Thursday, February 25, 2010

MaKenna's Figure Skating Lessons

So...our boys are hockey players....our girl could be too...but she decided to go the girly route. She is a figure skater in training. This is her second year in the program and she is doing great! Usually Jeff takes her to practice because typically the boys have practice right after her...but one of our rinks' ceilings fell they had to redo their scheduling. So...this particular night, I got to go and Papa came to watch too. It was a lot of fun to see her out there! Of course, it was kinda funny. We go to this rink ALL the time and she had to tell me how to get there! She was so cute...but since I don't usually go to her practice, she thought she should tell me! I let her tell me even though I could get there with my eyes shut and in my sleep. She also had to tell me how to appropriately tie her skates. I let her tell me...and I did just what she said!

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