Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Major's eating issue

So...Major used to eat like SUCH a good little boy! We didn't think we would ever have any trouble getting him to were FAR off!! All of a sudden about 6 months ago...he decided all bets were off....all he wanted was crackers and bananas/grapes/apples. Yes...not terribly unhealthy...but after 6 months of a fruit and cracker doctor had had enough. We had tried all of the tricks...but nothing worked....this is the face we often got.... So Dr. Pat said, "Tough love!" So when we sat at the table, he got a plate of what we had...which we always did...but he never ate it...this time the doctor said, keep giving him the same plate of food until he eats it...breakfast, lunch and dinner....4 days....4 DAYS LATER....I called Dr. Pat back. Now...Dr. Pat is a talker. It takes a lot to silence this man. I said, "Dr. long do I let this go? He hasn't eaten ANYTHING in 4 days (he had been drinking though)." Silence...absolute made our talkative Dr. absolutely speechless. His response after a minute of silence, "Boy...he's stubborn isn't he?" Really? You think? His next question..."Where did he get that from?" All I can say is DON'T LOOK AT ME!!! I will admit...I can be pretty stubborn, but Jeff is REALLY stubborn...when you put those two things get...MAJOR!

So, after Dr. Pat mentioned that he was living up to his name, he gave me some more ideas. He said the next day, to maybe give him something for breakfast like cereal...all kids like cereal right? So I did. He ADAMANTALLY refused....I broke down...I gave him ONE cracker. He looked at me...picked up the cracker and THREW IT AT ME while yelling, "NO!" What??? So, the little monster doesn't get the whole package and he throws a fit??? That doesn't work for me! Fine....than you don't eat again!

I's not like we were trying to get him to eat Brocolli and artichock hearts or something! I tried hot dogs, macaroni and cheese...but this is what he always looked like....

So after Bible study that day that he threw the cracker at me, we went to McDonalds. I thought...maybe I can get him to eat a chicken nugget. Nope...he threw a fit McDonalds. I was getting I let him down to go play. Once everyone was done eating, he came back to the table to get something to drink. Sissy (MaKenna as he calls her) came up behind him, asked if she could have his nuggets...I said Yup...he wasn't going to eat them. He got ticked...grabbed a nugget and took a bite! My friend Deana and I started clapping hysterically....he kept eating...faster...and faster...and faster...he wasn't coming up for breath...but we kept clapping...pretty soon everyone in the McDonalds Play area that had listened to him scream was clapping! NO JOKE! It was a priceless moment! That kid was SOO hungry...yet so stubborn...but he ate 8 nuggets, 2 packets of fries, some apple slices and a cone of ice cream before I cut him off. He ate SOOOO fast too...I was afraid that he would make himself sick!!!

That night....back to square one...but I figured maybe he wouldn't be hungry to eat anyway. he eats crackers, fruit and nuggets and fries!! It was SO stressful for me though...we will try that again next week when Jeff gets home from Colorado. He still isn't adding anything to his diet...but he DID try a bun the other day...he didn't eat it after that bite...but he didn't spit it out either...PROGRESS!!!!!!

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