Monday, May 11, 2009

12 Angry Men

My dad was very mysterious the other day. He said to dress as if we were going to church and be at his house at 6:30 with the kids and all of us already fed. So we did. Rhonda and Mike had the same instructions. We didn't know what we were doing until we all got there. Let me explain something first. Dad recently donated some clothes to the Omaha Community Playhouse. When he did that he spoke to one of the stage hands who said what was currently playing and how good it was. Apparently dad got some tickets for us and that is what we did. We went and saw 12 Angry Men. It was a hit from the 40's I believe and it was actually really good. I wasn't sure at first....but it was great. We all had a great time. Jeff....I tell you...I have been married to that man for 12 years and I am STILL finding out new things about him. I guess that is the difference between him and I. I talk until I am blue in the face and he just...well...doesn't. He probably knows MORE about me than I remember, and I STILL know very little about him. I guess that makes for a good marriage...I keep finding things out. Anyway, he knew this play because he had either read the book or was in the play in drama in high school...which he was in for 4 years. What? Drama? Jeff? WEIRD! Anybody who knows him....can you back me up on this???? DRAMA AND JEFF FILLEMAN??? Do those two things just NOT really mesh??? He HATES being in front of people...he HATES to talk...he just really doesn't like people in far as socializing goes just doesn't seem like a fit. Anyway...he was the only one who knew what was going to happen in the play...the rest of us were on the edge of our seats...literally...there was a bar in front of us. :-) Anyway, we did have a good time....and I actually miss that. BJ....Before Jeff...I was into plays and musicals, etc. I went to dozens of Off Broadway shows in Phoenix, I went to a lot of NAU productions, etc. I really enjoyed that...but I stopped going when I met Jeff because I assumed that wasn't his thing....I guess I shouldn't have assumed. I tried to take him to a couple different things when we moved here...but he didn't seem to enjoy them, so I thought my assumption was right. NOW THE CAT'S OUT OF THE BAG! HA! So, I am pushing for a Rose Theater annual membership now...can't start the kids to early in my opinion!

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