so....couple the fact that a 5 year old made most of it and it was egg free...and you get a very droopy cake...yet, very good to eat!!! MaKenna decorated it too!!!

Here is Major trying to blow out the candles again!

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