Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!!

MaKenna and Major have a touch of something so we didn't want to take them out today. I wanted to go to the Services at the Blue Mound Cemetary in Milford, so dad came and picked me up at 8 this morning. Jeff was kind enough to stay home with two sick kids and two "tween" boys. The service at the cemetary was really nice. They had the 21 gun salute, the fly overs, it was really nice. Mom's headstone was put out recently too and it was really nice. The flowers were beautiful as well. The sun was bright on the bottom line there but it says, "Parent's of Rhonda and Tonya." Then in the left hand corner it says "God's Care" and the right hand corner says, "Forever".

The back of the stone says, "Grandparent's of" and it lists all their names. Guess we can't have any more kids. :-) The picture didn't turn out so well because there is a barbed wire fence running behind it, so I couldn't get a good angle without sticking myself.

For Mother's Day, I had dad take this little bear, that got REALLY drenched, and Rhonda had bought a very nice stake.Here is a close up of the stake. Very nice.Before we left I took a picture of that area...the top left is my Uncle Junior (mom's big bro), the bottom left is my mom's mom and dad, the center is mom, then the top right is my cousin Shane.

We have quite a few other relatives in this cemetary, dad and I went through and picked up all the flowers that he put out last week for the great grandparents, great aunts and uncles, etc. Then we went to the Mennonite cemetary and did the same thing with my dad's families flowers, even mom's grandpa is buried out there. We had doughnuts with my dad's cousin and his son, then we ran into Lincoln and had my favorite...Cracker Barrel. Yum. It was a very nice morning, with nice talks, nice was just a nice day.....then I came home to chaos. But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. :-) If chaos comes with my kids, then I will take it.

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