Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kitty Kitty

Kitty is getting so big!! If you want to fing out more about Kitty...go further back in my is really a neat story on how we got him. I am allergic to cats too...but so least with the daily use of Zyrtec! My mom would be shaking her head at me right now! :-) Anyway...his name is Chocolate...he is ALMOST 4 months old...and he is getting so big! They don't reach full grown size until they are a year old...but he is getting big! He is a good little kitty...he is getting his manhood snipped at the end of the month! It is only $100! I asked the Vet if he could "neuter" my husband too....he didn't think that was funny. I said, he was named by Jake and his name is Chocolate...but Major calls him, "Kitty, Kitty", I do too! I think that is cute! Actually...his sounds more like "Kiy, Kiy"...but as his mother...I know what he is trying to say! I found him curled up in this house plant the other day. The pictures didn't turn out the best because I am still using my video camera as my still camera since the dreaded snowboarding day...but I thought he looked so cute...and I hate cats...that I had to share it! For me to say that a cat looked cute...that's going a long way! I DO like this cat though! He is a sweetie! Anyway...this is his new "spot". I find him here quite frequently. Kinda funny....

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