Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby Evie

The following post is from my friend Lindsey's blog. Baby Evie has been really sick with RSV...and in and out of the hospital. Please keep them in your prayers.....

Hi Friends! We were discharged late this morning from the hospital and have been spending the rest of the day unpacking, resting, and catching up. Evie is doing great, she has taken two bottles by mouth, so hopefully she will continue to eat well and we can take this NG tube out tomorrow!I have permission to post our new friend Aria's blog, it is . They have an amazing story of faith through the struggles of a transplant. Check it out and add her to your prayer list!Here are a few pictures from the past 2 weeks (:Love you!
one of many reasons Lyla wanted to stay at the hotel!

don't get too comfortable, mom!
Oh friends, we're back!I was missing this broken recliner so much that Evie decided to re-admit herself to the hospital... and after a mere 30 seconds on the peds floor, she stopped breathing long enough to get us back into the PICU.Details... we called the pediatrician Sunday because Evie was so restless from what we thought was narcotics withdrawl so they perscribed us some Ativan... after giving it once last night she set off her apnea alarm (meaning she stopped breathing for 20+ seconds). Today she intermittently stopped breathing and this evening was doing it as frequently as every 20 minutes. Her O2 saturation would drop in the 60s and 70s, and then we would blow gently in her face, and move her around and she would go back up... but on the peds floor she went down to 5... which is bad. Under 90 is bad, so 5 is really bad. So they called "code" and we were swiftly taken back to the PICU. Evie had a few seizures tonight, so that may be what was happening all along. The docs are going to try some medicine that helped her seizures back in October. Not real happy about seizures, but at least we know what has worked in the past and it's not a "new" problem.I am actually doing okay, I'm past the emotional tired phase of the evening to the delirious "i'm going to regret this in the morning" phase. It's nice that we know most of the people around here and we are in good hands. Once they get Evie's IV placed, I will go to bed (:Thanks for praying for us (: If you could pray that we could get this figured out accurately and quickly that would be wonderful. I am already feeling guilty for putting Lyla through this again so soon. Hopefully it will just be a few days.Love you friends. I'll be thanking God for you from my plastic burgundy recliner (:
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better afternoon (:
Hi Friends (:Thanks for checking in, Evie had a much better afternoon today. She had an EEG this morning (lots of wires on her head, recording her brain activity) and she had around 6 seizures in under an hour... not good, and totally unexpected. They put her back on the seizure medicine she was on in October when she was first having seizures, and she is responding beautifully. Awake... smiling... napping peacefully.... all good things.Hopefully we'll be home soon, and I'll have more smiley pictures to post. Got ANOTHER great email tonight (Thanks Amanda!) with my heart advice for the day, "Fix your eyes on Me, the One who never changes." Never changes, and loves me more than I can comprehend... I'll take that (:Love you friends!

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