Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jake's Bug Show

Well...Jake's bug show finally came! The day we were all waiting for...the day he had the line...."I am a maggot." Those are words a mother always wants to hear...right??? :-)

That's was a show about bugs at a picnic....and of all the bugs, my son got the part of the maggot. I don't think he even knows what a maggot is...or even the bad connotation a maggot that is great...but for a is horrible to say, "My son is the maggot!" I managed though...and he was the BEST maggot EVER! He is in the a maggot...with green antennas...unlike a maggot....

Here he is delivering his lines...."I am a maggot." He said that at two different times. At least he had an easy part. He got SO upset though because everyone laughed at him. I tried to explain why everyone laughed. I said, "They weren't lauging at you...they were laughing at HOW you said it...and the fact that you were a maggot." He still didn't understand why all of these adults laughed at him. Poor thing. I don't think drama is his forte. He was SOOO nervous before and very relieved but sad after because he was laughed at. poor Jakie.....

He did an OUTSTANDING job though...and he even made his own antenna's!

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Anonymous said...

Aww! Cutest lil maggot I ever did see! :)

Thanks for the follow..I'm following you now too.