Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Major's funnies

Major is a funny guy. Anybody ever notice that? I can't figure out if it is HIM...or if the other kids were just as funny and I just don't remember it. of Major's funnies:

-Diapers really help pad the male anatamy. He had a bad diaper rash (yes...we stopped potty training until hockey is over), so I let him run around in just his sweats. He climbed up on his play table and smacked his "boyhood". He looked at me with watery eyes and said, "OUCH MOMMY!" I said, "What?" He pointed at his little crotch and said, "THIS!"

-We are STILL struggling with his eating issue. Last night at dinner, he wouldn't eat his food. There is a plant behind him. He kept grabbing at the plant. So, Jeff decided to pull off a piece of the plant and put it on his plate. He said, " want the you go." This kid won't eat ANYTHING we put in front of him...but he picked up that darn piece of the plant and stuck it in his mouth as if to say...fine...see...just in spite of you! BOOGER!

-Most of you know that for the first 10 years of my life and for a year after married life I lived in Oregon. To this day....though I love sunny days, I HATE the sun. I would just rather it be a cloudy day. Could that be from my first 10 years of life...when I rarely saw the sun in not so sunny Oregon? Anyway, everytime I back out of the garage on a sunny day...the moment the sun hits the inside of the truck Major winces and yells, "LIGHT...LIGHT!!!!" Then proceeds to cry. He must have my Oregonian genes! :-)

-MaKenna, Major and I were saying our bedtime prayers. MaKenna always says, "God bless..." and goes through the whole family. When she got to Major, he lifted his head in the middle of prayer and goes, "What?" It was kinda had to be there.

-Last night when Jeff found out that MaKenna renamed her teddy bear from Bud (what dad named him) to Sunshine, and when he found out that she turned it from a boy to a girl, he plopped his head on the table in a dramatically sad way. Seconds later Major moved his untouched plate to the side and proceeded to do the same. Very cute!

That's it for now! I am sure there are PLENTY more!

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