Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Out of the Blue Clear Sky

Jeff and my song is by George Strait called "Out of the Blue Clear Sky." It is our song because it was played ALL the time when we were together when we were dating, and we love George Strait and the lyrics are just so perfect for our relationship. He was still hurting from a relationship when we met, and I was still in a bad relationship when we met. Anyway, the night he proposed, he was talking to God...and though he knows he shouldn't have done this...he said, "Lord...if You feel that it isn't too soon and this is the right thing to do (propose), then let our song play next on the radio." Wouldn't you know it...that was the next song! So...that was the night he proposed....4 weeks after we met for the first time! So, for our anniversary, I made him some romantic book marks, downloaded a TON of Alistair Begg sermons (his favorite pastor), and put them on discs...with Tini's help....and got him the shirt below...I did mess up the song title on the shirt though...I put, Out of the Clear Blue Sky...instead of the Blue Clear Sky...woops!

I had this shirt made by VistaPrint. Great place! Great prices!! Below the picture are the lyrics to "our song".

Out of the Blue Clear Sky

You said you've had enough
You're ready to give up
On that little lie they call love
Then out of the Blue Clear Sky

Walking right into your hands
Like rain on a desert sand
It's the last thing you had planned
Out of the Blue Clear Sky

Here she comes, walkin' talkin' true love
Saying I've been lookin' for you love
Surprise your new love has arrived
Out of the Blue Clear Sky

Ain't love a funny thing
One day you're giving up the dream
And the next your pickin' out a ring
Out of the Blue Clear Sky

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