Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hockey tournament this past weekend....

It's been a couple weeks now...I know...I am sllloooowwwww! Sorry! But Jake and Cam had hockey tournaments on the same weekend...different rinks. Jeff is Cam's Squirt Select coach so Jeff was with him the whole weekend. And since Jeff was "working", I had MaKenna, Major and Jake at the other rink. Saturday we had 3 games I believe. Major actual did really well, considering. It may have helped that I expected him to totally melt down...so when he didn't....that means he did very well!!! I actually kept Goldfish in his hands at all times! The Gladiators (Jake's team) was nice enough to have a Hospitality room. They had grocery stores that donated things, etc. Well...one of those things were the Goldfish crackers. Major LOVES them....so as long as he had a goldfish...he was happy!! Problem diverted!

Jake is the one in the black.

His team did VERY well. They had two games on Sunday morning also. They won ALL of their games!! EVERY ONE OF THEM!! SO proud of them!!! Below is the picture of the champions for the weekend...the Omaha Gladiators! If you look closely you can see Jake with his number one finger pointing up...in front of him is a blonde girl with long hair...that is his cousin Kayla, my sister's second born. She is one of the outstanding goalies on the team!

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