Sunday, May 24, 2009

BMX Friday night...MaKenna's first REAL race!

Last Friday it had rained too hard for the track, so we didn't have BMX...MaKenna had JUST gotten her new helmet...her official helmet...and she had to wait a week. But this past Friday with all of us watching along with Papa and Tanner, she had her first OFFICIAL race...she started in the gates with Daddy helping her. They didn't have a division young enough for her, so they put her in with the 6 year old novice group. She held her own! She did very well for being 2 years younger than the other riders. In fact...she made it to the MAIN race and the end...and took 3rd place! She even got a trophy!! I will have to take a picture of her with it and post it when I think about it! Granted...there were only 3 racers...but still!! Her VERY FIRST TROPHY!! She was absolutely THRILLED!!!!!

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