Friday, February 12, 2010

Momma and Daddy Filleman

We were blessed to have Jeff's mom and dad here February 4th through the 8th. We had a lot of fun with them. Jeff's birthday was the 4th, then Friday they spent most of the day with Dixie since Jeff was working and the boys were in school. It was my grocery shopping day, plus I had a doctor's they had a good day with Dixie. Then Saturday we had Cam, Jake and Jeff's birthday party! That afternoon we went to Lincoln for Cam and Jake's hockey game. That night we ate at my favorite restaurant, La Mesa!! Sunday we went to church and heard an awesome message...then ate lunch and went to of my favorite sporting goods stores! After Scheels, Jeff, mom and dad went to Jakes hockey practice, while I stayed home and got ready for the Super Bowl Party!! We had TONS of food left over from the birthday brunch, so we had that and Big Yummy Pretzels!! I LOVE big yummy pretzels! They got home about the time the game started! Dixie and Tanner came over for the "party" too! GO SAINTS! And that they did!!! Yippee!! Monday morning mom and dad had to leave. :-( I don't have any I STILL haven't bought a new camera yet. We were sad to see them go. But we had a great time while they were here! Thanks for coming out!!! We love you!!!

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Scheels said...

Thanks for stopping by the store. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Have a great weekend!