Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tim Wildsmith

One of my best friends Emily Jackson, has a little brother named Tim Wildsmith. He is a singer and he also was Mrs. Hoskovec's (Cam's teacher), student in the 3rd grade. Once we figured out the connection between us, Mrs. Hockovec and Tim, we thought it would be fun for him to come in and sing for the kids. He has two CD's. His first one is Christian. From what I understand he is working or about to start working on his third album. He sings at places throughout Omaha and travels at times as well. He travels with a band and is a great performer. He was a HUGE hit with the kids. They had TONS of questions for him...mostly, "Have you ever met.....?" They are very intrigued with famous people out here in the midwest! They live a sheltered life! :-) Anyway, the girls were swooning, the boys all wanted to be him. They even wanted autographs at the end. Here is a picture of Tim singing.

Cam is sitting on the floor in this picture. He got to introduce Tim. The kids call him "Uncle Tim" because that is what Olivia and Brighton call him (he IS their uncle).
Here is Tim and Cam.
Here is the mad 72 kid mob wanting autographs!
Here is Cam, Tim and Mrs. Hoskovec.
MaKenna and Major see Tim from time to time...they weren't as thrilled....they here his music on my they just looked at the fish....

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